Lash or lure

As the Brexit tragedy rumbles on, it is fair to say that the greatest threat is, not Theresa May, but Jeremy Corbyn. Pretty much nobody in Scotland trusts May. All too many, however, continue to see Corbyn as some sort of saviour. Someone they can rely on. Someone worthy of their trust.

Quite why they imagine such a thing is a bit of a mystery to those of us who are not susceptible to the siren song of vacuous sloganeering passing itself of as coherent policy. Where those who crave the comfort of old partisan loyalties convince themselves they see principle and leadership, less credulous observers look at Corbyn absent the filter of desperate fascination and see only clumsy opportunism and a painfully contrived cult of anti-charisma.

Jeremy Corbyn stumbled onto the political stage with all the slapstick artlessness of Norman Wisdom. The media saw in his novelty some passing potential for titillation. Almost instinctively, the party spin-quacks applied the potions which lend ephemeral fame the more tractable substance of celebrity. Thus are British political leaders made. Carved from fog. Moulded of smoke. Blank sheets upon which can be sketched whatever character the moment requires.

People are fooled to the extent that they want to be fooled. And many of British Labour’s former camp-followers in Scotland, stressed by the complexities of constitutional politics and fearful of progressive change, desperately want a friendly (grand)father figure who will lead them back to the fold of the British two-party system. In common with the bulk of the mainstream media, they hunger for the easy comprehensibility of the faux rivalries between/among the British establishment parties and thirst for the reassuring simplicity of a politics which offers no meaningful choices.

Corbyn is the real threat because, where Theresa May threatens to bring Scotland into line with calculation and coercion, Corbyn tempts us with pretty promises and bids the biddable of Scotland follow as the fabled children of Hamelin followed the Pied Piper.

But the destination is the same. Whether by lash or lure, we end up in the same place. We give ourselves over to the British parties and Scotland ceases to be a nation and becomes instead a mere adjunct of a ‘One Nation’ Britain. A dark and dismal place where hope itself is suffocated.

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7 thoughts on “Lash or lure

  1. Big Jock

    Lets look at Corbyn’s opinions.

    He is anti nuclear but voted to retain Trident albeit he wouldn’t press the button. So a trifle deluded and contradictory on that level.

    He supports the independence of Eire and celebrates the Republic. However he thinks Scotland is not worthy of Eire’s status.

    He is anti EU and a left wing little Englander.

    He thinks the Union is more important to Scotland than the EU membership they voted for.

    He didn’t even know that Scotland had it’s own legal system as he talks about British law!

    He is seeking to govern the UK including middle England so will ignore Scotland when it comes to the crunch.

    In essence he is as ignorant of Scotland as any English politician is. Yet some fools in Scotland believe he is the answer to Scotland’s problems.

  2. bringiton

    Westminster took the result of our referendum as the green light to London rule in Scotland and the end of any independence aspiration,including devolution.
    Everything that has happened since supports this view.
    So,it matters not who is in charge at Westminster,the attitude towards Scotland will remain the same and the process of taking back powers to London will continue.
    There can be no more complaints from Labour unionists in Scotland about how bad England’s Tories are.
    That is what they voted for,being wedded to the English establishment more important to them than socialist policies.
    Corbyns will come and go but for Scotland’s unionists,Scotland will forever be a part of England.

  3. Big Jock

    Sadly I fear the worst for Scotland now. If Salmond is serious that we wait until 2021 for our indy ref 2 then the games a bogey.

    If we don’t have it next September it’s goodbye to the EU franchised voters . It’s goodbye to the majority for the SNP so we wouldn’t get it through in 2021 anyway.

    This is all speculation but the mood music suggests a retreat by the SNP. It seems they are going to concentrate the next 4 years on making devolution work. We did that for 10 years and got no thanks for it and now we are being treated like serfs.

    Right now at this moment I am not confident in the SNP making the right choice.

  4. m boyd

    I always thought he was just another public school boy socialist with no inkling of 50 p meters, tick at the local shop or grocery van or the provie man on a Friday.

  5. Col

    Bringiton, we hardly ever hear the Scottish unionists complain about what the Westminster government are doing to Scotland. They don’t give a shit so long as we are governed under a system which means what England wants Scotland gets. England wants tory governments. Labour want Scotland to have tory governments. Labour are in essence tories, just a slightly softer version. This is why they spend most of their time attacking the SNP.

  6. Robert Graham

    Only one destination for Scottish followers of the Messiah.

    A blind ally , we have been here with Labour what’s the point in getting on this roundabout again, just to see if they have changed .

    They can’t change forever following the Union, we are still surrounded by hopeful fools , where are the shouts of foul when Labour joined with the Tory party in many of our councils ? .

    The Union comes first and they will protect it by any means available.

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