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Holyrood Brexit vote described as “meaningless” by BBC Scotland reporter – Towards Indyref2…

Holyrood Brexit vote described as “meaningless” by BBC Scotland reporter

A BBC Scotland reporter has provoked anger after dismissing a key Brexit vote in the Scottish parliament as “meaningless”.

Andrew Kerr made the comment on the Politics Scotland programme where he was describing the anticipated coming together of the SNP, Labour, Greens and Lib Dems against Theresa May’s Brexit plan.

Responding to colleague Gordon Brewer, who had dismissed Holyrood saying it didn’t matter how MSPs voted, Kerr aimed a jibe at the Scottish parliament saying: “We’re having the meaningful vote on Tuesday at Westminster and [the Holyrood vote] has been dubbed by some critics, particularly the Conservatives, as the meaningless vote.”

Social media users hit out at what they saw as disrespect towards their own parliament by the two BBC Scotland colleagues.

One said: “This is the normal approach for the BBC. Utterly disgusting”

Another added: “Framing by Brewer at the top of the item is followed by Kerr’s perfect positioning of a Conservative soundbite. That’s the BBC in Scotland’s way of winning back trust there.”

The vote, whilst not having any power beyond the Scottish parliament, represents its will.  The SNP has argued that Scotland’s voice should be heard in the Brexit negotiations and have urged Theresa May to ditch her current plan.

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13 thoughts on “Holyrood Brexit vote described as “meaningless” by BBC Scotland reporter

  1. Alan Johnson

    We hardly need more proof, but it does reinforce the extent to which BBC Scotland, and the BBC in general, has become the mouthpiece of the Tory government, which is unelected in Scotland, and does not represent Scottish interests.

  2. John

    Absolutely disgusting to see our parliament being made a fool of by so called political experts . Nothing but unionist mouthpieces

  3. bringiton

    They are doing the independence movement a great favour.
    Exposing the fact that Scots have no say on what happens to Scotland in the future.
    Isn’t that what the majority of Scots want?
    Scotland no more?

  4. Jockanese Wind Talker

    It is ‘The Cringe’.

    If it wasn’t decided by England or at worst Britain then is is “meaningless”, “worthless” etc. for those suffering from Extreme Jockholm Syndrome.

    The Right Wing Neo-Fascist playbook says it won’t be long now until all things Scottish including the people are “cockroaches” as per Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines in 90s Rwanda.


    the Sovereign Scots People openly called sub-human or untermensch.

    That is what a Right Wing Neo-Fascist Propaganda Service is for.

    The BritNat Broadcasting Corporation is the Right Wing Neo-Fascist Westminster Regimes propaganda wing.

  5. Brian McGowan

    BBC Reporters repeating cheap jibes by Tories – at best undignified, at worst a display of bias.

  6. JohnW

    They are not listening or do they even care if criticism exists , I doubt it , they are a law unto the BBC , SNP bad is the message to get out and they do it with gusto !

  7. Robert Peffers

    Wake up people. The facts are there before your eyes and you refuse to see them. The United Kingdom is exactly what it says it is, “On The Tin”.

    It is a Treaty of Union between ONLY two equally sovereign kingdoms. Yet the equally sovereign Kingdom of Scotland is not only relegated to the same level as a country, that like Wales and Ireland, were kingdom/country of England military conquests long before the Treaty of Union.

    Yet the Westminster Parliament claims sovereignty over the COUNTRIES of England, Scotland, Wales and N.I. While claiming to be the Parliament of the United KINGDOM.

    However, Westminster is the de facto parliament of the COUNTRY of England and uses EVEL to prevent all others from interfering in what Westminster claims as ENGLAND ONLY business and has, “devolved”, some of Westminster’s powers to four dominated, (a.k.a. dominions), regions of Westminster sovereign rule.

    Thing is, Westminster is legally a bipartite United Kingdom and not a quadratic partnership of a master country and three subservient dominions and the irony is that there has been neither an actual parliament of either the kingdom nor the country of England since 30 April 1707.

    Is the entire population of this misnamed United Kingdom blind, deaf, dumb and stupid that they put up with the assumed claims of Westminster to have sovereign powers over every part of the United Kingdom?

    The Treaty of Union says otherwise and that means the Treaty has been broken since 1 May 1707.

  8. bringiton

    Since the “Scottish” case has now been given some oxygen by HM press it looks like a possibility that they may be heading for a Hotel Caledonia Brexit.
    I.E. NO Brexit as per the wishes of the voters in Caledonia.
    That will shut them up.

  9. Clydebuilt

    It’s up there with Glen Campbell sitting on the steps of Holyrood ripping up the SNP’s manifesto.

    And loads of other BBC Shortbread broadcasts.

  10. Brian Powell

    In one aspect they are unintentionally correct. Labour and the LibDems have said categorically, they won’t support Independence, so their votes are irrelevant.
    The Tories simply need to say to them, “Yeah, so what you going to do about it? Nothing!”.
    The Tories geldings.

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