I just want independence

On Sunday I was made aware of a tweet by Kevin Williamson who, as far as I know, still serves on the so-called ‘Advisory Board’ of Bella Caledonia.

Williamson posted the following message on the social media platform.

Look 4ward to apologies from SNP bloggers @jameskelly @WingsScotland @GAPonsonby etc for clueless articles they wrote about tactical voting.

The apparent expectation of an apology was prompted by an article in the Sunday Herald.  The article highlighted a report that readers were told had concluded that voting for the Scottish Greens in 2016 didn’t help Unionists or harm the SNP.

I haven’t read the article.  The report it cites may or may not conclude what the newspaper says.  There may or may not be evidence to back up The Sunday Herald’s headline.

To be honest I’m not really that bothered.  Mostly because the articles Williamson described as “clueless” [and for which he is expecting an apology] weren’t based on the electoral claims of the Scottish Greens, but on a dishonest tactical-voting ruse promoted by supporters of a divisive group of radical glory hunters who fed on the embers of the 2014 Yes campaign.  Below is a tweet from April 2016 that should serve as a reminder of the kind of stuff they were claiming.

I never once attacked the Scottish Greens.  My argument was always that they were an established party of many years and had earned the right to challenge the SNP for pro-indy votes.  Indeed If you read the short excerpt from an article I wrote in April 2016 it makes clear my concern was for all established pro-independence parties.  My issue was with RISE and it’s promoters who were insisting the voting system could be gamed.

Those behind RISE appear not to appreciate the gift they are to the pro-Union media.  There’s a delusion running through the alliance that seems impervious to argument.  Even their ‘new media’ backers fail to grasp the idiocy of setting up a new party which will rely on taking votes from established pro-independence parties in order to succeed.

The day after the Holyrood result I wrote another article in which I said:

Had RISE been more successful in its quest for pro-indy votes, we might not have seen the Scottish Greens make these gains.  The Yes campaign avoided a nightmare scenario.

The dishonest campaign promoted by supporters of RISE had the potential to split the pro-independence vote.  They were called out by myself and others.

The kind of revisionism that Williamson is indulging in is exactly the kind that Richard Walker displayed when he attacked critics of Bella Caledonia, Common Space and The Sunday Herald in a recent speech.

Supporters of RISE have never once acknowledged their campaign targeting the SNP Second Vote was naïve and dishonest.  They never will.  Instead they have become the independence movement’s equivalent of the Scottish Labour Party.  Constantly sniping at the SNP and blaming the party for all manner of things.  These psuedo-intellectual snobs are racked with a bitterness borne of the realisation that they are, in reality, no more significant than the handful of amateur bloggers who exposed them.

I once tweeted that I was insignificant and happy to be so.  That’s because I’ve always appreciated that independence is more important than a part-time writer like me – or ‘SNP Blogger’ as Williamson would have it [I’ve never been a member of the SNP].

I contribute what I can in my spare time, but I always try to ensure that my contributions aren’t harmful to the wider Yes movement.  Those who follow my writings know that I have relentlessly pursued, not another pro-Yes group, but the British State Broadcaster.

Unlike some who now use the Yes movement to pursue their own agenda, I have no desire to be the new Yes messiah.  I don’t feel the need to constantly tell the Yes movement where it went wrong in 2014.  I’ll leave it to Unionists to snipe at the SNP.  I don’t want to be acknowledged as a revolutionary radical thinker.  I can get by without being accepted by the intellectual commentariat.

I write my articles, mostly scrutinising the BBC, and am happy to do so for nothing.

The only thing that matters is independence.  That’s my agenda.  I won’t apologise for it or for exposing those whose egos have the potential to damage the Yes movement.

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16 thoughts on “I just want independence

  1. Andy McKirdy

    Well said GAP.
    As many have said on here and on other sites many times people like Williamson have their own agendas which trump independence every time, I would even put Harvie in that group as I’m convinced that if push came to shove and he was offered his green agenda in return for siding with the union he would take.
    Your right in the declaration that independence is the only agenda and it’s not rocket science to see that without it nothing else follows, or is that rocket science????

    1. Bugger le Panda

      Yes re. some GP members although it would a hypothetical near impossibility for it to he offered, deliverable or believable except to a dyed in the wool Federeralist.

      My membership of the SNP dates from the hours after the 2014 Indy Ref result.

      I broke a lifetime political philosophy of not being a member of any political party.

      I did so because I had become 100% convinced that independence for Scotland was vital for our democracy and cultural survival.

      The SNP has independence for Scotland are its core value and fashions all its policies around that, no ifs but or maybes.

      Other Parties have other core values to which independence would be an aid. A sort of bolt-on.

      Independence first and that means the SNP,SNP and SNP.

      After Indie, all bets are off and I am for a mosaic N European style of parliamentary democracy but with all political parties buying into the sovereignty of the People of Scotland with an Oath to truth.


      Maybe but, a necessary target to set ourselves

  2. East Neuker

    Small and Williamson are a pair of self regarding, patronising, divisive pseudo intellectuals who don’t appear to be able to see the wood from the trees, IE that as you say independence must come first, and then they will be able to pursue their aims and fight for vote share on a level Scottish stage.
    There has, at times, been some good stuff in Bella, but the editorial attitude is precious, thin skinned and factional.
    I have tried arguing reasonably against their line, and did so on the issue of tactical voting, in their comments section. I was informed rather petulantly by Small that I would be happier reading other websites.
    I took his advice.
    Keep up with what you are doing, it’s good. I’m not an SNP member either, but independence is the essential first step towards trying to build a new politics.

  3. Hugh Wallace

    GAP, I take exception to one thing in your article:

    “These psuedo-intellectual snobs are racked with a bitterness borne of the realisation that they are, in reality, no more significant than the handful of amateur bloggers who exposed them.”

    These psuedo-intellectual snobs are less significant than many of the amateur bloggers, yourself well and truly included, and that is what galls them.

    I am getting less and less patient with the noises coming from that sector of Scottish politics as they busily argue over how they are going to rearrange the furniture in the house we haven’t bought yet. Not only that, but advocating that the iScotland house is furnished by the latest (over-priced) designer sofas when we might only have the budget to shop at Ikea (or another thoroughly solid brand which will do the job but might not impress the Jones’ from next door) is getting a tad ahead of themselves.

    They are playing fantasy politics with real consequences.

  4. Clydebuilt

    Does the Sunday Herald pose a bigger threat to Scottish Independence than the Express or the Daily Mail

  5. Proud Cybernat

    Well said, Mr Ponsonby. Your blog here is one I regularly read for its razor-sharp and meticulous dissection of BBC nonsense–an absolute MUST if we are to blunt London’s weapon of choice against the people of Scotland. Keep up the great work.

    Oh and – Spot the Difference:

    BBC MIS-Reporting Scotland

    BBC MI5-Reporting Scotland

  6. Geejay

    First class article, first class comments. RISE, Small and other fellow travellers remind me of student “radicals” in the 70’s when they were attacking everyone and anything for not being as left as they were (in a holier than thou way) and expecting the overthrow of the whole British State, Monarchy, moneybags, the lot in a sort of bloodless Bolshevik revolution that was as inevitable as it was imminent. Wonder how that went?

    @Proud Cybernat – no difference. Of course I have no evidence, but it seems inconceivable to me that the security services are not involved in some way to undermine this existential threat to the British State.

    1. Jams O'Donnell

      That’s my thinking too. If MI5/6 were to infiltrate the Independence movement, Bella Caledonia shows exactly how it would be done.

  7. Robert Roddick

    This trend has concerned me for some time. Please do not dignify their postings by referring to them as intellectuals. That, they they most certainly are not.

  8. Col

    I’m very open to radical ideas for a newly independent Scotland but I find myself put off even listening to certain folk and organisations, political parties etc.
    Doing the unionist parties work for them is so clearly against the interests of the independence movement and what should be their goal.
    It’s only by unshackling Scotland and taking back the powers that Westminster fights so hard to keep that we will have any chance of seeing what any of these groups wish to be the case.

  9. Col

    We could wake up on independence day and certain folk will find that no one is listening anymore. They may not be doing their cause any good by behaving the way they are. Just a thought.

  10. David MacGille-Mhuire

    Small, Williamson, Boyd, Haggerty and sundry others seem to have their own parasite agenda.

    Smell of the Brit 77 Brigade seems to waft from them and their cohorts in their divide and rule tactics: All auld hackneyed BritIntel stuff continuously recycled and to which decent folk repeatedly seem to fall for in their honest lack of knowing.

    Rule of thumb, never trust a Trot or a pseudo-anarchist (nor their Brit paymasters bunging their pockets).

    This said with respect to genuine Trotskyites and genuine anarchists in GCHQ:)

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