Kid Gloves for Ruth Davidson … Boxing Gloves for Ian Blackford

Below are two clips of pre-conference interviews broadcast on Sunday Politics Scotland.  The first is Gordon Brewer’s interview with Ruth Davidson on September 30th.  The second is Gordon Brewer’s interview with Ian Blackford on October 7th.

It is clear that the BBC Scotland presenter gives the Scottish Tory leader a far easier time than he does the SNP Westminster leader.  It doesn’t matter why he did this, it matters only that he did.

There isn’t any need to analyse these interviews, the difference in tone and content is obvious.  This kind of institutionalised corruption is unacceptable, but sadly it will continue.  The only thing we can do is to point it out to as many people as possible.

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4 thoughts on “Kid Gloves for Ruth Davidson … Boxing Gloves for Ian Blackford

  1. Daniel Laurie

    The comparison between the two interviews shows again, may I say as always, the institutional bias against SNP politicians. I wonder if the SNP interviewees should consider being more assertive in the responses made. After all there is no gain achieved by being pleasant to the likes of Gordon Brewer, he earns his corn by intrusive and abrasive questioning to the point of rudeness.

  2. Scott

    The same can be said regarding Andrew Marr interviewing Davidson and the FM,I wonder if you could find a clip showing an interview with Davidson and compare the one he did with Ms Sturgeon FM yesterday.
    Remember when Davidson told Marr that the NR problem was sorted and he let her off.

  3. Bob

    But we can already see what the unionist media’s first topic is going to be in the next independence debate – “what will the currency be?”.

    1. Phil McGlass

      Why not the Indian Rupee or the Swiss Franc?

      This is a non-question since anyone anywhere can use any currency.

      An independent and sovereign Scotland will obviously wish to have its own currency and its own central banking system in a fairly short time, once the proper international arrangements are set up. In the immediate future, since most of our accounts are in Great Britain Pounds (GBP), it will be sensible to continue to use the GBP for convenience.

      We should remember that it is not unusual at the moment for some Scots to maintain bank accounts in Euros and US Dollars alongside their GB Pound accounts. It’s not a problem.

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