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Fresh outrage as Ruth Davidson accused of trying to link SNP to Nazis – Towards Indyref2…

Fresh outrage as Ruth Davidson accused of trying to link SNP to Nazis

ruth_davidson_2Ruth Davidson has provoked fresh anger on social media after appearing to link the Scottish National Party to Nazis.  The Scottish Conservative leader posted a message on social media site twitter that took aim at SNP MP Mhairi Black.

Responding to another poster who asked if Ms Black was aware of an individual named Arthur Donaldson, Davidson replied “It would seem not”.


Arthur Donaldson, who led the SNP from 1960 to 1969, was targeted by MI5 in the 1940s and thrown in jail after an unnamed informant claimed Donaldson planned to set up a puppet government if the Nazis won the war.  Despite spending six weeks in prison, Donaldson was never charged and was eventually released.

His name has been regularly trotted out by Unionists in an attempt to link the SNP to the Nazis, although no evidence has ever been produced to substantiate the claim.

Davidson’s jibe at Black followed an article by the SNP MP in which she attacked the recent Conservative party conference in Birmingham.  Black called for people to speak out against “the Tories’ ugly xenophobia”.

The SNP MP added: “The Conservative Party’s conference has unleashed ugly and downright scary rhetoric that I was brought up to believe was to be left in the past. I am not exaggerating when I say that the policies being brought forward are reminiscent of early 1930s Nazi Germany.”

Davidson’s tweet prompted angry responses on twitter with opponents accusing the Conservative MSP of repeating debateable claims from history.


Another reminded the MSP of her own party’s “proto-fascist rhetoric”.


The latest spat comes barely a week after the Tory MSP caused fury after comparing Scots to vandals and thieves.  According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, The Scottish Conservative leader was speaking at an event attended by Prime Minister Theresa May when she told the audience: “I’m delighted we have such spectacular surroundings,”

The Tory MSP added: “Usually they put the Scots in a place where nothing can be broken. Or stolen for that matter!”

The remark sparked outrage on social media.  One angry respondent attacked the remark, saying: “What a distasteful comment to make about the people you represent.”

Another accused Davidson of having insulted the whole of Scotland, saying: “This has made me even more furious than @theresa_may saying we have no say in #Brexit. She has insulted EVERYONE in Scotland.”

The Scottish Conservative leader refused to apologise for the ‘joke’.

Despite a string of highly questionable remarks recently, including calling a female Labour MP a “short-haired, flat shoes, shovel-faced lesbian”, the hard-line Unionist MSP has avoided any serious media scrutiny.

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45 thoughts on “Fresh outrage as Ruth Davidson accused of trying to link SNP to Nazis

  1. hannie van riel

    I used to respect Ruth Davidson, even if we think different. But sorry to say a lot of it has disappeared . now i am just looking for a brown nose. Hard to believe she is representing Scotland .

    1. SUEKATT


  2. Mick Carty

    I have never bought into the whole “Couthie Ruthie” thing. How can anyone who suppports this Tory Government’s punishment agenda be any sort of decent person?

  3. Molly's Mum

    Like Kezia, Ruth is becoming a parody of herself…in the heyday of Saturday night TV we used to have impressionists who would pretend to be politicians of the time, saying stupid or outrageous things for a laugh. They are pretty much out of business now – why ?

    Because politicians like Ruth say such things every day, not to get a laugh but to get our votes.

    And that’s why Ruth, you got only 22% of the vote in SP16. And why you Kezia got even less.

    You are both pretendy MSPs but I can’t help thinking that deep down Kez is basically a good person, just a bit……dim.

    But you Ruth…..you need to watch what you are saying because you embody just what we hate about the Toxic Tories. And basically, deep down…..you are exactly as hateful and destructive as they are.

  4. Chris Whiteside

    Do I detect a hint of double standards here? It appears that the SNP can dish it out but squeal “outrageous” when the same things come back to them.

    SNP politician Mhairi Black makes an unsubstantiated comparison of Conservative policies with those of the Nazis and the SNP seem to think that’s OK.

    Ruth Davidson says “It would seem not” in response to a tweet which could be interpreted as throwing a similar charge back and this is presented as an outrage.

    1. Elaine

      What Mhairi Black said is an echo of the sentiments expressed by many people on hearing that the Government wanted to evict foreign doctors make businesses list foreign workers. That is how the Nazis began so the comparison in that instance is a fair and justified one. Implying she herself was a Nazi because of some unknown and uncharged man from 70 years ago is petty in the extreme.

    2. Neil Ross

      My understanding is that Donaldson was discussing the idea of immediate surrender, should the Germans invade via N E Scotland, and forming a puppet gov’t, in order to ameliorate the inevitable loss of Scots lives. He knew (or correctly suspected) that Churchill would ‘ignore the screams from the north’.
      That said government couldn’t lay a glove on him, tells that he’d done nothing worse than discuss an unpalatable idea, and was not the Nazi sympathiser that some like to portray.
      However, analysis of particularly Amber Rudd and Theresa May’s recent speeches points rather more firmly to concepts from Mein Kampf than is comfortable. They may be discussing unpalatable ideas, as doubtless Ms Davidson would assert if pressed, but they are beginning to come across as Nazi-esque. And not in a last ditch scenario in a time of grave danger either.
      There is no equivalency: Donaldson was no Nazi, the Tories are getting there. That’s the outrage.

      1. william mcleish

        I was told. that if the Germans invaded via. SCOTLAND. we were to be left to the outcome. and they would defend ENGLAND. at our cost of lost lives. with no aid what so ever. to defend ourselves.

      2. Neil lepick

        The true plans that were in place was for a retreat back down south and leave Scotland to the Germans that’s how much we meant to England .and nothing has changed. they will cut us loose after they have milked us dry and if it suits them, use us as collateral in any Brexit deal.

    3. Alison Sinton

      The silliness of comparing a warning concerning current policies with unsubstantiated rumours perpetrated 70 years ago must be obvious even to the dimwits who think they have a point.

    4. Lorraine

      The difference being the Tories are now, at this very minute drawing up lists to remove people who chose to come here to work. They’re going to remove our Human Rights, they’re killing thousands due to welfare reform. They’re selling of state education. They’re removing children in cares rights. Giving soldiers immunity for war crimes…think about that… seriously

      The SNP don’t advocate any of this yet you are happy to ignore the Tory ideals, swallow MSM and Tory lies regarding SNP.who are not racist, who welcome all..who just want to self govern..that’s not racist.. that fits better on my plate

      1. Ken J

        Don’t forget the lists the Tories require of non-English schoolchildren – and the funneling of State School children into Army Corps…

    5. Malky

      Pretty sure every right-thinking politician and political commentator saw May, Rudd, Davis and Davidson’s recent contributions to the debate on Britain’s future on the international scene as not dissimilar to early Nazi thinking.

    6. simon brodie

      Unsubstantiated? Do you watch the news? Read anything other than the daily express or daily mail? Are you suffering from a neurological deficiency where you can no longer draw conclusions from cogent occurrences? Fascism is in your midst, and you deny it.

    7. Jean Park

      Unsubstantiated comparison?! Have your been listening to what they were saying at their conference?

    8. Iain Barker

      Well if you had ever read Mein Kampf then the comparisons between that and elements of the Rudd speech in particular are pretty clear. I thus think Mhairi Black made a very fair and valid point.

  5. Helen Knight

    Ruth Davidson came over as the wee lassie who was over excited at being allowed to join the grown-ups for the first time. You know the situation, the one that always ends in tears before bedtime. The one where behaviour gets more outrageous and mouth runs away without brain in gear. Forgivable when the perpetrator is four years old but not so when you are a public figure, a politician, the leader of your party, representing a proportion of your fellow Scots. Thank God I’m not one of them is all I can say! She has not done herself or those she represents any favours and she has, yet again, done the whole of Scotland a dis-service. Shame on her!

    1. John Bennett

      Get rid of her ,she is only doing and saying these things ,because she is after a seat in W Minister,Ruthie has not a care for Scotland

  6. Donaghy

    Ruth Davidson should resign as a MSP. It is clear she is not interested in those she is supposed to represent and is trying to get into May’s ‘inner circle’ by defaming Scottish people. I cannot believe people vote for her and endure her slurs, her ridicule and her lies. Wake up – Ruth’s only interest is the destruction of the people of Scotland for her own political gain.

  7. George Gemmell

    People forget that during the twenties and thirties ,people forget we had a choice of two isms.Communism or facism, what was the lesser of two evils people took sides ,even the Catholic church in the Spanish civil war split with the majority of the church supporting facism whilst in regions like the Basque regions supporting the communist led republican movements.For Ruth the mooth to allege that Scottish nationalism is somehow tied into nazism is fragile at very least.Was Arthur Donaldson a nazi questionable as he was never charged but look at Ruth the mooth classes the support from the establishment classes was immense,the future king bankers industrialists lords and titled ladies so ruthy dear if you want to start slinging accusations watch your back as most certainly the big dug will bite your erse

  8. Lorraine

    Right Davidson is a joke. It’s like spitting images have become human beings..only it’s not funny because they’re running and ruining our country.

    In a week where they tell us they’re going to kick all foreigners out, they’re already making lists that include child, I for one am terrified.

    Rudd screams British jobs for British workers.. while her party sell Britain’s industry to France, China and America and cripple our NHS.

    Clan you imagine what they’ll do once they remove our Human Right?

    As to Rooth, she called us all thieves and vandals.. she claimed 9 out of 10 Scots are a burden to the state.. a state that doesn’t like anyone to be a burden. Who’ve already killed thousands due to welfare reform.

    Xenophobia, fascism, racism…call it what you like.. The best laugh this week was an article in the Daily Express accusing Nicola Sturgeon of fanning the flames of racism for stating her objection to Tory plans. By saying we in Scotland welcome all. Yet did not seem alarmed at Theresa Mays plans for us.


  9. Bill Porter


  10. william mcleish

    I was told . or learned. by talking. that if the Germans invaded our country, they would leave us to our fate. and continue to defend ENGLAND. And to hell with SCOTLAND. mind you, if they knew of the oil in our waters, the rhetoric from them would be defend SCOTLAND at all costs. no doubt.

  11. Ken J

    I wonder if the name Jethro Tull means anything to Davidson or that Alastair Cameron?

    Both seem to enjoy #LivingInThePast

    1. Jas

      Strangely, I remember seeing Tull during the 70s, and between songs Ian Anderson said something like: ‘ I really think it’s time we had our own government up here’. He was born in Dunfermline.

  12. Lochside

    Why is it a common observation, even amongst nationalists, that ‘Kez’ and ‘Ruthie’ are given the benefit of the doubt for being a bit ‘daft’ or ‘really deep down nice’?…Sexism?..the idea that women, particularly young ones, cannot be cynical, manipulative, lying and ruthless sociopaths?

    Come on people..we’ve seen what the ‘leader’ of the Conservatives and Unionists in our little colony is made of…..a sneering, smirking, empty headed actor…a glove puppet being guided by her masters with the promise of self advancement predicated on the debasement and subjugation of her countrymen and women. Someone berefit of intellect and moral principles. This latest tweet, shameless and aimed as a cheap smear is symptomatic of this shameless individual.

  13. Moira smith

    I’d like to hear from her constituents the folk who voted for her the folk who worked on the election for her, are they happy that she classes them as thieves low life’s. What about the rest of the Tory MSPs do think the same.

    I think she should resign, she is a disgrace.

  14. Dan Huil

    Davidson is shallow and disingenuous; that’s probably why the bbc loves her. We can expect more britnat hysteria as IndyRef2 approaches.

    Maybe Davidson should remember this: Captain Archibald Henry Maule Ramsay (4 May 1894 – 11 March 1955) was a British Army officer who later went into politics as a Scottish Unionist Member of Parliament (MP). From the late 1930s, he developed increasingly strident antisemitic views. In 1940, after his involvement with a suspected spy at the United States embassy, he became the only British MP to be interned under Defence Regulation 18B.

  15. William Bryan

    RD is a nasty piece of work.She should just move to England where her comments would be better received,because that is where politically she is aligned.She has no policy in Scotland other than opposing the SNP at any cost.This woman and her party are a waste of space and time in Scotland.They represent all that is wrong with the UK.Worse they will take us down with them re Europe just out of nastiness.

  16. Clydebuilt

    Years ago when Roothless worked for the BBC I thought she was great, positive attitude, cheerfull sounding voice….. How wrong could I have been. She is one of the strangest people I can think of. Another great article George.

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