Neighbours from hell!

There may be a reason many experts dismiss tales of border controls at Gretna as scaremongering. Firstly, it’s just plain silly to imagine an rUK newly cut off from the biggest single market in the world by Brexit would also seek to stop trade with Scotland for no better reason than pandering to the petty spitefulness of British nationalist fanatics.

Secondly, and only because we now have a UK Government that looks like it actually might be inclined to pander to the petty spitefulness of British nationalist fanatics, what can we do about it anyway? It’s not something that’s under the control of the Scottish Government. If the rUK chooses to throw a petulant strop and hack off it’s snotty nose to spite the ugly face of British nationalism, then there is absolutely nothing we in Scotland can do about it.

Obviously, it would be better for all concerned if normal trading relations were maintained. If this is as obvious as it obviously is, then it must also be obvious to the rUK government. So, if that government chooses to ignore the obvious advantages of maintaining normal trading relations and erect all manner of barriers, it is clearly acting irrationally – if not illegally. We have to ask ourselves what we lose by being cut off from a rogue state that is prepared to damage its own economy, and quite possibly flout international law, by imposing trade sanctions on its own businesses prompted by petulant rage at a democratic choice made by the people of Scotland.

Is it reasonable to insist, as unionists do, that Scotland should subordinate its own interests to a relationship which is so grotesquely dysfunctional that the dominant partner resorts to threats of malicious retaliation and actual self-harm?

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3 thoughts on “Neighbours from hell!

  1. Andy McKirdy

    It’s only because they’re terrified of an independent Scotland that they threaten this posh.
    The same English establishment has ruled for a thousand years and thought they would continue for another thousand based on the confirmed belief that millions of people are to stupid to see through their con.
    An independent Scotland leads to the awakening of the English enlightenment and an end to the established order. Until then they will come away with any old threatening crap, aided and abetted by their fags in the media.
    The 55% have a lot to answer for in believing this crap.

  2. bringiton

    One of the knock on effects of an isolated English state will be it’s inability to borrow cheap money to pay for things like nuclear power stations.
    If they are to survive as a viable entity,they are going to need access to our resources,either through theft,as at present,or mutually benefitial trading agreements.
    Theft is probably their preferred option which is why they will obstruct any proposal to allow Scotland to act with any degree of independence such as being part of a trading block outwith Westminster control.

  3. Andy McKirdy

    Spot on “bring it on”. Unfortunately there are still large numbers of our population who have the lights in their brains on a 3 day week due to yoonunist induced energy shortages!!!

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