Mark Millar: “I don’t trust the BBC anymore”

Award winning comic book writer Mark Millar has said he no longer trusts news output from the BBC.

The Coatbridge born creator of Millarworld which spawned the KickAss franchise which went on to become a hit movie, told RT news he believes a “seismic shift” is coming in cinema, television and, he hopes, in news as well.

Millar said: “I think there’s a seismic shift coming. There’s a shift coming in everything.

“It’s coming in cinema, it’s coming in television, I hope it’s coing in news.

Singling out the BBC, Miller said: “I don’t trust the BBC anymore. It’s not the first place I look for my news in the morning. I look for other sources.

“So I love this democratisation of news that we have right now, it’s great. It’s very exciting.”

Millar also spoke of the many rumours he had heard within the Holywood industry that he said had turned out to be true.  He highlighted the cases of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey.

Mark Millar recently sold his Millerworld company for an undisclosed sum, believed by some to be in the high tens of millions of pounds, to Netflix.  Despite his wordwide success, which includes collaborating in movie ventures such as Marvel’s Iron Man and The Avengers, Millar has maintained strong links with his hometown of Coatbridge.

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5 thoughts on “Mark Millar: “I don’t trust the BBC anymore”

  1. Clydebuilt

    I remember during Indy Ref1 Mark initially pro Indy, turned to NO, saying it would be very divisive.Later he was a leading light in the campaign to free Brian Quaill (his Latin teacher, I tink)

    Everyone’s allowed to change their minds.

  2. C.Griffiths

    Mark Millar was a no supporter and a brexiteer, tweeted a lot about leaving Europe in 2016, I don’t trust him anymore.

    1. Sam

      A lot of people were pro Brexit during the 2016 referendum, they were ill-informed, the BBC plugged Farage. Sounds like Mark Millar has realised this. Chances are he’s a Remainer now.

      As first poster said “Everyone’s allowed to change their mind”

      To win Independence we need lots of people to change their minds.

  3. Cubby

    The club is getting bigger every day. The BBC know they are a British state propaganda broadcaster. They also know that more and more people have rumbled them. Their days broadcasting in Scotland are numbered.

    BBC SCOTLAND IS A TOTAL DISGRACE? It is probably on their job application form – are you a British Nationalist?

  4. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Another reason to not trust the BBC (if you need one)

    BBC Radio Shortbreid soft soaping the Brexit power grab this morning.

    08:03hrs approximately they introduce a comment from George Eustice MP, Minister of State at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)


    George Eustice UK Agriculture Minister.

    A post which doesn’t exist!!!

    Well doesn’t exist yet….

    Scotlands Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and Connectivity is currently Fergus Ewing MSP

    Wales Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs is currently Lesley Griffiths AM.

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