Making things right

Mhairi Black gets to the nub of the constitutional issue. It’s not a matter of who has what powers, but of who decides who has what powers. It is a question of ultimate authority. And if that is a valid question in the context of the relatively limited issue of Brexit, how much more valid must it be in the context of the present and future governance of an entire nation?

There is no reasonable or acceptable definition of democracy which does not acknowledge this fundamental principle; that the rightful authority to determine, constrain or assign the powers of a democratically elected parliament is ultimately vested solely and exclusively in the people responsible for electing that parliament.

What is not generally realised, particularly among British nationalists, is that the Union was fatally flawed from its inception. It was always unsustainable for at least two reasons – its asymmetry and its inherent denial of the principle of popular sovereignty.

The SNP did not create division and discontent in Scotland. It has merely provided a political vehicle for a profound dissatisfaction that has always existed, but never had a voice. The Union endured so long as that voice was not heard. It survived only so long as it was not widely or loudly questioned. Now that it has been challenged, the inevitable disintegration proceeds at an accelerating pace.

While the SNP remains the main political vehicle of the independence movement, the challenge to the Union now spreads much wider. It comes for every part of the nation and from every section of society. With every passing day, more and more voices are joining the clamour demanding to know by what right the sovereignty of the people of Scotland is usurped by the British state.

It is for the people of Scotland alone to decide what powers our parliament should exercise and to what extent and under what terms those powers may be devolved or assigned. This has always been the case in principle, even if not in practice. The people of Scotland are only now summoning the determination to assert their legitimate authority. We will not be denied.

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6 thoughts on “Making things right

  1. twathater

    To me it is without question a simple case of brainwashing on a commercial scale ,constant denigration , constant misinformation, constant lies , and the MOST disgusting and reprehensible thing about it, is the fact that these things have been FORCED upon us by the very same people who are supposed to protect and represent us , the Labour,Tory, & Lib Dums , they ARE responsible for the devastation of Scotland and the Scottish people.

    1. Catherine Carrigan

      Replace the section starting with ” The Labour Party……” with the SNP and you are spot on! LOL!

    2. Catherine Carrigan

      And the last sentence should read “Scotland….be a nation again and stop being an arse”

      Because under SNP leadership that is what we have become.

  2. Andy McKirdy

    Well said twathater, the big problem for us is that the state media in all its forms and of course the British national parties in our country are still convincing enough of our countrymen that we are only a small part of a different country, the U.K., which of course isn’t a country at all.
    Until enough of us get this principle at the top of our list the fight will continue to be a hard one.

  3. bringiton

    As has been said,a union between England who will brook no equals and Scotland no superiors is not a viable partnership.
    It has only “worked” through Scottish aspirations being supressed by England but now that the so called union has been exposed in a court of law for the sham it really is,there is no more need to pretend.
    The English establishment,through their Brexit shambles,have only reinforced the contention that they will brook no equals which makes them entirely unsuitable to be part of any structure where power is shared.
    Rule Britannia.

  4. Jim Morris

    Everything about our political system is undemocratic, from first past the post for Westminster, to the list system for Holyrood and then down to STV for councils. Add in the totally unscrutinisable postal vote concession. Then if questions are asked the Electoral Commission take so long to investigate/answer that the alleged offender has retired before the verdict is revealed (if ever!).

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