Green MSP Harvie rebuked for calling Tory MPs ‘idiots’

Scottish Green MSP Patrick Harvie has been rebuked by Holyrood’s Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh for calling two Conservative MPs “expensively educated idiots”.

The decision to publicy chasten the Scottish Green co-convenor came during a debate on the Scottish Parliament’s Continuity Bill.  MSPs were about to vote on whether to allow the Bill to be granted emergency status.

Mr Harvie had sought an intervention from Scottish Conservative MSP Donald Cameron.  His request accepted, the Green MSP began: “Can I assure the member the only people having fun in this situation are expensively educated idiots like Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson.”

The Scottish Green MSP was immedietaly rebuked by the Presiding Officer, who then refused to allow the MSP to continue when, following the rebuke, Harvie retorted – to howls of laughter – that both MPs would receive “the respect they deserve”.

Presiding Officer Macintosh, who replaced outgoing Presiding Officer Tricia Marwick in 2016, hit the headlines on Tuesday after controversially ruling the Scottish Government’s Continuity Bill was outwith the competence of the Scottish Parliament.

The ruling was at odds with that of Scotland’s top law officer, the Lord Advocate, who ruled it was indeed within Holyrood’s competence. The opinion of the Presiding Officer was also at odds with that of his Welsh counterpart who ruled a similar Bill proposed by the Welsh Government was competent.

There has been criticism of Macintosh’s Continuity Bill ruling, with some people highlighting his pro-union leanings and his previous position as a Scottish Labour MSP.  Macintosh is also a signatory to a charter published by the pro-Union group Scotland in Union.  The charter calls on all MSPs to move on from the 2014 independence referendum and work together with the rest of the UK.

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7 thoughts on “Green MSP Harvie rebuked for calling Tory MPs ‘idiots’

  1. Arthur Martin

    PO Macintosh seems to be very selective in the way he deals with members of the Scottish Parliament. Shutting Patrick Harvie down for stating a fact, yet allowing Davidson to continue after ordering the FM to “sit down” and not taking wee Willie Rennie to task for calling the FM a liar.
    Harvie’s remark may have crossed the boundary in respect to the conduct expected from members of the Scottish Parliament, but for the life of me I can’t see how Davidson’s and Rennie’s remarks went unpunished.
    I really feel that Macintosh should consider his position bearing in mind his obvious failures in administering the rules of the house in an impartial and fair manner.

  2. Clydebuilt

    He was voted in by the MSP’s and apparently given a free hand in the running of the parliament

    Is there no adjudication of the Presiding Officer’s performance. Is it left to the sense of “Fair Play” of the individual.

    If Scotland had a better media MacIntosh would be held to account by the court of public opinion. As things are, it’s only FMQ’s audience who will have witnessed the PO’s “Sense of Fair Play” in action.

  3. Scott

    Just a few things from Ruth Davidson that PO let her off with.

    It’s the SNP’s secret Scotland and it STINKS

    FM to “sit down

    called the SNP a shower

    Snide remark about Joan Macalpine accent.

    Its time she was told off but PO wont do it as he has not the bottle time for him to go.

  4. Robert Graham

    If it wasn’t for the numbers that clown wouldn’t be parking his arse in that chair , because it certainly wasn’t the overwhelming support from the voting public .

    Just the same as the Tory desktop thumping rabble who sneaked in the back door by means of our bloody stupid voting system that surprise surprise we can’t change.

  5. Robert Graham

    Oh forgot to congratulate Patrick on a fine closing remark that was heard and appreciated by all in the chamber .

    I believe the only way to remove this labour clown is for the MSPs to raise a no confidence motion , but again it’s all down to the numbers .

    This is the outcome of RISE being used to cut the numbers of SNP MSPs ,
    Remember the lend us your vote SNP Supporters your going to win anyway ,

  6. twathater

    If this TOOL of unionism had any integrity he would resign , but what am I saying he is a liebour trougher who ruled Scotland for decades and BETRAYED every working class person , Liebour have no integrity or shame same as Tolies

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