Newswatch Scotland – Brexit and Fishing

This is the second in a series of short pilot videos.  The aim of the pilot is to demonstrate how a video based alternative media might challenge and weaken the hitherto impenetrable shield that surrounds BBC Scotland.

Beneath this first video is a donate button.  If you would like to see this project continue … please feel free to donate.  The hashtag, should you wish to share, is #NewswatchScotland.

Newswatch Scotland – Brexit and Fishing

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6 thoughts on “Newswatch Scotland – Brexit and Fishing

  1. John

    Great content but in order to be taken seriously you really need to up the game on the audio. It is not good enough. Buy a decent mike and use it, they ain’t that expensive. As it is, it sounds like you are recording the audio from a cupboard.

    You are letting the video down without sorting this. People will simply move on.

    1. David Hooks

      Hi John, we were using professional quality equipment and the recordings sounded fine at the time, it was only when coming to produce them that the echo was noticed. We have a solution in place for future videos but the next 2 are already recorded. A lot of effort goes into these so it’s not nice to have it dismissed on the basis of sound mixing but I understand it detracts from the overall impression.

  2. Donald Morrison

    AS always – Westminster still claims that Scottish Fishing Industry is EXPENDABLE ! and that they are in charge ! Time for change

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