Labour MSP claims Scots school children had ‘more opportunity under Thatcher’ than they do now

A Scottish Labour MSP has been slammed after claiming Scottish school children had more opportunity under Margaret Thatcher than they do now.

Jenny Marra made the comment during heated exchanges at First Minister’s Questions.

Referring to a story relating to school provision for children by Dundee council, the Labour MSP said: ” … the reality is First Minister that you and I had more opportunity at school under Thatcher than school children in Scotland have under your negligent government.”

The comments were met with howls of derision from SNP benches.  First Minister Nicola Sturgeon retorted: “I’m glad to hear that Jenny Marra is confirming Labour admmiration for Margaret Thatcher.  We’ve long suspected it.”

Margeret Thatcher was denounced after she stopped free milk for primary schoolchildren.  As Education Secretary in Edward Heath’s government her decision in 1971 to stop the provision of milk for junior school pupils prompted the playground taunt “Thatcher, Thatcher, milk snatcher”.

Margaret Thatcher replaced Edward Heath in 1975.  She went on to become Prime Minister in 1979 until resigning in 1990.  Thatcher’s policies, which included using Scotland as a guinea-pig for the hated Poll Tax and the closing of the Ravenscraig Steel Works, contributed to the near wipe-out of the Conservative Party in Scotland in subsequent elections.

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10 thoughts on “Labour MSP claims Scots school children had ‘more opportunity under Thatcher’ than they do now

  1. Bob

    She may be correct. She may have been the last generation to enjoy a very wide range of opportunities. Maggie’s policies reduced opportunities but they took time to implement and come in to force. But in Scotland education policy was substantially driven by the Local Authority system and in her time that probably meant a Labour run local authority.

  2. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Classic bitesized BritNat EssEnnPeeBaaad expertly played out for BBC News at 18:30hrs.

    1. BritNat Labour at Westminster vote with or abstain against Tory budget cuts

    2. Cuts by UK Government also cut Scotlands Barnett Consequencials

    3. Scottish Government has to mitigate BritNat cuts to Barnett

    4. BritNat Councils cut services and blame Scottish Government

    This Propaganda only works on the politically unaware (BritNat MSM) don’t explain the above.

    BritNat Labour in Scotland have ZERO integrity, ZERO shame and ZERO principles.

    BritNat Labour in Scotland also wonder why their vote had collapsed.

  3. john

    Getting a wee bit worried about Jenny Marra these days , she is beginning to sound like Dugdale mk 2 . Now I know she is standing to be the Deputy Leader for Labour in Scotland and that accounts for her tactics , she must think screaming into a mike as Davidson does is good copy but it’s not . Go and hone up your proper facts and figures , stop screeching at the FM , and use logical , rational , controlled debate and we might listen Marra .

  4. Robert Graham

    God yet again Labour missing the target and avoiding anything this Tory , yep thats Tory government does has she missed who is in government .

    The scottish government dont run schools got it Mrs have or you missed that bit as well.

    Labour in opposition at westminster ( well sometimes ) Labour in agreement with the tory party in holyrood and quite a lot of local councils

    A very confused party does anyone know their policy on leaving the Eu ? . to be honest who gives a f/k it will change when the wind changes anyway .

  5. Independent Woman

    Jenny Marra lacks first hand knowledge of what opportunities school leavers had under Thatcher. I taught for a year in St Gerard’s in Govan in 1982. I had whole classes of pupils who were due to leave school and who would normally have been absorbed into the shipyards and other connected work.

    I have never felt so helpless in facing these young men and women because they knew as well as I did there was nothing for them no matter how hard they worked. They were not ‘academic’; they were people that would have done an apprenticeship and then got a job.

    Jenny Marra, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. John

      Indeed , and where are the shipyards now , closed by her hero Thatcher , pathetic . Labour really do walk in the Tories shoes !

  6. Jason Smoothpiece

    The simple scandal is, and it has often been said here and on other sites Labour and Tories two cheeks of the same arse.

    We actually have Labour politicians saying Thatcher gave Scottish kids a better start than they have today.

    That might be the case in England but here my three kids are through university pursuing excellent careers thanks to the bad old SNP.

    If we lived in England or Wales, where Labour run the show, I could not have put the three kids through university.

    Shame on Scottish Labour for the damage they have done to my country and the damage they still try to inflict.

    Any Scottish person with half a brain must see what Labour are, a scandal.

  7. Clydbuilt

    Scottish youth employment figures are amongst the best in Europe.

    Mara’s face is changing, for the worse. Talking and thinking pish, isn’t good for appearances.

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