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Frigates and Universal Credit … promises, promises – Towards Indyref2…

Frigates and Universal Credit … promises, promises

This article focuses on two issues that have hit the headline recently – Frigates and Universal Credit.  Below are a few video clips that … shall we say … appear to strengthen claims that Conservative politicians cannot be trusted and the Scottish media cannot be trusted to expose them.


Below is a video clip of former Prime Minister David Cameron being questioned on promises made to Scotland during the first independence referendum campaign.  The exchange took place on November 23rd, 2015.  Cameron makes a very clear and unambiguous pledge.

Below is a video of Ruth Davidson in April 2016 repeating the pledge made by Cameron.  Davidson was speaking during the Holyrood election campaign.

On Wednesday October 18th it emerged the Type 31e frigates pledged to the Clydeside yards would not in fact be coming after all.  Below is how Reporting Scotland covered the story [two days after it broke] in all three of its editions on Friday October 20th.

There isn’t one solitary mention of the pledge made by David Cameron in November 2015.  There is no mention of the same pledge made by Ruth Davidson in April 2016.  There is no mention of the 13 Type 26 frigate pledge made by the UK Govt in the run-up to the 2014 independence referendum.

Three editions of Reporting Scotland refused to mention very relevant pledges made by the UK Prime Minister and the leader of the Scottish Conservatives in a news item specifically about the frigates in question.  You have to ask yourself … why?

Universal Credit

Below is a video of Ruth Davidson appearing on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday October 15th and answering a question on the six week waiting time.  Davidson very clearly tells Marr that the six week waiting time has been scrapped by the UK Govt, adding that it is now a maximum of five days.

Six days after Davidson gave her interview the following headline appeared in The Independent.  It was clear that the six week Universal Credit waiting time had not in fact been scrapped.

Did Ruth Davidson lie?  It’s not for me to say.  But it’s unlikely any BBC Scotland reporter, or any journalist for that matter, will seek clarity from Davidson who appears to say and do as she pleases with complete impunity.


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8 thoughts on “Frigates and Universal Credit … promises, promises

  1. Dougie Blackwood

    Is the BBC an arm of the Tory party?

    They beat the drums for the unionist scare stories during the 2014 referendum but they demonised Jeremy Corbyn when he was elected. Now the Tories are exposed as mendacious in almost every word they utter but they are not held to account.

    Could you imagine the stushie if Nicola Sturgeon was found to tell the smallest fib?

  2. Scott

    Re Ruth Davidson
    I have emailed her regarding what she said on the Marr show now that we know the 6 weeks + still stands would she like to correct her statement,no reply yet but it does not surprise me as she never answers,I would like to think the SNP would bring this up in Parliament.

  3. Robert Graham

    A Tory lies , and they Lie without batting an eyelid as Alex Salmond says “its what they do ” its all part of their persona , it comes very easily to them , the media we have never questions what they have previously said , they treat people like they have memory loss .
    Once you figure out what they are it all falls into place , it starts to make sense , Ba/trds every one .

  4. Lochside

    If this frigate farago had happened back in Jimmy Reid’s day, Fallon would have either not shown his smug phizog anywhere near Glasgow or he would have been dragged tarred and feathered through the yards by the workforce. But demonstrating what sheep we have become, in 2017,we have the marines drumming, an English patrician naming the ship and a ‘loyal’ workforce of uncle toms watching blankly.

    As for the BBC…is it not time the SNP challenged thei blatant breaches of their charter i.e its ‘Public Purpose’?

    ‘ To provide impartial news and information to help people understand and
    engage with t he world around them: the BBC should provide duly accurate and
    impartial news, current affairs and factual programming to build people’s
    understanding of all parts of the United Kingdom and of the wider world. Its content
    should be provided to the highest editorial standard’

    Were any of Mr P’s selection worthy of that interpretaion of ‘impartial’?..Aye..only maybe if your name is Rahoy!

  5. millie

    O/T Re NHS Audit

    Shona Robison deserves a medal for her handling of the BBC Radio Scotland GMS interview after 8.00 am this morning.

    She managed to keep her composure and was dignified in the face of a most outrageous, baleful interview.

    It actually came over like an all out attack rather than an interview.

    It did not show the BBC in Scotland in a good light –

    And anyone who experienced being a patient in an NHS hospital when Labour was in power (during the years of plenty – not austerity) – will be well aware of the “massive” improvement under SNP.

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