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Fury after newspaper headline calls for ‘Traitor Sturgeon’ beheading – Towards Indyref2…

Fury after newspaper headline calls for ‘Traitor Sturgeon’ beheading

A pro-Union newspaper has been slammed after an article headline appeared to call for First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s execution.

The Telegraph newspaper article called the SNP leader a ‘liar and a traitor’ before proclaiming ‘off with her head’.

The wording of the headline brought condemnation from politicians and other journalists and comes only days after it emerged police were investigating death threats against Ms Sturgeon.

Party colleague Roseanna Cunningham tweeted: “There’s very little point in railing against abuse on social media when the mainstream media sees nothing wrong in this.”

SNP MSP Christina McKelvie tweeted: “disgusting and dangerous…”

Others who criticised the newspaper included Daily Record political editor David Clegg who tweeted: “Mistakes happen online but this is extraordinarily ill judged when the police are investigating death threats.”

The writer of the article, Allison Pearson, only days earlier had claimed Nicola Sturgeon, by announcing an indyref2 vote for Holyrood, had signed her own death warrant.

This weekend the Sunday Herald newspaper revealed that police are investigating death threats made against Scotland’s First Minister.  Scores of threats were posted on social media site Twitter by British Nationalists.

One wrote: “A f**king hate Nicola Sturgeon, wish someone would shoot the daft jock b*****d”

Another said: “the quicker that sturgeon thing is assassinated the better …”

A third tweet read: “I’d like to see Nicola Sturgeon set on fire. The Jimmy Krankie c**t.”

Some of the threats have coincided with what has been described by some people as inflammatory rhetoric by Unionists politicians amid concerns over a second independence referendum.  Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson was recently criticised after she appeared to compare the independence referendum with a civil war.

In a speech to the David Hume Institute in January, the MSP said she did not want Brexit to be used to “start yet another fratricidal conflict”.

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25 thoughts on “Fury after newspaper headline calls for ‘Traitor Sturgeon’ beheading

  1. Mik Johnstone

    enough is enough, this sort of inflammatory headline should be severely dealt with, with a hefty fine, it needs to be stamped out immediately.
    Has the world of msm forgotten about Jo Cox already ?

    1. Fiona Halloran

      Absolutely Mik. Newspapers have gotten away with vile headlines for far too long.
      If this is not dealt with swiftly it will be open day for all anti independence papers

    2. denise level

      unbelievable that the English rag press can get away with defammatory headlines only there to boost their circulation figures.

      1. Munro Ross

        The writer and the editor should be charged with incitement to murder and if found guilty face jail.

    3. Lynda Donaldson

      well said Mik Johnstone. I still think about her and her two beautiful children now living without a mum. The world has gone crazy, so we don’t need such papers printing stuff like that….adding fuel to a very heated debate.

  2. Douglas Whitelaw

    Police Scotland should be addressing this. Allison Pearson has written about violent acts towards Nicola Sturgeon before. This is a direct threat.
    Labour MP Jo Cox is a classic example of hatred fuelled by online comments – resulting in a tragedy.

  3. bringiton

    HM press continues to show how much they respect Scotland and our ELECTED leader.
    The establishment in England don’t appear to be very keen on democracy,suppose that is a Tory thing.

  4. Dan Huil

    Although, it is a sign of how desperate these unionists are. It can only get worse before Scotland regains its independence.

  5. Robert Graham

    The people here who support this fairytale union seem to be under the illusion that they are special and they are really wanted by our next door neighbours , Oh dear at best they are never in the thoughts of most people in the south , our whole country is lumped amongst the Frogs – The Micks – The Poles , What makes them think somehow they are different and valued , i suppose they dont want to face reality and they cling to the usual line of if it wasnt for the SNP we would be doing ok , Aye ok if that makes them happy ,so many delusional people in a Alice in Wonderland existence , who cant bring themselves to face reality . WE DON’T MATTER NEVER HAVE .

  6. Big Jock

    They get round this by claiming to be ironic and sarcastic in the headlines. That’s their get out. However it allows them to peddle their bile which resides below the veneer of respectable opinion. In other words they get their hate message out by ironically reflecting the bam pots in wider society.

    So if challenged they can say:”Not my opinion”.

  7. sheila

    It’s sad that the E nglish press are so afraid that they react like this. They are to be pitied. Hate never won anything. Something that we should all heed.

  8. jim gray

    I am retired and live in France. I voted in the EU referendum,but as a Scot born and bred I cannot vote in the Scottish one?????

  9. Andy Harris

    As a Welshman, I take no position on the whole question, but I thought that headline and the personal abuse in the article was disgraceful and said so several times on the Comments there. Sadly I am outnumbered by people who prefer to insult Ms S for her stature and hair colour rather than discuss the issue.
    The editor has now changed the headline to something marginally less threatening

  10. Scott

    Should the paper and Allison Pearson not be reported to the police for inciting hatred and violence against our First Minister after all was Jo Cox not murdered by a crazy idiot.
    I am not on twitter but do have a look and I think the owners of that site should also be held responsible for allowing it no matter where it comes from or who by.

  11. William ohara

    Both the tabliod and they vile nasty unionist reporter should be charged by the police it is only a matter of time untill our nations emancipation SAOR ALBA tioch fhad ar la

  12. Allan MacDougall

    This is what happens when ignorance poses as arrogant journalism. During Prime Minister’s question time today Even Teresa May was at her ignorant and arrogant best and made a backside of herself in trying to be clever. In response to a suggestion that it was right for Nicola Sturgeon to keep a manifesto commitment May stupidly made a sarcastic comment about the First Minister being in charge of a minority government only to be told that the SNP won a larger percentage of the popular vote in Scotland than the Tories had in England AKA the UK.

  13. David MacGille-Mhuire

    The YouTube Cunt Man diatribe against the Scots, posted on Twitter by WoS as an exemplar of the psychopathic hatred of the Scots by uber Anglo-Brit Yoonatics is but a more vulgar expression of this Der Telegraf incitement by Ms Pearson: Breathtakingly inarticulate in its naked evil, verbal violence, and empathy for and advocacy of fascist physical force solutions.

    However, these two in question are not alone as we can witness in numerous btl MSM reader’s comments on the Unionist media.

    I was assaulted in Tokyo during the first referendum by a random Englishman simply for having a Scots accent and being a “fucking ungrateful Jock bastard”. No other reason was given for this unprovoked assault. He had simply heard me ordering a beer before settling down with my book.

    Thus, I believe, albeit anecdotally, that there is a casual link between hate speech and its physical force manifestation.

    I trust, therefore, that Police Scotland are investigating these incidents in collaboration with other police forces, and that the FM’s security has been tightened in order to prevent another Jo Cox type assassination (God rest her).

  14. Alexander Stevenson

    Frankly, this is a decision for the Scottish people. The other tied nations, like England, Wales and Northern Ireland really have no say in the matter. So let them just sit back and let the Scottish people decide for themselves. No need for nasty comments.

  15. Josh

    I just moved to China and the English expat attitude is the same. I was in a bar and some English people heard my accent and all i got was abuse about how all Scots steal tax money etc. To all the diehard orange unionists out there the English think the same of all Scots so dont think they love you more because you want to be English.

  16. Marjory Stewart Maxwell

    It’s getting a wee bit scary now,seeing the vile vicious threats towards Nicola,and supporters of the SNP,and I’ve been subjected to insults while doing my stint outside our polling station,it just so happened two Labour people were there,one candidate and one Labour member,who were friends of mine,funnily enough they don’t speak to me anymore,we had been friends for years,they never knew I supported SNP,a lesson on how to lose friends without trying

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