Indyref2 is not a bargaining chip says Patrick Harvie

harvie-bbcScottish Green backing for a second independence referendum in the light of the Brexit vote will not be used as leverage against the Scottish government, Patrick Harvie has confirmed.

The co-convenor of Holyrood’s fourth largest party said any such attempt would be “unethical”.

The MSP was being interviewed on BBC Scotland when he was pressed on the possibility of offering conditional support to the Scottish government to hold a second independence referendum.  Dismissing the idea out of hand Harvie insisted his party would not jettison a policy both the Scottish Greens and the SNP both agreed on.

He told Gordon Brewer: “I think it would be quite wrong for any political party to use the fact of minority government simply to start playing games like that.

“I’m not going to trade off a policy we agree with in exchange for completely separate issues.”

Despite being repeatedly invited to say the Scottish Greens might threaten to block any Indyref2 bill, Harvie refused to comply with what appeared to be an agenda being pursued by the BBC man.

Repeating his earlier dismissal of Brewer’s suggestion he said: “The idea of Scotland becoming independent is absolutely a means to an end, a means of achieving the fairer Scotland we would be more able to deliver with the powers of independence.

“It’s not a bargaining chip to be put across the table in exchange for separate issues.”

Asked why not, the Scottish Greens MSP replied: “Because I think that would be an entirely unethical way to do politics.”

With SNP representation at Holyrood (63 MSPs) exceeding total combined Unionist representation (59 MSPs), the support of the Scottish Greens is not strictly required in order for a majority vote in favour of a second independence referendum.  However Scottish Green backing would strengthen arguments against Unionist claims of there being no mandate.

Scottish Labour deputy leader Alex Rowley has already signalled he would not block moves to hold a second independence referendum.

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5 thoughts on “Indyref2 is not a bargaining chip says Patrick Harvie

  1. Greg Hardy

    If only all politicians were like Patrick and Nicola we would all be in a better place. They both show that they hold the moral and ethical high ground unlike the BBC and the Tory government.

  2. Brenda Bleackley

    I suggest you remove paragraph beginning “Despite being repeatedly invited to say..” as this BBC bias/blame could sour potential new yes supporters.

    Be mindful.

    1. Ian

      I like your point and your call to be mindful. Well said.

      I listened to the whole interview. There was an a definite agenda from Gordon Brewer. It felt like he was hunting very hard for a wedge to drive between the SNP and Greens about the referendum. Patrick Harvie was very good, very clear, very principled. This rigorous style of interviewing is absolutely fine, but the problem comes when it so different to the cuddly tones adopted for the other side of the debate.

      I like the fact the GAP gives us the interview (the source) to make our own judgement. So I guess, while I like your call for mindfulness, I think the GAP has done enough to justify saying what he said.

  3. Robert Graham

    well done Patrick Harvey despite repeated and sometimes embarrassing prompts by Brewer he stood his ground and if i may say managed to recover ground lost by voting against the SNP recently he couldn’t have been clearer to Brewer who wouldn’t take no for an answer , respect restored Mr Harvey .

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