Newswatch Scotland presents: ‘Bullying that Never Was’

Below is the latest video from Newswatch Scotland.  A slightly different format.  Feel free to give your views.  Any donations, however small, will be appreciated.

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10 thoughts on “Newswatch Scotland presents: ‘Bullying that Never Was’

  1. Brian

    I love it that the BBC are starting a programme to teach school pupils how to identify Fake News.
    This is a great example, and they (the BBC) should be encouraged to use it.

  2. PJM

    Radio correction: 500,000 to just under 400,000. If the corrected figure was the same as the SG’s then 368,000 is not “just under”. The miscalculation was 140,000 out.

    I notice the main news headline always calls 500,000 ” half a million”. What would the average person like more: half a million pounds or 500,000 pounds? This kind of framing in journalism is ubiquitous and is not innocent. People’s ears prick up at the sound of the word million. It’s a pre-clickbait linguistic trick.

  3. Neil

    “NAO backed down”. No they didn’t. They corrected an error.

    So even when reporting the NAO’s correction they use incorrect and inflammatory language!

  4. stu mac

    I notice also there’s a kind of “beat” to the reports, so that “Bullying” and similar negative phrases are repeatedly emphasised (both by repetition and coming on the “beat”. Listen carefully and you’ll see what I mean. That doesn’t happen by accident it is deliberately scripted, a technique used by advertisers to get their message across almost subliminally.

    1. Alasdair Macdonald

      stu mac,

      You have made a strong point about repitition and rhythm. This has been known to rhetoricians since the time of the ancient Greeks.

      It is an effective technique and it is something which I have used often in speaking and writing.

      But like so many things it is the purposes to which it is deployed which can be good or evil. Few have been unmoved by the rhythm and repitition in Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech, but Mr Donald Trump and his supporters used ‘Jail the Bitch’ to great effect during his campaign.

      To return to the issue of the BBC newsreaders’ usage of the technique in the report discussed above, the issue is about a body which is by its charter bound to present things even-handedly, using a provenly effective technique to convey a message which is decidely partial.

      We see this technique deployed regularly on the phone-in programme where a particular perspective is expressed repeatedly in a rhythmic way in a ‘commonsense’ tone of voice, ending with a phrase like ‘and what’s not to like?’. An example from recent programmes is the ‘do we need more low cost private schools in Scotland?’

      So, you are right, it does not happen by accident.

      What we have to do is alert people to the fact that such techniques are being deployed.

  5. Robert Graham

    Even after the error is pointed out they continue to push a story knowing full well its total rubbish ,Just another day of wilful tory propaganda ,

    An analogy would be , in court a Lawyer presents a lie as fact ,knowing full well its a lie but thats not the point the lawyer has just sown the seed the Jury has heard the lie and its out there , however many times its disputed its always in the mind of Jury members Job done ,

    A good observant Judge would come down on the Lawyer like a ton of bricks , the Judge in the case of the Scottish media has been bought and paid for nothing to see move on to the next bit of misinformation , and so it goes on every day , drip ,drip , drip, thats your BBC ,

  6. Clydebuilt

    The target of all the lies is always the SNP. Rubbishing their record on Government. When the opposite is the truth. On just about every measure our Scottish Government is doing much better than other parts of the U.K.

    The SNP have always said they have to demonstrate competence in Government. Our Unionist media are working to make people think they are incompetent.

    Instead of seeing our parliamentary vehicle to independence being diminished daily

    The YES movement need to counter the lies and set the record straight.

    Irrespective of how soon Indyref2 is we need a national campaign to counter the medias lies. Many benefits will flow from this.

    1. Clydebuilt

      I’m thinking we need to fire up the YES band wagon and run a short focused campaign to disabuse voters of the notion that the SNP are incompetent, being pumped out daily.

      Undermine it once , undermined for life. . . . A kin to an imunisation programme

  7. millie

    Another excellent piece of reporting by the Newswatch team,

    It would be great if you could do a piece on the BBC’s ghastly programme – the One Show.

    Tonight, the One Show did a hatchet job on the Scottish salmon industry – 2 weeks before Christmas! Goodness knows what this will do to “Festive” salmon sales.

    Can anyone imagine, under any circumstances, that the BBC would attempt to do a similar hatchet job on the English turkey industry?

    It just wouldn’t happen.

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