Good Morning Scotland presenter comes under fire after ‘car crash’ interview

A presenter of BBC Scotland’s flagship morning news programme has come under fire on social media after appearing to lose control whilst interviewing a Scottish government minister.

Gillian Marles was questioning SNP MSP Jamie Hepburn about Scottish government support for Glenrothes based Raytheon Systems.  The interview followed the resurrection of an anti-SNP smear allegation in a Sunday newspaper.

According to the Sunday Mail, the Scottish government wanted to keep a meeting between a minister and Raytheon “under wraps”.  The newspaper article also contained allegations from Scottish Labour MSP Neil Findlay who said: “This is yet another example of the SNP’s ­secretive practices in ­government.”

The Scottish government was also accused of hypocrisy by Scottish Labour for opposing the bombing of civilians in Yemen whilst Scottish Enterprise gave grants to Raytheon.

The smear story was picked up by pro-Union broadcaster BBC Scotland who invited Scottish government minister Jamie Hepburn to answer questions on the flagship radio programme Good Morning Scotland.  However, the interview quickly descended into an embarrassing farce as presenter Gillian Marles became increasingly frustrated.


The extraordinary exchange prompted fury on social media with scores of people accusing Marles of having lost control.

One poster said: “illian Marles in a car crash interview there – but, but, but…butting her head against her own BBC bias windscreen.”

Another added: “That was bad. Possibly the worst BBC interview I’ve heard. Embarrassing to hear. We deserve better, and Jamie Hepburn deserves congratulations for coping so well.”

According to the SNP, grants paid to Raytheon by Scottish enterprise are intended to help the company diversify into non-military areas.  Documents uncovered by Indyref2 appear to back up this claim.

Media attacks on the SNP over its support for Raytheon first emerged in May 2016 when The Herald newspaper ran the story.  The smear was resurrected by the same newspaper in November 2017.

The Daily Record ran a variation of the story again in February this year before its sister paper The Sunday Mail ran the latest version this weekend.

Despite highlighting SNP involvement with Raytheon Systems, BBC Scotland declined to highlight Labour’s involvement with the company which manufactures the Paveway missiles.  Raytheon is a former donor to both the Scottish Labour party and its UK parent party.

The Paveway missile system was awarded to Rytheon’s Glenrothes plant in 2003 when Labour was in government in both Scotland and the UK.  Whilst the bomb’s advance guidance device was to be made by Raytheon Systems Limited (RSL), the fail-safe fuse mechanism was built by Thales Missile Electronics at Basingstoke.

In September last year former Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont lodged a motion praising Thales and wishing it continued success.


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15 thoughts on “Good Morning Scotland presenter comes under fire after ‘car crash’ interview

  1. John

    BBC spreading lies and bias again in only mentioning the SNP and excluding Labour in this witch -hunt , and Gillian Marles , who was becoming more hysterical by the second , blaming the SNP .Marles was making sure the lies were heard far and wide by not allowing any answers from Jamie Hepburn . Time the SNP woke up and started fighting back !

  2. Clydebuilt

    Uh oh . . . . They had another problem this morning…..

    Scotlands Chief Medical officer Catherine Calderwood stood up magnificently to Hayley Millar’s agressive and ill-informed questioning. Demonstrating that there is a justified need for the use of Mesh in some cases of female urinary incontinence.

    In an attempt to pile pressure on our CMO, Johann Lamentable and another female were aired calling for a complete ban. Unfortunately for them and the BBC there is a justified use of Mesh in a small number of.

    That’s two mornings on the trot the states propagandist’s have had big problems at peak audience time. Tough Shit!

    1. John

      I loved the way Catherine Calderwood started and continued by putting a long pause in before answering , making sure the questioning from Millar was slowed down , you could hear Millar was ready to start her SNP baad tirade , don’t know if it was deliberate or the line she was on but it worked . No lessons learned from yesterday by BBC Scotland then , we can perfectly reasonably assume that all this aggressive questioning is well endorsed from the top ! .

  3. winifred McCartney

    More obvious by the day that the Unionists are very very worried – all the useful idiots coming out of the cupboard trying to prove I am better at snp bad than anyone else give me a promotion. Just listen to that ‘interview’ and tell me when if ever a tory was subjected to that level of abuse – not only that when was a tory last asked a pertinent question of any kind – eg bigoted/racist councillors, dark money, arms licenses etc not a chance from the ‘impartial’ bbc.

  4. Robert Graham

    The BBC as a whole have selectively ignored the whole middle east debacle ,Yemen being destroyed by Saudi Arabia with ordinance and munitions supplied by Arms manufacturers with the backing of western governments in order to crush a small country has been largely ignored . Until a swipe at the SNP presented itself cutesy of the unionist media .

    This BBC in Scotland never miss any opportunity to undermine the Scottish Government , they use the public’s obvious ignorance of Devolved & Reserved powers that the Scottish Government are responsible for administering .

    Opposition parties ,all unionist are using this ignorance even in Holyrood they try this ploy to confuse the electorate assisted by the media and the ever present BBC who always forget to correct them ,

    Despite numerous attempts to justify their position this government organisation has lost any credibility of probably more than half of Scottish people , they simply are not trusted to be fair and impartial .

    This latest off the wall quite disgraceful inquisition under the guise of a interview by a presenter who had clearly lost it and actually began screeching and screaming at a invited guest thereby defeating the whole point of the interview this was getting answers from a government minister .

  5. Alasdair Macdonald

    There had been a similar piece of nonsense from Gillian Marples the previous week in relation to the collapse of the bridge in Genoa.

    The manager of the Forth Road Bridges was invited in to give a civil engineer’s view as to why the Italian tragedy might have occurred from an engineering perspective (financial corruption in the construction and maintenance contract is another matter.)

    After providing a plausible explanation of possible physical causes, Ms Marles them said, “One of the Forth Bridges LOOKS LIKE (sic) the Genoa bridge, is it safe?”

    With remarkable courtesy the manager replied that the Forth Bridges were nothing like the Italian bridge and were of a entirely different construction type. He then summarised this and reprised the original construction procedures and subsequent maintenance.

    Ms Marles was clearly trying to create a scare on the basis that since all Bridges cross over things, the Forth Road Bridges might be liable to a collapse similar to that in Genoa.

    She did not pursue her stupid question, nor interrupt. Indeed, her subsequent demeanour seemed to imply that she realised she had shown her incompetence as an interviewer.

    1. John

      Her incompetence and her ignorance , what we have come to expect from the BBC in Scotland . I think the BBC look for a certain kind of patsy when they hire these people , gullable ones that can be easily trained to spout garbage but with no credible knowledge ! .

  6. AndyMcKangry

    As I used to say to the Herald re Diddy Torrance- if they want to pay me half what they pay him, I’ll do a much better job.
    Ditto to BBC re any number of they’re interviewers!!!!!

  7. gregor

    An excruciating hatchet job.

    Rogue state broadcaster BBC has declared all-out war on Scotland.

    We must be winning…

  8. mark

    That is unbelievable. It’s like Bill O’Reilly. Going to shout now…using caps…so sorry…



  9. Marc Roseblade

    Deary me, she just sounded like an angry bitter little human being not getting her own way. Dummies getting chucked out the pram the whole interview.

  10. James Coll

    Am I wrong in assuming that the interview with the (Tory MP?) was pre-recorded and therefore part of the state broadcaster’s agenda? Also, the questions to the expert from a specialist magazine were not just leading, but loaded. The expert appeared to note this and avoided following her line. The ‘mesh implants’ story was clearly yet another ‘planted’ story.

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