Huge pro-Indy march a possible ‘threat’ to SNP says BBC Scotland presenter

A huge march in support of Scottish independence could be a threat to the SNP, a BBC Scotland presenter has said.

Gordon Brewer made the claim during a live discussion on the Sunday Politics Scotland programme.

Speaking to journalist Paul Hutcheon, the presenter said: “A few years ago if you had a demonstration like that in Glasgow for independence the SNP leadership would have said ‘oh this is absolutely fantastic’.

“It’s not quite so clear now.  In a way it’s almost a threat to them because there does seem to be this feeling among a lot of Yes supporters that they’re not getting what they want and it’s the SNP that’s holding it up.”

The claim came one day after a huge rally in Glasgow witnessed tens of thousands of people march in support of Scottish independence.  The march attracted anywhere between forty and ninety thousand people.

Brewer’s comments formed part of a wider studio discussion on the march.  The discussion, which included pro-Union commentator Katie Grant, witnessed a string of barbed comments aimed at marchers and the SNP.

Paul Hutcheon, a journalist with The Herald newspaper argued that there were “fractures emerging” between the SNP and the wider Yes movemement.

Mr Hutcheon’s own article, which featured on the front page of the Sunday Herald and was widely criticised by Yes supporters, was plugged by the programme.

Claims of a split between the Yes movement and the SNP were at odds with images from the march which showed several senior SNP figures taking part.  Among those present included MSP Sandra White and MPs Joanna Cherry and Philippa Whitford.


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21 thoughts on “Huge pro-Indy march a possible ‘threat’ to SNP says BBC Scotland presenter

  1. Aikenheed

    The above picture isn’t Gordon Brewer, it’s Harry Enfield doing his tory boy personna.

  2. john

    Sunday Herald under new management , the thinking has changed , watch now for it being another stick to beat the SNP with . As for Brewer , he is an establishment stooge , he will beat the Unionist drum to whatever tune he is given !

  3. Lorraine

    Utter nonsense, there’s no cracks Saturday wasn’t SNP organised. It was the people of Scotland showing Westminster there’s a huge appetite for independence. These scare stories are to try and split a strong growing movement.

  4. Bill McDermott

    Katie Grant was just gratuitous with her comments, so much so that she had to be continually corrected by Brewer, so that the unionist attacks wouldn’t be too obvious.

    It is clear that BBC Scotland is not fit for purpose. I watch plenty of American political stuff and their journalists put ours to shame.

  5. Greig12

    Was Katie Grant getting paid for havering that shite?

    Their rationale along with their excuses is getting noticeably thinner, alongside their already struggling credibility.

    Unlike the normal throw things at the telly reaction this programme routinely provokes in me, I found watching them doing their grasping at straws thing, quite amusing.

  6. James Coll

    Bizarre. Shame the state broadcaster has no journalists to do a bit of clear thinking and fact checking. I wasn’t there myself but saw many pictures of senior SNP people. Did they not?

  7. Collin

    The Unionist media have no credability left at all. They do not have one coherent argument for Scotland to remain in this toxic union.
    Is this a new desperate tactic trying to divide and conquer. They know the yes movement is growing, they know the yes movement is informed and they are running scared! The yes movement and the SNP will never be at odds over independence nor will the people of Scotland who have their eyes open.
    The media in this country should be thoughroughly ashamed!!! You do your country and yourselves a great disservice with your outright bias.
    Journalistic integrity is a thing of the past it seems.

  8. Kenny Higgins

    What an absolute fool katy Grant is: suggests the SNP organised the march and that attendance was grossly exaggerated – Then she says it was just .a localised march – people were in Glasgow for the day hinting that they just popped along – 90,000 is no small number, the BBC just don’t get it and are always looking for numpty journalists to smear and ridicule anything that is Indy orientated. Such was the gross mis-representation, Gordon Brewer actually had to correct her several times – it made little difference as she continued to waffle her way through her nonsensical contribution. Where do BBC find these people??

  9. Dan Huil

    Glad I don’t buy the Sunday Herald any more. It and the Britnat media, especially the rancid bbc, are desperate to sow discord amongst indy supporters. Nae chance! After many years of deliberate misreporting, pro-indy supporters know just how rotten and anti-Scottish the britnat media is.

    Boycott all britnat media.

  10. John Lafferty

    I have told my paper boy to stop my copy of the Sunday Herald. I was and continue to be disgusted by its coverage of the independence rally on Saturday, that l was part of. For more than a year l have disagreed with facebook friends who insist the SH is now taking an anti independence stance, but Sunday’s edition proved to me just how wrong l have been.

  11. Davy

    I actually just watched a recording of the politics show this morning, and it did appear to be quite the little “love in” between Brewer and his two guests. Their was not one positive comment about the march from either of them, but plenty of negative ones.

    MSM journalism at its best.

  12. mike d

    Who cares what lies the ebc or msm has to say about Scottish independence or the snp. I never watch /listen to them or buy their rags. Keep marching, spreading the truth and voting Snp till we get OUR country back.

  13. Bobp

    There were obviously thousands of people at the indy march who hadn’t participated before. Their family and friends would have heard them saying how fantastic the crowd and atmosphere was. They would have watched the news that night and scanned the “newspaper” headlines to see for themselves, and thought wtf was that lying non coverage all about . Another couple of hundred thousand people have just had their eyes opened. Result!.

  14. Robert Graham

    Please forgive me for not watching the clip that has been shown

    Seen it all before only the actors change

    But the message remains the same it was bollocks the first time and it hasn’t improved with over use and by christ hasn’t it been flogged to death .

    The bint with the -eh- accent knows as much about scotland and its politics as my Cat .

  15. johnny rudkin j

    I stopped watching david dumblby and his anti scottish show question time,with his hand picked anti scotland guests, I have not watched question time for over 18 months, thursday nights is quite peaceful now and my tv is a lot safer from being smashed,sundays scottish politics program was one of the worst brewer has put on so far, his hatred for scotland and the snp pores out of him, and his guests joined in with brewer in tearing scotland and their huge march in glasgow to bits, the herald guy was just saving his job, but the bile from katie grant just shows her lower class and lack of humanity, brewers show is another one off my list of must watch in future.

  16. Jason Smoothpiece

    The march was not organised by the SNP but most of the marchers were pro SNP evidenced by the banners and badges.

    No one, not even the BBC, believe the march was a threat to the only party which can take Scotland to Independence.

    The broadcasters and the media are being laughed at daily.

    They have pushed the anti Scottish message too far and too hard. I work with some unionist types even they now joke about the anti SNP anti Scottish rubbish from the regimes media.

    They have been found out, time to stop.

  17. Reider O'Doom

    The very last comment in the clip, “the march yesterday… is a sign of those divisions”.

    Just, wow.

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