Informative Video: Brexit and Scotland’s Future

The following is the first of what I hope to be a series of short informative videos about the urgency of Scottish independence. Please feel free to share widely, and I would deeply appreciate any feedback in the comments section.


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8 thoughts on “Informative Video: Brexit and Scotland’s Future

  1. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Very good Job Mark.

    Any chance of a couple of 5 minute ones (short, sharp, punchy and with memorable stats) on the following?

    1. Fishing (UK vs EU vs EFTA in regards to quotas, processing and exports).

    2. Farming (UK vs EU vs EFTA in regards to subsidies, standards and exports).

    3. UK vs EU in regards to Infrastructure Grants/investment for roads etc. especially in remote areas like the Highlands and Islands

    4. Pensions UK vs EU vs EFTA

    5. NHS Scotland vs NHS England (privatisation by the back door and subsequent reductions to Barnett Consequencials)

    6. EU Freedom of Movement vs EFTA Schengen vs Isolationist UK Positions (in regards to transient labour, skilled labour, NHS Workers, Erasmus students, holiday makers etc.)

    Keep up the great work and thanks a million for your support to our cause.

  2. Bruce MacDougall

    Any chance of getting this shown on RT TV, and in High Schools and Universities. This is too important just to be on Facebook Indy sites, where you are telling the already converted.


  3. Isabel Cooney

    Very informative and pulls no punches. Thanks. I’ll keep a lookout for the next issue. This should actually be shown on our TV channels but unfortunately there’s no way that’ll happen.

  4. Tony roz

    Brilliant, covered the subject thoroughly, with the perfect level of facts and figures. Good job!

  5. Robert Graham

    it’s way past time we stopped hitting our heads against this english wall it aint working , how many bloody times do we continue this pointless exercise.

    Stop any kind of cooperation with the BBC they are not and as long as they exist never will be our friends .

    Tell westminster what we now intend to do , we dont need permission just a simple majority even Thatcher acknowledged that one , so stop wasting time pissing about they aint listening , they are running down a clock that won’t benefit us only them.

    F-OFF do we need to make it any clearer .

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