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It is striking, is it not, that the British parties; the British press; and British nationalists in general should be in such a state of pant-wetting panic over the imagined possibility of a so-called “Scottish Six” allowing an SNP administration to “promote its independence agenda” whilst showing no concern whatever for the established fact that the BBC has been actively promoting a hard-line unionist agenda for some years now.

With rather more candour than intended, Jackson Carlaw, culture spokesman for the “Ruth Davidson Not-Tory Nothing To Do With Us Honest Guv Look At Me Straddle Stuff Party”, admits that the BBC’s early evening news and current affairs slot is “an opportunity to shove propaganda down the throats of a dinner-time viewing public north of the border”. Displaying a naivety that would be remarkable in child, however, he supposes that this is an opportunity which is not presently being exploited.

Were we to mention to Carlaw that it seems highly unlikely such a propaganda resource would be allowed to go to waste, he would doubtless insist, with spluttering indignation, that the British political establishment would never dream of resorting to such tactics. And besides, there are safeguards to prevent any undue political interference in BBC news broadcasts. Should we then politely wonder why these safeguards might cease to apply in the case of a “Scottish Six” devised by the BBC under the (arm’s-length?) supervision of the UK Government (not the Scottish Government!)… well… who knows what waffling drivel Carlaw might come out with when put under that kind of pressure to explain his inane remarks. But if we mentioned the British political establishment’s record, making particular reference to the despicable Better Together/Project Fear propaganda campaign, this would almost certainly provoke an apoplectic fit of evidence-devoid ranting about “vile cybernats” and their evil ways.

All of which would leave unanswered the question of how an SNP administration without powers over broadcasting might exert the kind of influence which Carlaw and his ilk insist the British political elite cannot.

For British Labour in Scotland (BLiS), Ian Murray spouts pompous cant about maintaining the “independence and editorial integrity of the BBC”, evidently oblivious to the fact that BBC management sacrificed these on the altar of British nationalism a long time ago. The sub-text of his comments is the all too familiar contempt for Scotland which breeds the assumption that anything Scottish must necessarily tend to be naff. These things are best left to the metropolitan elite that Murray now considers himself part of. We must be grateful that he managed to resist any mention of The White Heather Club. Perhaps some moderately aware BLiS spin-quack had blue-pencilled that part of his statement.

Murray is no more concerned for the “independence and editorial integrity of the BBC” than his British Tory crony, Jackson Carlaw. It is not political influence that they are concerned about, but the wrong kind of political influence. The kind which doesn’t serve the structures of power, privilege and patronage which define the British state. Murray in particular is concerned that British Labour in Scotland might lose the only thing which helps it maintain the appearance of relevance in Scotland.

Even if it were possible, why would an SNP administration want to interfere with the BBC? It is the SNP which has most to gain from the ending of the informal but nonetheless unsubtle political influence on the BBC’s news values. It is the SNP which has a vested interest in restoring the independence and editorial integrity of the BBC. The SNP has no need to hijack a “Scottish Six” for the purpose of promoting its independence agenda. It is enough that the news be reported honestly. It is sufficient that Scotland’s politics be covered in a fair and balanced manner.

The SNP, and the people of Scotland, would be satisfied if the BBC just did its job the way it’s supposed to.

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12 thoughts on “Just do the job!

  1. Phil

    The danger will be if the BBC use this “Scottish news” slot as an opportunity to enhance their agenda with an anti independence unbalanced slant on anything they choose to include in this programme.

  2. Sandy

    The ‘Scottish Six’ proposals are too little, too late. With their agenda of ‘migrants’ rather than ‘refugees’ and their slating of Corbyn, everyone is now aware that the BBC is the propaganda mouthpiece of the establishment. I know the SNP have to be seen as a responsible, law-abiding party of government, but I’d like too see the rest of the Indyref2 campaign starting and promoting a programme of licence fee non-payment. Losing a substantial fraction of the £300m they collect from Scotland each year might focus their minds a bit more on being genuine reporters of events.

  3. Steve

    The BBC is, as you outline above, doing EXACTLY what it is supposed to do.; namely to promote the political agenda of the British state in a manner which is normally such a soft power operation as to have gone largely unnoticed by many of us prior to 2014. My own supine lack of awareness resulting not least from the fact that prior to Indie Ref 1 the more obviously propaganda issues were restricted to BBC World Service stuff on the radio and it was only when their big guns were cranked round to start delivering their relentless bombardment of bias, innuendo and just plain lies, both of fact and of omission with regards to both YES and the SNP and indeed the business of the Scottish Government, that I began to look anew at my wonderful BBC…..and eventually to conclude that there is no way to disentangle the State from the State Broadcasting Corporation. No way to take the British out of the BBC until we gain ‘our own voice’. Until then quite simply the BBC is an outreach program which cannot be trusted and a Scottish Six will just be a sop fronted by the same awful bunch of anodyne lickspittles as before.

  4. Iain Barker

    I don’t know what the Yoons are in a flap about because the Scottish Six will just be an hour of Yoon lies and Propaganda as opposed to half an hour. I will never pay the Yoon TV Tax but then I don’t watch any of their crap any longer. As far as I am concerned the British State Propagandists must go.

  5. Mark Rowantree

    The BBC has acted as the British State broadcaster since its inception and its rule in inter alia the General Strike has been shown to have been extremely partial. The BBC creates the framework within which ideas are seen as acceptable or unacceptable, unfortunately for us independence falls within the latter category.

  6. Jas

    The Yoons are loathe to admit it, but they know that every little bit of self-respect won helps to raise political consciousness and cultural confidence, and so takes us that few steps closer to independence.

  7. wilma mcewan

    To allow the Bstrd Broadcasting corp to do their propaganda for the British State ,they have to have the gullible and desperate British Unionists, sitting watching believing everything spouted out ,yet surely none are really so stupid as to believe claptrap, that is shown to be utter nonsense time and again,I cannot just blame the BEEB in all conscience ,they ,have a willing, ready made audience time and again ,that keep the viewing figures up,They are not about to disregard what their core viewers want to hear ,to help US promote Indy ,defeats their reason for being .We need our own broadcasting corp TV RADIO etc ,to level the paying field

  8. wilma mcewan

    just switch off ,that is the ONLY way they will take note ,if we coordinate a mass switch off ,at their news slot times ,cos demonstrations ,withholding fees ,is simply not working ,nut ANT media outlet cannot withstand a whole population or at least half of it switch off at the same time ,they could not withstand that slump

  9. David McCann

    AS I see it the biggest drawback with a Scottish Six would be the loss of news from dahn sarf about education, health, Heathrow Airport etc.

    Then there’s the cricket for heavens sake!

    No. Leave things as they are.

    1. Sandy

      Yes, how could we possibly survive without five minutes each day updating us on the fortunes of the English cricket team?

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