MacAskill’s half-arsed analysis

The fact that British nationalist fanatic Adam Tomkins is agreeing with him should be a sobering thought for the once respected Kenny MacAskill. As Justice Secretary, MacAskill did a fine job in very difficult circumstances. But as a political analyst he’s shallow enough to make David Torrance look insightful. Parroting British nationalist propaganda may be a sure way for a political has-been to get some space in a failing unionist rag such as The Scotsman. But it is never going to impress serious observers of Scotland’s political scene.

If any doubt that MacAskill is merely peddling the same drivel offered by the British state’s rag-tag band of amateur propagandists, they need look no further for proof than the woeful nonsense about currency. The idiocy of fretting about “what currency an independent Scotland might use” was pointed out a very long time ago. No serious commentator ever took it seriously. Only the most deplorably out of touch continue to do so. Where has MacAskill been keeping his head for the past couple of years?

The other thing that is striking about MacAskill’s half-arsed analysis is his obsession with imagining problems facing the Yes movement while total failing to take account of the very real difficulties confronting the British nationalist campaign to deny the sovereignty of Scotland’s people. He genuinely seems to suppose that nothing has changed in the more than two years since the first referendum. He appears oblivious to the Project Fear lies that have been exposed and promises that have been shown to be as empty as Anas Sarwar’s bag of principles. He gives the impression of being totally oblivious to the EU referendum and incapable of comprehending the implications for the independence cause of Brexit.

What I find difficult to understand is why Kenny MacAskill has chosen to join the ranks of ‘useful idiots’ in the service of British nationalism. Is the attraction of seeing his name in print irresistible? Or is he just flattered beyond his power to resist by the attention he gets from journalists who count among their ‘professional skills’ the ability to make a convincing pretence of taking the likes of MacAskill seriously?

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3 thoughts on “MacAskill’s half-arsed analysis

  1. Gordoz

    Sadly – spot on with this.

    What’s that Yankee saying aboot tents & pissing ??

    Yer maw wuz right … If you’ve got nothin good to say, then ……

  2. Robert Graham

    as soon as i saw our dear BBC prominently featuring his comments my in built shit detector started twitching , to be fair i haven’t read the article or indeed the questions put , but a quick glance alerted me to another once prominent SNP office bearer who was given a star billing without interruption by a very considerate BBC , As Gordoz points out about pissing and tents a very good analogy ,
    Why do people once in the limelight feel the need to try and recapture a previous life , and if they feel the need to give vent to previous little things that have annoyed them for f/cks sake try and make it positive then again thats not what the unionists want is it , by the looks of it , The interview succeeded in its quest to do damage to the Indy cause , I hope someone at the top in the SNP is paying attention and efforts to speak to any likely candidates for the next hatchet job are duly informed of the damage they are likely to inflict by loose talk anyway they are all adults with free will lets hope sense is included in free will .

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