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Herald journalist claims elements of SNP want Indyref2 now … at any cost – Towards Indyref2…

Herald journalist claims elements of SNP want Indyref2 now … at any cost

A journalist at The Herald newspaper has claimed that elements of the SNP want a second independence referendum “now at any cost”.

Speaking on the BBC’s Weekend Good Morning Scotland programme, Marianne Taylor was asked about Nicola Sturgeon’s keynote conference speech.

The journalist said the SNP leader was trying to “balance up two competing sides” within her party.  She said: “She’s trying to refocus the independence case and she’s trying to persuade this element of her party that wants an independence referendum now, at any cost, she’s trying to hold them off a bit.”


The journalist gave no evidence to justify her claim that there are elements within the SNP actively calling for an immediate independence referendum regardless of the cost of such a ballot.

Claims of splits between the First Minister and wider elements of the independence movement, including some party colleagues, over the timing of Indyref2 have been reported by journalists and reporters within Scotland’s pro-Union main stream media over the last few days.  The claims coincided with the SNP Spring Conference being held in Aberdeen.

However actual evidence of splits amongst Yessers over the timing of a second referendum has been thin on the ground with journalists and media commentators relying on vox-pops at marches and a loose interpretation of comments from candidates at the recent SNP Deputy Leader contest.

The BBC’s Scotland Editor Sarah Smith recently claimed so-called “true believers” believed they could win a second Indyref “tomorrow” and that they want a second referendum “as early as possible”.

The claim that a significant number of the Yes movement disagree with the SNP leader and want a second referendum as soon as possible was also made by Smith’s colleague Andrew Kerr on the day the SNP conference began.  Kerr told BBC Scotland colleague Gary Robertson that recent marches attended by tens of thousands of people had been set up specifically for that purpose.


The All Under One Banner marches are not, as claimed by the BBC Scotland reporter, designed to demand a second independence referendum, but are, according to the group’s own Facebook page, merely a vehicle for those supporting independence to publicly come together.  The Fcebook page states the group’s aim is “To host Public Processions in support of Scotland’s Independence, Marching All Under One Banner; Open to everyone who Desires an Independent Nation.”

Despite what many in the main stream media might say, there is broad agreement within the Yes movement that Nicola Sturgeon is correct to wait until Brexit negotiations become clearer before deciding when to hold a second Indyref.  There is also however a strong feeling that the mandate won by the SNP in the 2016 Holyrood election, to hold Indyref2 should Scotland be taken out of the EU against the nation’s wishes, be used within the lifetime of this parliament.

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13 thoughts on “Herald journalist claims elements of SNP want Indyref2 now … at any cost

  1. Independent Woman

    Yes I want a second referendum as soon as possible. I want Independence as soon as possible. However, I interpret ‘as soon as possible’ as ‘as soon as the wider Independence movement are as sure as we can be of winning a second referendum’. Sarah Smith et al are outdoing themselves in stupidity these days.

    1. Scott Cameron

      Spot on. We need to choose the timing that is right and gives us the best chance of winning. Jumping the gun could put the movement back for a long time

    2. stewartb

      I don’t regard Ms Smith et al as in any way ‘stupid’. If we assume that, we risk underestimating them. They have a particular view of the world and of their role in contributing to it – and it is NOT one that sees any need to be objective nor even-handed over Scotland’s independence debate.

  2. John

    Well I suppose if the Scottish BBC and all it’s journo’s keep repeating this supposed split in the SNP membership on timing of the referendum the wider nation might just believe it . Then again , it is the BBC ,the state broadcaster , aided and abetted by the Scottish press , we all know their game is to divide and confuse Scotland . The membership is trusting Nicola rather than that malevolent bunch .
    The SNP membership voted for Keith Brown to run the indyref2 campaign , a candidate who said from the start of the contest we needed to see where Brexit was taking us before a time for the referendum was decided , he won , the membership have spoken !

  3. Robert Graham

    The media in Scotland are pissed because what ever they do ,what ever they push isn’t working and so the divide Ploy is being pushed relentlessly , the useful idiots are being given their moment in the sun , their two minutes of fame because they are being used and most of them dont realise it ,
    Haggarty on Brewers propaganda programme on Sunday was a prime example thats why she is on to assist the Union and not because she is a wonderful investigative Journalist .

    The SNP haven’t wavered from the original message , when the shambles of Brexit becomes clear then and only then will a case be made based on the final deal , its that simple .

    1. John

      Was proud of Roger Mullen , he would not allow Brewer to cut him off mid sentence , we need more of his ilk on these political programs .

  4. Donald anderson

    I don’t want the troops to charge into machine gun fire. Even the Brutish Army does not do that any more and uses more intelligent tactics and logistics. I want Nicola to do it when the time is reasonably ripe to win, or even it cannot be delayed any long for fear of losing momentum. Napoleon said that one bad general is worth four good ones. My trust and confidence is with Nicola’s judgement here.

    1. grizebard

      (I think it was the other way round with Napoleon, Don. “One good general is worth…”)

      Given the apparent current (superficial?) stasis in public opinion, there’s an unavoidable tension about when best to put the inevitable question again. There’s no mystery in that, however much the BBC would like to puff that up into something more.

      We can afford to wait some more, but we can’t afford to wait forever, since other matters are ever more likely to intrude, and every government, even the current excellent Scottish one, has its day. (Hence the full-on media attempt at denigrating it and everything it does.)

      We are still happy to wait until we see the whites of our opponents’ eyes. We’ll make our move then, at a time of our own choosing, not according to Theresa May or the so-called “Scottish” media. And when we do, we’ll do it together.

  5. Jason Smoothpiece

    All sane folk in Scotland want Independence as soon as possible.

    The only way to achieve Independence is by supporting the SNP and trusting in the good judgement of the excellent politicians we have in that party.

    I want the vote for Independence as soon as it is judged we can win.

    I do not think that day is far away as the Tories and Labour struggle with the mess which they have made of the UK.

    Prepare to receive English refugees…in even larger numbers than we have now.

  6. Peter A Bell

    There is a rather glaring contradiction in that last paragraph. We can have a referendum “within the lifetime of this parliament”. Or we can “wait until Brexit negotiations become clearer”. We can’t do both.

    There is never gong to be any more clarity about Brexit than there is now. Anybody who imagines that this is a process which is tending towards clarity really hasn’t been paying attention.

    And how much more clarity do we need, anyway? What is unclear about the fact that Scotland voted 62% Remain? How can there be any Brexit ‘deal’ which negates the will of Scotland’s people?

    There are people in the SNP and the Yes movement who are pressing for the new referendum to be held at the earliest possible time. I am one of them. We have articulated our reasons for avoiding delay. What is missing from the debate is any attempt by those advocating postponement to explain how they propose to deal with the consequences of delay.

    Putting the referendum off until some distant, undefined date is being presented as a consequence free option. It isn’t. Contrary to Nicola Sturgeon’s offensively glib dismissal of the matter on Saturday, the ‘when’ of independence is crucially important.

    1. bjsalba

      “Patience is a virtue,
      Possess it if you can,
      Seldom found in woman,
      Never found in man”

      Sorry, Peter

  7. vagabondo

    Marianne Taylor is a “features” writer who normally writes about shopping, her features are advertorials and gossip. Anything she said has probably been paid for.

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