iScot magazine targeted by rivals in social media attack

The popular monthly magazine iScot has been targeted in a social media attack by two prominent rival media figures.

In a tweet by Angela Haggerty, the magazine was criticised for retweeting a link to a story published by UkipDaily.  Haggerty, who recently left Common Space to take up a new role as News Editor at the Sunday Herald, tweeted: “Jeezo, there’s yer iScot magazine retweeting links to “Ukip Daily” “.

She followed the tweet up by adding: “It’s been obvious for a while though that some within the fringe element of indy chat online lean towards the scary side of the right. What’s concerning about it is that sensible elements continue to retweet and give these folks prominence. It’s getting to crunch point now.”

Responding to the attack, the editor of iScot magazine hit back: “Rt’s are not endorsements – as you well know from the amount of times we’ve RT’d your comedy gold. Folk are smart enough to make up their own mind on what’s posted online and to see right through your distorted and twisted juvenile shit stirring antics.”

However the former Common Space editor wasn’t the only person to single out the magazine for attack.  Prompted by Haggerty’s initial tweet, Bella Caledonia editor Mike Small waded in, tweeting: “Deeply worrying elements of Yes movement promoting UKIP/far right Syrian propaganda.”

This most recent attack on iScot follows similar attacks on other pro-Yes bloggers. It comes only days after Haggerty posted a bizarre tweet which included cryptic accusations levelled at former blogger GA Ponsonby.  That tweet, which described Ponsonby as “poisonous” and “insidious”, followed another tweet several weeks ago where she claimed Ponsonby was obsessed with her.

“Do you think this crazily-obsessed-with-me middle aged guy realises that: A.) That’s just fucking weird dude B.) By his *own logic*, he’s spent the last couple of days doing nothing but “promoting” me by endlessly tweeting and writing articles? Gotta love the internet.”

Others to have faced the wrath of the former Common Space Editor include Wings Over Scotland editor Stuart Campbell.  In a tweet posted in 2017, Campbell was compared to the disgusting misogynist ‘Brian Spanner’.

The attack on Campbell followed news that the blogger had initiated legal action against the then leader of Scottish Labour Kezia Dugdale after the MSP had accused Campbell of homophobia.

Also targeted during the same period was SNP MP Mhairi Black after the MP ‘liked’ tweets from Yessers who had defended Campbell’s action.

iScot is currently the only independently published monthly pro-independence hard-copy magazine.  It regularly features articles written by former Herald journalist Robbie Dinwoodie and Wee Ginger Dug blogger Paul Kavanagh.  The magazine is currently running a subscription drive.

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10 thoughts on “iScot magazine targeted by rivals in social media attack

    1. Willie John

      “…we all know she is desperate to be the figurehead of Rise !”

      Is she? Or is she a closet unionist? It sometimes appears that way.

  1. Gavin C Barrie

    Maybe Haggerty’s ego is confusing her logic. Add in her odd off the shoulder black dress appearance on STV’s Scotland Tonight programme. Bizarre.

    I’ve now stopped buying the Sunday Herald. Stopped the Herald pre 2014.

  2. Jas

    It’s obvious that she belongs to that middle-class/hipster contingent that’s still in love with The Labour Party. They’d do anything to turn back the clock to when the Big Beasts ruled Ye Olde Empire. Their middle-class noses are always put out of joint by genuine working-class banter. I’ve known people like her. They always land the cushy jobs by keeping their noses clean, by towing the line with middle-class consensus. They might spout that they’re pro-Indy, but deep down they dream of Jeremy PM.

  3. Sam

    Regularily attacking the best of the Yes movements bloggers. The Unionist media’s favourite representative of Yes social media.

    Pretty obvious isn’t it.

  4. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Haggerty and Small are jealous of WoS and iScots success and popularity.

    Compare readership and fundraisers.

    Haggerty needs The Union as the antithesis of her Celtic Identity, in an Indy Scotland she’d need to find a new nemesis.

    Haggert is a Labour cheerleader and the type to stand as a Red Tory candidate up here.

  5. Mark

    I really had high hopes for Mr Small when BC started. It was worth supporting and engaging with. Times long past, sadly. As to Haggerty…can’t ever be trusted.

  6. Big Jock

    The problem with both Small and Haggerty. Is that they view independence through their own narrow perspective. To me independence is not left or right or in the middle. Independence is just a desire for an independent state.

    They want to know the shape of independence before it’s actually happened. The shape can only be formed after we get independence. It’s not up to them to dictate terms or become the thought police for a movement. The problem for the left in Scotland through history is that they end up killing themselves by picking the wrong fight and the wrong enemy.

    The enemy is not right or left it’s those who never want Scotland to be free. I am left leaning but I know plenty of nationalists who are for the monarchy and not what you would call altruistic in outlook. However that only matters when we are actually voting for a party in an independent Scotland. Picking fights with fellow nationalists because they don’t follow your creed on social justice is narrow minded and selfish.

    Independence doesn’t belong to a party or creed , it belongs to everyone.

    Stop telling people what to think Angela!

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