#indyref2 – Not if, but when!

To ask whether there will be another independence referendum, as Wings Over Scotland does, is to ask the wrong question. There most definitely will be another referendum on the matter of Scotland’s constitutional status. It is a matter which simply cannot remain unresolved. And a referendum is, if not the only way to resolve it, then certainly the most obvious and best preferred way.

There was always going to be another independence referendum. The pertinent question is what effect, if any, the result of the EU referendum has on the form and timing of Scotland’s next constitutional plebiscite. The answer to that question, however, remains that nobody knows. Or, to be more precise, nobody knows with any certainty. Any assessment of the impact of the EU referendum outcome on #indyref2 is necessarily hedged around with caveats and conditions. Not least, the question of whether Article 50 will actually be invoked.

In a sense, it doesn’t matter. We know that there will be another referendum. So we have to prepare for it. And there is much that we can do in that regard which is independent of the complexities and uncertainties of UK/EU situation.

What effect does the EU vote and its aftermath have on the independence movement? Who can sensibly dispute that it makes it easier to argue the case for bringing our government home.

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2 thoughts on “#indyref2 – Not if, but when!

  1. Dan Huil

    What about the effect on the independence movement when the new Westminster PM takes charge – whoever she is? Either will be good for us since both exhibit the usual London-centric arrogance and ignorance when commenting on Scotland’s affairs.

  2. Al

    From the context it is clear that Wings means “Will there be a second indyref [soon as a direct consequence of Brexit]?” not “Will there be a second indyref [ever]?”. You are both basically saying the same thing.

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