Leading RISE figure attacks ‘sectarian SNP’

fox riseA leading figure in Scotland’s new radical left party has attacked what he called the SNP’s “sectarian tactics”. 

Colin Fox who stood as a List candidate for RISE also slammed the SNP campaign in the recent Holyrood elections claiming Nicola Sturgeon’s #BothVotesSNP strategy was inept.

The comments, contained in an article written for the Scottish Socialist Voice by the SSP leader, were published eight days after the Scottish election which saw RISE fail to make any impact.  Fox had been one of the leading hopefuls for the new party.

In the article, Fox wrote:

“Nicola Sturgeon’s #BothVotesSNP strategy was inept. One million SNP list votes, which could have elected RISE or Green MSPs went in the bin.”

He added:

“The No camp meanwhile is emboldened. It has made significant headway since its victory in 2014. Those who argue the Tories emergence as the undisputed face of unionism is beneficial to the Yes side must equally recognise the SNP’s victory included voters who do not support independence. This is not a nationalist country.

“Moreover the SNP need to be constantly reminded they cannot secure independence on their own. They need allies. And yet those allies have been alienated by the nationalist’s sectarian tactics since 2014.”

The comments are sure to re-ignite the debate over the creation of RISE and whether the new party has introduced division into the independence movement.  The party caused anger amongst many SNP supporters during the recent election campaign after it claimed SNP list votes were “wasted”.  Some RISE supporters also argued that the SNP would win a majority on the constituency vote alone.

The tactic was blamed for the drop in the nationalist List vote which in turn denied Nicola Sturgeon’s party an overall majority.

The comments from the former SSP MSP brought stinging rebukes from independence supporters on social media.

“I was very impressed by Colin Fox during the #indyref but he has just plummeted in my estimation.”

“40+ years of political activism in Scottish politics has taught me that the Left are parasites on #Indy movement!”

“If it wasn’t for the SNP putting independence in the forefront of Scottish politics nobody would ever have heard of Fox again.”

It is not known if other senior figures within RISE endorse the views of their party colleague.

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9 thoughts on “Leading RISE figure attacks ‘sectarian SNP’

  1. Thomas Potter

    Who fucking cares what defunkt Rise think about anything.
    They’re all Green now apparently.

  2. mi wh

    Rise eh ! How many are sitting in the Scottish parliament oh that’s right nil oh dearThe answer is to blame the SNP lol !

  3. Howard Kennedy

    Is RISE an MI5 agent provocateur?
    They have done nothing but attempt to sow division in the independence movement with their constant attacks on the SNP and their strategy of reducing the SNP list vote in the election with constant claims that the SNP would win on constituency votes alone. I think the likes of Cat Boyd, who made some great speeches during the referendum have been manipulated and duped by others with an entirely different agenda.

  4. David MacGille-Mhuire

    A bitter Trotskyite “splittist” (indeed) of the Brit state infiltrated SWP variety who in creating their divisive front, RISE, destroyed the SSP in the process (see Tommy Ball’s blogspot).

    If the Greens are daft enough to embrace them, they may yet face the same fate as the latter.

    I cannot help but wonder if this “party”, whom I believe could not even out-perform their arch-rivals on the Trotskyite front, SOLIDARITY – Mr Tommy Sheridan’s cod-piece, is a British security services Trojan horse within the Scottish re-independence movement with Mr Fox as their agent provocateur-in-chief (at least on the PR front)?

    Ms Boyd should, indeed, reflect long and hard on her continued involvement with these rank opportunists, splitters, and smearers.

  5. Steve

    I’ve always thought Scotland’s Zebidee puppet of a Trot seemed quite an affable loon but for his own good I suggest he gives politics a wee rest for a while.
    it is in danger of turning him into a bad loser and a bitter man.

  6. Charles Haggerty

    Are RISE part of the Brit security state ? I don’t know,but they are doing a fair impersonation of being so ! What is/was the actual point of RISE ? I’ve asked the question a few times, ‘what did they do that the SSP couldn’t or wouldn’t do ? ‘ And the answers I’ve received are really not that convincing.Maybe I’ll just put on that tin-foil now !!!

  7. Conor

    What are you lot talking about? The SSP voted DEMOCRATICALLY to join RISE.

    Tommy Ball is a convicted liar who made a fake online account to accuse an SNP member of being a paedophile. He has been kicked out of the SSP and SNP yet you use his blog as all truth? Hahaha

    1. Red Clydesider

      Ffs Conor, try be a bit honest eh?

      He wasn’t kicked out of SSP.

      He wasn’t convicted for lying.

      The guy he trolled with a fake profile was kicked out of the SNP for homophobia, lost his job for using a hidden camera in the female toilets, and is himself a notorious troll.

      There is also nothing democratic about entryism.

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