Labour MSP comes under fire over ‘business class’ accusation

findlayexpressA Labour MSP has come under fire after he posted false allegations regarding an SNP MP’s air travel expenses.

Neil Findlay, who is the Labour list MSP for Lothian, posted a tweet in which he said SNP MP Mhairi Black “loves” business class.

In the social media message, Findlay wrote: ‘Looks like the party on the expenses is in full flow – Mhairi Black tribune of the people loves “Business class” ‘

The claim was based on a story published by the Scottish Daily Express which implied SNP MPs had enjoyed ”luxury” business class flights between Scotland and London at taxpayer’s expense.  The story featured images of what appeared to be opulent seating enjoyed by the MPs.

expressflights-1However following analysis of the newspaper article by online site Wings Over Scotland [WOS], it has emerged that there are in fact no business class flights between Edinburgh, Glasgow and London.

According to WOS, the only airline that flies from either airport to Heathrow is British Airways, and it only offers Economy-class seats.

Budget airlines Ryanair and Easyjet have flights to Stansted (twice as far away, at 30 miles), but neither offers business class.

It has also emerged that the image of luxury seating that accompanied the newspaper article is in fact from a United Arab Emirates business-class cabin that flies to Dubai.

airbusbusinessclassIn a further embarrassing revelation, a comparison of expenses between Mr Findlay’s former Labour colleagues and their SNP replacements has revealed the cost to the public purse for air travel has in fact fallen since the Labour MPs were replaced.

WOS writes: “Because in the year since the 2015 election when SNP MPs replaced almost all of the Scottish Labour and Lib Dems ones, the total expenses bill for flights has come DOWN by £9,000 and down by almost £42,000 from the year before that.”

The WOS article adds: “So what the Express and Neil Findlay have portrayed as SNP MPs living high on the hog on luxurious champagne travel is in fact a story of them SAVING the taxpayer money and sitting in the exact same seats with the exact same service as anyone else, only with tickets allowing for the uncertain schedule of Parliamentary business.”

neil_findlayAt the time of publication of this article, Neil Findlay [pictured] has refused calls do delete his tweet and issue an apology.

Note: Images above courtesy of Wings Over Scotland

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9 thoughts on “Labour MSP comes under fire over ‘business class’ accusation

  1. brian mcardle


  2. Wayne Thomas Smith

    Findlay isn’t even an elected SLAB MSP, He’s a LIST MSP, He shares an office in West Calder, West Lothian with Kezia Dugdale, so enough said really.

  3. Angry Weegie

    Typical of SLab to jump on anything that gives them an SNPbad story without bothering to check any of the facts. Considering the story came from the Express, you would have thought that in itself would have made them a bit careful, but obviously SNP hatred tops everything.

    Unfortunately for Findlay and all the rest who have jumped on the bandwagon, everyone who has flown even a few times between Scotland and London will know that business class is not available.

    1. Judith Delissen

      That is absolutely right. We were lucky enough to get upgraded to fly to LAX but we flew tourist class to London and Business Class London to LAX. It was the same on the way back

  4. gerald keogh

    Surly Neil Findlay, and The EXpress must account for printing disgraceful lies about The SNP travelling Business Class between Scotland and England. These totally unchecked supposed true factual reports should never ever have been seen by anyone and certainly not the majority of the British Public.

  5. Craig Stewart

    Only goes to show the SLAB are liars and are happy to dish the dirt, hoping of course that if they throw enough then something has to stick. When you get caught Findlay it shows everyone, that you are void of ideas and slander is your only option. I am ashamed I ever voted Labour but never again they are Red Tories and almost as nasty as their cousins the Blue Tories

  6. Kevin Taylor

    Shows a glaring lack of imagination and embarrassing lack of ability from the dunce – he has to reference the worse tabloid publication on the shelves in order to attempt a pathetic ‘chap-door-run-away’ stunt.

    The walls are collapsing-in on the British isles, the Tories, having arrogantly taken us all to the brink of a UKIP state and are now viciously fighting among themselves, are a soft-target for the party who are supposed to be their opposition, and yet Findlay chooses to opt for a disgraceful and childish attack on the party who are getting things done in Scotland, and are seen to be getting things done.

    Nobody takes a clown seriously, Neil, and you are a hopeless, thick clown among clowns.

  7. David McCann

    I hope the SNP take Findlay and the Express to the cleaners. Its past time we stopped pussyfooting around this continual trashing of the SNP.
    Im fed up with this daily dose of SNP bad.

  8. Gordon Murray

    There are no business class seats on any flights between Scotland and London.
    All carriers have are economy class seating, even if it says otherwise on the ticket.

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