Interview with former Catalan President Artur Mas

The following interview with former Catalan President Artur Mas was broadcast by BBC Radio Scotland on April 19th, 2018.  The pre-recorded interview was conducted by Good Morning Scotland presenter Hayley Millar.


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2 thoughts on “Interview with former Catalan President Artur Mas

  1. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Listening to this interview there are two very telling things:

    1. Haley Miller testing the water for BritNat Establishment doing the same to Scottish Indy Ref 2 as Rajoy did to Catalunya’s

    2. Artur Mas could be talking about the Scottish Indy Movement (especially the “absence of violence” comment)

    3. If a Government with a legal and democratic mandate to hold an Independence Referendum is refused permission to hold said referendum you then hold elections instead

    If you gain an overall majority in favour of independence you then crack on with becoming an independent nation state

    So if Westminster don’t recognise a Yes Vote in a plebiscite (either with or without WM consent) it is next WM election “majority return of Pro Indy Parties = Indy” a one policy campaign (the polar opposite of the recent Tory Party in Scotland’s “No Surrender to Referendums”.

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