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Multi-billion barrel oil find west of Shetland Isles – Towards Indyref2…

Multi-billion barrel oil find west of Shetland Isles

What has been described as the largest undeveloped discovery on the UK Continental Shelf has been confirmed by oil company Hurricane.

The well, located west of the Shetland Isles, is expected to yield billions of barrels of crude oil.

Confirmation of the discovery, which is said to be “a very significant oil column”, was made late yesterday.

The discovery at the Halifax well is 30 km from the company’s Lancaster field.  The company has said it believes both are part of a single large accumulation which is now being referred to as the Greater Lancaster Area [GLA].

“We believe that the GLA is a single hydrocarbon accumulation, making it the largest undeveloped discovery on the UK Continental Shelf,” said Robert Trice, Hurricane chief executive said:

Trice added: “The discovery of a 1km hydrocarbon column at Halifax validates the efforts the company undertook to acquire the licence and drill, test and log the Halifax Well through the winter months.

“Given the positive well results, the Halifax Well has been suspended to provide the company the option to return to undertake further testing as well as provide the option to deepen the well and thereby establish a definitive oil water contact.”

The discovery comes only days after Royal Dutch Shell and BP won exploration licences in the area.

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8 thoughts on “Multi-billion barrel oil find west of Shetland Isles

  1. Gordon Murray

    Aye, that and the rest!
    West of the Hebrides and right down the west coast there are fields just waiting for the MoD to clear off.

  2. Andy McKirdy

    The Scots independent ran an article prior the referendum in 2014 about 2000 licensing blocks ready for “sale” in the Scottish North Atlantic sector and the vast reserves of Irish oil awaiting discovery of their Atlantic west coast but like most things it all suffered misreporting by not reporting courtesy of our colonial media.
    Imagine 2 of the WORLDS biggest oil producers, both independent EU members and Greater England having NO POWER OR INFLUENCE over either of them.
    The British establishment are shiting their pants over the prospect of being isolated energy spongers with their empire in ruins around them.
    Like all empires they bring about their own downfall!!
    Will BBC Scotlandshire find a way of not reporting this terrible economic news for the colony??

  3. Jas

    Expect some dog food specialist to step forward and dismiss such finds as completely worthless. Woof-woof!

  4. Ann Rayner

    I’m a bit worried as the oilfield is in an area called Lancaster and the well is called Halifax. The Westminster government might claim that it is in England after all.

    They have a very shaky idea of where Shetland actually is; just off the coast of Aberdeenshire? I’m sure the Scotland/England boundary could be tweaked a bit more.

  5. Robin J Barclay

    I believe there is alot more to this than just the reservoir they have found. IIRC, there was an article I read a couple of years which suggested that there could be a gas reservoir the size of Kuwait sitting off the western side of Scotland.
    It basically stretches from Shetland right down to the Hebrides but the problem in the main is gaining access to it.
    The gist of the article was trying to promote that it would dwarf any and all fields that have been found to date.
    I will try to locate the original piece but I have tried before with no such luck.

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