Newswatch Scotland presents: ‘Protecting Ruth Davidson’

By Alan Knight

Roll up roll up, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the BBC Ruth Davidson show.  The final NEWSWATCH pilot created through our recent fundraiser is now complete, so a big thank you to all those who contributed.

This clip focuses on the BBC’s overly cosy relationship with Ruth Davidson, and how the TV station appears to be protecting her from proper scrutiny after a range of serious issues involving Tory councillors.

Due to our limited resources, producing these pilots proved to be a difficult process, leading to the conclusion that we will be unable to continue this production on a regular basis. Scripting, monitoring, research, shooting, editing, graphics, production equipment – these tools and skills required, along with a need for a decent sized studio space, all require financial support which is probably beyond our means at present, particularly when the desire is to maintain continuity and control and create stories on a fairly regular bases over a sustained period of time.

However, there may be others who wish to develop this form in other ways, or with greater resources can support any future ideas for production. But in the meantime, I have been mulling over an idea for other short film pieces with a more cultural, historical framework involving a Scottish writer/historian, so more on this later if it develops wings.

Another idea is to raise funds to employ someone on a full time basis, say initially over a period of two to three months, who can gather together and distribute all material created by the alt-media community about the BBC and its horrendous bias. Anything from articles, documentary, Inform Scotland strategy & publicity, etc.  The idea is to distribute this material to as wide an audience as possible, using social media, and expand the knowledge to those who still are unsure about the reality of BBC deception and lies. Is this a possibility – is it feasible?

Feel free to post ideas, suggestions or similar in the comments section below.  In the meantime, I give you ‘Protecting Ruth Davidson’ presented by David Hooks.

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24 thoughts on “Newswatch Scotland presents: ‘Protecting Ruth Davidson’

  1. PJM

    Having watched the full-length video of the prepared statement the following struck me. The guy with the mobile phone who covers his mouth is a little bit suspicious…people who want to appear on the telly usually try to stay in shot and don’t disappear behind the camera only to reappear about seven seconds later. At the time of his disappearance a voice is heard which some intrepid audio engineer might be able to decipher. The guy in the far distance is also acting oddly but let’s leave that aside.
    What is more interesting is the subtle “two steps forward one step back” movement of the camera. When the interview begins you can see two grey uprights but slowly it moves to place the girl who was completely hidden behind RD’s head into view. The girl appears to change her behaviour when the mobile phone guy moves out of view and then she stares in the direction of the camera with what looks like an embarrassed/guilty expression.
    Of course this is no doubt all coincidence and I must be guilty of considering these straightforward people to have a devious intelligence they could not never envisage using, however it is the exact opposite. I know how unfailingly stupid they are that it is entirely possible they would try something like this. Stupid AND devious.
    Anyway if mobile phone guy has any links to the Tories…his lanyard suggests some official connection to something taking place that day…if people can connect him to the Tories then my theory is pretty much QED.

  2. PJM

    Two last observations…the girl has a lanyard on as well. It makes it a little more likely that she and mobile phone guy know each other. He also has his hand over his mouth when he is facing away from the camera. All very odd…

    1. Gordon Innes

      Good spot … it turns out that Ruth (after being unavailable for interview “for weeks” just happened…

      On the day in question [Aug 24th] Ruth Davidson was scheduled to take part in an Edinburgh International Television Festival event with Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow.

      “Hand over mouth” guy is: Clearly Media savvy & knows he’s on camera. Badge suggests Delegate/Staff at the Event …

      So my guess would be he’s Ruths “media minder” either for the Event or from Party.

      Given tone that Jon Snow took with AS; interesting him & Ruth working together.

      Of course Ruth’s previous work at BBC is probably at the root of much of this …

  3. Tony Little

    But they can’t pursue Ruthy, after all she’s (once again) the Herald’s Politician of the Year. therefore by implication everything she does (or more accurately doesn’t do) is hunky-dory. The MSM/BBCScotland job is to continue to promote her in all things and on all occasions.

    I see Ruthy as the epitome of the 21st century media politician. All pretence and no policy, all fluff and no facts, all insolence and no integrity, all gob and no guts.

    The UK is in a bad political place right now, and Brexit will make it far worse. Regretably, we haven’t seen the worst yet.

  4. Patsy Millar

    I shouldn’t really watch things like this as I just get very depressed seeing how the public is being manipulated. Unfortunately a lot of people seem to think that our worries over BBC propaganda are trivial. The only thing that cheers me up slightly is the good work you are doing trying to redress this imbalance ( a rather bland word for something that is much more sinister). Keep up your good work.

  5. John

    And let’s not forget that one of Ruth’s closest allies at Holyrood, and regular spokesman for the Tories, is Murdo Fraser who has previously tweeted ‘Rangers 5 Celtic 4 the Queen’s eleven deliver Her Majesty the perfect birthday present’ and was allegedly reprimanded for doing this. So how did that work on him? He then tweeted this on 6 Sept 17. ‘Shocked to hear that there is a Roman Catholic who holds to his church’s teaching. Whatever next?’. Seems to me that either he is a bigot who is out of control, or more likely, the party is cynically targetting the sectarian vote in Scotland.

    And, let’s not forget that Nick Robinson has been a member of the Tories most of his early years. Becoming president of the Oxford Uni group. And I think he may have held an advisor post to the Tories at one time? So, pitching him in with Ruthie is a lovefest I am just not prepared to try to stomach.

    I was, however, shocked when I first heard it suggested that Davidson was ‘Scotland’s rising star’. I am not certain on which Sunday politics programme this was, but probably Sunday Politics before the council elections. On this Sarah Smith was asked the question……..I believe that Scotland has a new rising start in politics. To this she confirmed that it was Ruth Davidson. Now, I follow politics reasonably closely, but I would never have considered her to be this. I was horrified to hear the daughter of the late John Smith, for whom I hold a great deal of respect, affirm that this was so. That was quite an exaggeration but I now realise that it was the start of the BBC’s push to elevate Davidson’s profile.

    Great piece, btw, I hope it receives a wide distribution.

  6. Eddie Lee

    Excellent. Please give up your day job. We need lots more like this, god knows there must be plenty of material out there.

  7. james Coleman

    That was an excellent broadcast.@politicsscotland the presenter has improved tremendously since his first broadcasts. We must keep this going. How?

  8. james Coleman

    What about touting this broadcast to various very rich SNP supporters and or well known actors and sportsment asking THEM to give support to the project. A few thousands out of their millions would hardly be missed. Sean Connery hasn’t given much support lately.

    Have you tried RT, Al Jazeera, other independent broadcasters on Virgin and Sky TV?. They might broadcast a professionally made item like this. Why aren’t the National and Sunday Herald publishing an item including the broadcast? If they have or are going to, ignore this whine.

    1. alanski

      Thanks a lot for your suggestions James. Will take some time to think about your ideas. A crowdfunding campaign is also a possibility. Maybe we’ll get in touch with some of the names you mentioned and see what happens.

  9. Helen Yates

    And they bang on about RT being a propaganda channel, it’s a bloody joke, why anyone pays the tv licence just to be brainwashed is beyond me, they need calling out like this more often

  10. Oor Steve (@bellshillbaker)

    I would love to see Politicians reaction to these powerful pilots. There is no denying that the BBC is biased and that Ruth Davidson has had an easy time. When she does get questioned on the hoof, so to speak, she flounders badly. Very like Theresa May, in fact. It is why May has been kept away from scrutiny in the press for so long. Something bad happens and Ruth goes missing and will avoid scrutiny at all costs. Excellent that you evidence press concern at her tactic.

  11. John McKay

    Excellent piece of work. BBC Scotland journalists will be cringing watching it. I’m not Gary Robertson’s biggest fan but kudos to him for pressing Ruth Davidson on the bigots & racists in her party.

  12. Ian Brotherhood

    Great stuff.
    It’s *so* frustrating to see that big Pacific Quay glass box, packed to the rafters wi’ the best gear, all paid for by you-know-who, and yet it’s all being used against us.
    More power to abody involved in this, and similar projects – your day will come!

  13. Scott

    Having seen that fiasco of Davidson speaking to a camera I posted before that if the man walking about on the phone could be identified and ask him who she was talking to would be very helpful.
    Davidson will be sheltered all the time by the BBC she never answers email a real phoney as far as I am concerned.

  14. Clydebuilt

    Irish, UK Border Precedent for Independent Scotland
    On Radio Shortbread, Irish Journalist, ” the Irish Government are being very careful to ensure that whatever agreement is arrived at between Ireland and the UK can’t be seen as a precedent for an Independent Scotland’s border with RUK” . . . . . So why can’t this border arrangement deal be seen as a precedent for Scotland. . . . For no reason other than . . . . .
    They are going to say it can’t.

  15. Lochside

    Excellent piece of work, illustrating how the sociopathic, unscrupulous buffon and liar Davidson is risibly touted as the next fat controller of the UK. Are the 55% of our population so cynical and unwilling to see through her false facade and unacceptable defence of the indefensible as nothing important?

    More dispiriting Alan is that despite your valiant and tallented efforts since before the REF…including filming the anti-BBC demos…that you are still struggling for proper funding to counter the poisonous State propagandist. I despair that Alec Salmond has taken the RT route instead of working together with unsung talents like you and your associates. The problem all along has been the SNP have never thrown their weight behind the disparate but deadly effective talents such as yourself, Ponsonby etc. This arrogance and obsession with the engaging with the enemy media by such as him and the SNP leadership will eventually be our downfall

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