Mundells slammed over ‘shameless’ demands for Scottish Govt to buy defunct Pinneys factory

Tory father and son duo David and Oliver Mundell have been slammed after demanding the Scottish government buy a defunct factory from a company that abandoned its Scottish workforce in favour of Grimsby.

The Conservative politicians want the Scottish government to use public cash in order to buy its abandoned Annan plant from Young’s Seafood.  The company closed the Pinneys factory in May this year with the loss of hundreds of jobs.  Owners Young’s Seafood moved production from the Scottish site to Grimsby.

In a statement issued today, David Mundell, who is the Secretary of State for Scotland, said: “We are asking Young’s to release the site at a knock down price. The new South of Scotland Enterprise Agency or Scottish Enterprise should then promote or redevelop the factory.”

His MSP son Oliver Mundell added: “The Scottish Government has taken on sites in such situations before. In the case of loss-making Prestwick Airport they bought the business as well as facilitating financial support to other companies.”

However the demands from the Scottish Conservative politicians have been met with anger with critics accusing the Mundell’s of demanding the SNP fix a problem created by the Tory led UK government.

One poster on twitter said: “So Mundell’s government bungs Young’s a load of money to move jobs from Scotland to Grimsby and this is his response! Tories create problems for Scotland, slash Scotland’s budget then expect SNP to bail them out.”

SNP MP Angus McNeil tweeted: “Is this after the Mundells Tories gave Young’s money to create jobs in Grimbsy which was same number they cut in Annan! … David Mundell is shameless here.”

The messages were a reference to grants awarded to the Young’s plant at Grimsby with the aim of expanding the site and creating new jobs.  In 2015, £1.3m in funding was provided by the then UK Government Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

The 450 jobs created was the same number as were lost when the Annan factory closed.  The company denied any link between the Grimsby grant and the Annan site closing.

A Scottish government statement said it was looking at every possibility for the future of the site.

“We have been working to identify and support any potential new investor to the site and last week announced £250,000 to help with the delivery of the Annan Action Plan and regenerate the local area following the closure of Pinneys,” it said.

“Our experienced multi-agency Partnership for Action on Continuing Employment (PACE) helped support a dedicated jobs fair in the town last week and we remain absolutely committed to exploring all possible options for the site and are working hard to try and achieve a positive outcome in this regard.”

The Mundell’s said they were writing to the Scottish government to take on the “ownership, management and marketing” of the site.

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9 thoughts on “Mundells slammed over ‘shameless’ demands for Scottish Govt to buy defunct Pinneys factory

  1. millie

    Mundell can pass back the £160m+ Crown Estate money his government stole from Scotland when they sold Kinnaird Retail Park in Edinburgh.

    The brass neck of this man knows no bounds.

    Also re Brexit, farming- Can we imagine BBC Scotland highlighting the following- “no farm cash guarantees to farmers from PM”

    1. Ann Rayner

      A bit ironic that today, Saturday, the same state broadcaster is publicising a move to get rid of ‘fake news’, which they say is a threat to democracy.
      Too right, and they are the biggest disseminators of fake news in the business. Of course they are belaming social media.

  2. Lochside

    Words can’t describe the contempt that I feel for these shameless bastards. Two glove puppet traitors, defecating on the Annan workers while their masters hand bribes over to Pinney to steal Scottish jobs for Grimsby workers.

    When are S.W. voters going to wake up and throw these scum into the Solway and let them swim across to Mother England?

  3. Robert Graham

    This current Tory crop use deception and carefully targeted PR promoting what are basically lies ,
    The 13 placements in the English Parliament follow the same script , whatever the topic being debated they without any rebuke by the Unionist backing Speaker , always make some spurious statement that has no basis or connection to the truth ,and is always echoed by the the Tory minister with no opportunity to put the record straight because the minister answered the dubious point .
    So we are left with a false statement that will be promoted by a compliant media .

    This excuse for a man or even a Scottish Secretary who is westminsters bagman in Scotland representing the worst government in living memory , words cant describe this creepy slimy artical a product of Legal training a profession ideally suited to his lack of a moral compass .

  4. Robert T

    I echo resoundingly the sentiments expressed by Lochside and others , these quislings , for that is what they are , will denigrate and destroy Scotland and the Scots people to ensure their subservience and capture for engerland . They are the lowest of the low , sycophantic parasitical useless scum

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