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George Kerevan is undoubtedly justified in assuming that the UK Government would not only reject but actively seek to sabotage any arrangement which benefits Scotland both economically and politically. Scotland is, after all, regarded as a threat to the British state. Our increasingly distinctive political culture is the antithesis of the One Nation British Nationalism espoused by Theresa May’s administration. The purpose of the British political establishment is, not to empower that difference, but to eliminate it. The objective is to lock Scotland into an unreformed political union and bring public policy here into line with the rest of the UK (rUK).

Nicola Sturgeon is pursuing a ‘bespoke’ deal for Scotland, not because she considers such a thing to be a realistic prospect, but in order to demonstrate to all concerned the willingness of the Scottish Government to explore all options. And to allow Theresa May to demonstrate her unwillingness to accommodate any interests other than those with which she identifies.

The rather complex set of arrangements suggested by Mr Kerevan are almost certainly feasible. But there is a rather important question missing from his analysis, aside from the ones he asks about whether Scotland could really be in the European Single Market while still being part of the UK, and whether the British state would go along with this. There is the question of whether the EU would accept such a deal. Or, for that matter, Norway.

It is unsurprising that a British nationalist like Theresa May would be so arrogant as to assume that privileged access to the European Single Market is there for the demanding despite the UK renouncing its membership of the EU. But it is disappointing to find indications that someone of George Kerevan’s standing might be tending towards similar presumptuousness.

There are diverse interests involved here besides those of Scotland and rUK. Despite Scotland’s vote in the EU referendum, we cannot take it for granted that either the EU or the rest of the European Economic Area (EEA) will be willing or able to resist the UK Government’s efforts to make a special deal for Scotland impossible.

The UK Government is structurally incapable of representing Scotland’s interests in the world. Only our own government can do that. Given that the Scottish Government is being prevented by a British government that was decisively rejected from doing the job for which it was elected by the people of Scotland, we have to be prepared to take appropriate action. We need to be ready to restore to the Scottish Parliament the power to freely negotiate the terms on which our nation associates with the rest of the world.

We must prepare for independence.

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3 thoughts on “Get ready!

  1. Bugger le Panda

    I think Norway has already said they would want UK / rUK in EEA as it would turn it into their midden and disturb the harmony they have with EU.

  2. AlasdairB

    Theresa May is more personable than Maggie Thatcher & has a better more agile brain, but she shares the same DNA when it comes to intransigence & surrounding herself with a coterie of Yes men.

    She played a blinder to get the PM job & along the way she told some mistruths & displayed a flexible mind & attitude to embrace both leave & remain. In the end game she fired Osborne & played the Boris & Gove debacle to perfection with rewards for two non entities & yesterday’s men ,Fox and Davis; front men with Brexit briefs befitting her fatuous “Brexit means Brexit”. Buffoon Boris was appointed Foreign Secretary as a consolation prize & a means of keeping him on a short lead.

    This Tory Government is struggling to fulfill their Brexit promises and it is now apparent they have no strategy and are making it up as they go along. Nissan is a case in point and an example of their fag packet policy. If whatever has been promised to Nissan is not widely made available to other manufacturers and industries then there’s going to be trouble on an industrial scale.

    Today’s headlines on fisheries & promises of a post Brexit bonanza for Britain’s fisheriesis is seemingly dependent upon exiting the EU & negotiating some form of ‘reciprocal agreement’ with the very same EU which the UK is leaving. The best of luck with that one. It is also being conveniently overlooked that fisheries is a devolved matter and post EU will be returning to Scotland. There will be all hell to pay should Scotland be sidelined or do not play a major part in all fisheries negotiations .

    The city wishes, nay demands special treatment , opt outs , continuation of passporting
    & exclusion from any restrictions involving essential skilled foreign staff. Khan is fighting for the city based banks & financial services. The UK cannot afford to lose the revenues, taxes, labour pool and prestige. A betting man would be placing good money on the city being rewarded. Who in Scotland is actively fighting for exactly these same terms post Brexit for Banks and Financial services based in Edinburgh, Aberdeen & Glasgow ? It’s a dead certainty it’s not Mundell

    Scotland’s Universities & computer gaming industry are world renowned. In addition to attracting some of the brightest & best EU & overseas students our Universities participate in the Erasmus Scheme & are intricately involved in many research programmes which depend on EU funds .The current ongoing scandal of post degree work permits drags on with no end in sight. Brexit or not this must be resolved if we wish to attract the brightest & best & retain them post graduation. With Scotland’s ageing demographics it is imperative that young blood attracted to study in Scotland are courted to stay, work & contribute to our society. All our reasoned questions meet with Westminster’s intransigence & fear of immigration.

    Unlike our southern neighbour we are an open, inclusive & welcoming society. We are certainly not xenophobic or consumed by a hatred of Jonnie Foreigner. Our Government at Holyrood operates on an open basis working under considerable pressure from external forces which see it as their duty to sneer, denigrate and spread misinformation. Unlike our Tory overlords the SNP has a popular mandate to govern in the best interests of the people of Scotland and should Independence be the only alternative to this Brexit omnishambles then so be it. This time we shall not fail.

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