Labour leadership “siding with terrorists” claims Ruth Davidson

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has accused the Labour party leadership of “siding with terrorists”.

The MSP made the remark whilst appearing as a guest on the BBC Question Time programme.

Davidson was responding to criticism of Theresa May’s Article 50 letter to the EU in which the PM appeared to threaten to refuse to share intelligence on terrorism unless the UK was granted a free-trade deal.

During an angry exchange with fellow panellist Labour MP Lisa Nandy, the Scottish Conservative leader said: “The only British politicians that are siding with terrorists are your leader and your shadow chancellor, Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell.”


Davidson’s remark is certain to infuriate her pro-Union Labour allies north of the border.

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale recently joined with her Tory rival as both sought to thwart the Scottish Government’s bid to hold a second independence referendum.

However Dugdale is already on record as claiming it would be a “huge mistake” to have the volatile Davidson lead any future pro-Union referendum campaign.

Davidson’s controversial comments come only days after she came under fire after mocking the Scottish accent of a rival MSP.  The Scottish Conservative leader was taking part in Holyrood’s Section 30 debate when she took aim at SNP MSP Joan McAlpine.

Addressing the Holyrood chamber, she said: “I also refer the First Minister to that leading authority on all things European, Joan McAlpine, who said in January … and I won’t do the accent …”

The Conservative MSP ignored calls for an apology.

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19 thoughts on “Labour leadership “siding with terrorists” claims Ruth Davidson

  1. Scott Cameron

    Yes and Pinochet, Mugabe, Shah of Iran, House of Saud, Apartheid South Africa were all standup blokes!

  2. Ian

    She also called Lisa Nandy “luv” in that cheeky chappie way which was utterly patronising and “bloody” was heard from her later on. Both trivial in many ways but definitely not indications of someone who is comfortable where they are and is performing at the top of their game.

    1. Steve Keenan

      I picked up on those remarks too Ian and as a viewer found them to be distasteful and very patronising. She definitely acts outwith her job title and it didn’t go unnoticed when she told the FM to sit down in the Scottish Parliament! She must think that as a Tory she has carte blanche to do whatever she wants despite realising she is in a very minority opposition party.

  3. MsDidi

    Ruth Davidson is really showing her true nature to the whole of the UK now. Lisa Nandy did remarkably well to keep calm throughout….what with Ruth and David both trying desperately to get her riled up! Angry Ruth being argumentative right from the start and finishing up by referring to “this bloody panel”……I couldn’t believe it and actually rewound it 3 times just to be sure. (at just after 55 mins) As at Holyrood on Wednesday she got away with it…..not a comment was made by anyone on “the bloody panel” not even DD who must be as frightened of her as Ken Macintosh is!

    1. Jocelynnehannam

      Well said , ms Davidson is getting away with all sorts of stuff but perhaps the old adage ‘give her enough rope and she will hang herself’ may apply here, she is certainly showing her true colours!

  4. liz g

    Lookin like Ruthie is trying very hard at every broadcasting​ opportunity to NOT be considered leadership material for Better Together Two

    1. Clydebuilt

      Or , maybe in her abnormal version of reality, this is how she thinks a BT Mk2 leader should behave.

      I think she’d make an excellent leader of save the Yoonion

  5. macgilleleabhar

    There is an old Scots saying among country folk that anglicized would be,
    “Do not be surprised when the tail area of a bull performs it’s function.”

    “Fit dae ye expect frae a bull’s —- but —-.”

    Apologies to any one who thought a buffalo would be more appropriate.

  6. Abulhaq

    Pneumatic Ms Davidson positioning herself for a great fall off the unionist wall. Doubt her mate Theresa will be sending in any medics.

  7. Steve souness

    Her head has been up her backside ever since the Tories became the 2nd strongest party in scotland

  8. Robert Graham

    A bit of a personality disorder on display with this one , the SNP MSPs should go for her , wind her up make it personal , she will crack , it’s like a whole lot of subdued anger just waiting to get out well help her out light the fuse , and stand back she will implode .

    She couldn’t really get going last night , her hatred for the SNP didn’t find an outlet because no questions relating to them were asked oh what a shame all dressed up and nowhere to go , ah diddums .

    I often wonder how she is viewed by the good ladies of Morningside and indeed Annabel Goldie , you might disagree with her politics but she was respected , a very polite woman,
    , I wonder if they view her as the necessary evil ,the attack dog that even they keep at arm’s length .Well this current leader of the Tory party in scotland who seems to be a very troubled person almost i believe Bipolar with her highs and lows , clinical depression might be the cause of her temperamental outbursts ” this bloody panel ” is just an example , and on National TV tut tut .

  9. Big Jock

    She is just a Unionist Orange bully in a suit . They are like the upper echelons of Sevco fans. Their true colours are hidden behind the suits and thin veneer. Get them drunk on power and their arrogance and loathing erupts like Mount Vesuvius. A horrible nasty party and full of semi literate ill informed bigots.

  10. Jas

    So her wee mask slipped in the public sphere? We’re not supposed to overhear what right-wingers say or think behind closed doors, such is their contempt for those who lead humble, ordinary lives. They are usually more discreet, disguising their contempt behind a veneer of polite social graces. The remark about Joan McAlpine’s accent was revealing. Would she make fun of the ‘posh’ accents so prevalent in her own party?

    Or is this now the new no-nonsense Uber-Ruther who will lead the New Direction campaign, Union Jacks aflutter above Centurion tanks, while Murdo Fraser bangs the Big Orange Drum?

  11. Jim Greig

    Big Joke

    A horrible nasty post by a semi literate ill informed bigot.

    That’s all I got!

    Unbelievable that a post of this nature should be displayed on indyref2 when the point of this blog is to inform undecided voters to come over to YES whatever road they have traveled.

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