He is unworthy

Alistair Carmichael attempting to occupy the moral high ground must be one of the great political ironies of our time. Not to mention some of the most sickening hypocrisy. But even if this individual wasn’t a proven liar and inept smear-merchant, he’d still be a simpleton. As would anybody who suggests that a political leader should accept responsibility for the online behaviour of random, and often anonymous, individuals over whom they have no authority.

As ever, the British nationalist mouthpiece makes wild claims about “vicious” abuse, but provides not a single shred of evidence that there ever was any abuse at all. Given his despicable behaviour in the so-called ‘Frenchgate’ affair, it would be surprising if members of the public were not highly critical of him. And it may well be that some expressed their disgust in robust terms. But what reason is there to assume that only SNP members found Carmichael’s conduct repugnant? He offended against standards that are common across society. Is it being suggested that members of the British parties found his behaviour perfectly acceptable?

How can this ‘rule’ regarding responsibility for the actions of unconnected others only apply to the SNP? If there is to be such a rule, surely it must also apply to other party leaders. If he is genuinely concerned about the quality of debate, why is Carmichael not demanding that Dugdale, Davidson and Rennie take responsibility for abusive and threatening remarks made by British nationalist fanatics on social media and the comment sections of hate-mongering British newspapers?

Of course, this has nothing whatever to do with concern for the quality of debate. Being one of those most responsible for corrupting and contaminating political discourse in Scotland, Carmichael can hardly be credible as an arbiter of standards. The British propaganda machine occasionally needs someone to breathe some life into the threadbare myth of “cybernat abuse”. As he awaits his reward for loyal, lying service to the ruling elites of the British state, Carmichael has little else to do but turn tricks for the British media.

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4 thoughts on “He is unworthy

  1. Sandy

    It’s not just suggested that members of the British parties found his behaviour acceptable, the lib dems continue to support this lying buffoon and accept him as a member. They should be called out on this every time they raise their head above the parapet.

  2. Michael

    In terms of proof, I have a screen shot of Eddie Sutherland saying that if he ever saw Alistair “it would be very difficult for me to restrain myself from administering physical violence towards this poor excuse for a human being.” Another where Darron Burt advocates donating towards a “hit”. Derek Liddle made the same suggestion but he had the nice little touch of a gun emoji. Just in case you didn’t get the point. There is critical, which is fine in a democracy, and then there are threats of physical violence and murder which are quite another thing altogether.

    1. lynne

      In terms of proof.there are none of any magnitude that would stand in a court of law regarding online abuse..There are murky forces at work online. But in a Court of law for which Carmicheal was summoned did indeed find him to be an evader of the truth.The crux of the story here is a political artisan ..who is a disgrace to whom he serves.

      1. Michael

        I must be misremembering. I thought that the court cleared Alistair. did I have a stroke or something and miss him being stripped of his seat and them fighting a by-election? how can you honestly say, “oh the proof (which by the way would stand up in court) of harassment, isn’t enough, but the court case which cleared Alistair is proof of his guilt? if your standard of harassment is a court of law, then you must, logically accept, that Alistair did nothing wrong by leaking the memo and saying he didn’t. You simply can’t have it both ways.

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