New Indy App Demonstration

indyappBelow is a demo video explaining the ‘Indy App’, an exciting innovation created by the National Yes Registry.

NYR say: “The Indy App will directly connect each autonomous group to their fellow Indy Groups throughout the country. No external mediation, no central power structure.

“As each group joins the Indy App for FREE, they will create a personalised ‘front door’ for easy access to their contact details by interested members of the general public.”

Find out more about the Indy App by going to the National Yes Registry site.

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4 thoughts on “New Indy App Demonstration

  1. A Bruce

    I just tried to download the App from the App Store. I got a message saying the App is still going through the registration process but you can leave your email address and you will be sent a link when it is ready to download.

    I don’t know about the Android App tho’.

  2. Bill glen

    It was well publicised at the rally in Glasgow green but it needs to be talked about on the forums with the download link

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