Kites and knives

I’m not sure what to make of this story about the British Tories in Scotland breaking away from the “mother party”. The Courier is certainly close to Scotland’s wee Tory clique. There’s not a member of the paper’s staff that doesn’t have Liz Smith on speed-dial. So, if there were plans for a split in the event of Boris Johnson becoming wee Ruthie’s boss, it’s likely that The Courier would be among the first to know.

But The Courier’s intimate relationship with the British Tories in Scotland also means that they are well placed to fly wee kites at the behest of their clients. And that’s what this looks like. The waters are being tested to see what the reaction is from whatever the “Scottish” Tories have instead of a rank and file.

It can also be seen as a wee shot across Boris Johnson’s artfully dishevelled bows. The cosy consensus of the British media has Bumbling Boris already rehearsing his coronation address as he steps seamlessly into the hand-made shoes of deposed David Cameron. But Boris would be well-advised to wear his stab-vest back to front on Friday morning. Those who do not subscribe to the British media’s cosy consensus recognise that Boris looks more like a stalking-horse than a Premier-in-waiting. An easier sell than, say, Michael Gove or Iain Duncan Smith.

This article may represent, not gossipy whispers of Ruth Davidson preparing to dump her increasingly toxic superiors in London, but the steely susurration of stilettos being prepared for Boris’s back.

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One thought on “Kites and knives

  1. Bert Logan

    Yes, a simple knife at the ready. Twill never happen (till indyref2). We know there are other souther Tories at the ready anyway. I hear the sound of a Maggie 2 to come.

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