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Foreign Office ridiculed after embarrassing Forth Bridge blunder – Towards Indyref2…

Foreign Office ridiculed after embarrassing Forth Bridge blunder

bridge-blunderThe UK Foreign Office has been ridiculed after confusing the 126 year old Forth Bridge with the new Replacement Crossing.

Social media users initially thought a spoof Twitter account was behind an image of the iconic red steel structure alongside text which read: “Opening in 2017, the 2.7 km Queensferry Crossing will be the longest 3 tower cable-stayed bridge in the world”

Beneath the text was a Union flag logo with a slogan which read ‘Design Is Great Britain’.

However it quickly became apparent that the tweet wasn’t in fact a spoof, but was indeed the official twitter account of the Foreign Office.  The blunder quickly circulated amongst pro-independence twitter users with many expressing disbelief.

spoof-bridge-tweetOthers mocked the blunder by posting spoof images of other bridges claiming these were in fact the replacement crossing.

The attempt by the UK Foreign Office to claim credit for the replacement bridge, which has been funded entirely by the Scottish Government, was also ridiculed.  SNP MSP Christina McKelvie tweeted “not only is it the wrong bridge it’s nothing to do with the UK Gov…… #Riddy”.

The actual replacement crossing can be seen in the image below.


Despite the blunder, the Foreign Office has yet to delete its tweet.

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15 thoughts on “Foreign Office ridiculed after embarrassing Forth Bridge blunder

  1. Frank Halligan

    Well what did expect you know who is the boss of the FO it’s only our Boris so there’s a clue why they made such a hash if that lie just look at the Brexit shambles that Boris and co got us into.

  2. Matt McCardle

    As a supporter of Independence this kind of tit for tat stuff is a bit snoreworthy. What is this? The playground? Sure some silly person hasn’t the gumption to tell the difference..So what? Are you telling us something we do not know…that Westminster is self obsessed? Will it show and identify some incompetence and reinforce a certain brand of nationalism, oh probably. In the end it does little to promote Independence and perhaps we should look to the home front and where governance is not serving the electorate as this may provide a stronger base of support.

    1. Jim Archibald

      The playground is where the Tories repeatedly take us Matt. Refusal to engage them there is grist to their mill. The subliminal message here is British designed and financed, no? Of course we must employ ridicule and highlight absurdities. It’s the nature of the fight we’re in.

    2. Fergiemac

      Matt, seeing as it was funded by Scotland and NOT Westminster, even the flag is wrong, wouldn’t expect any more from that lot

  3. Clive Scott

    Hope it won’t be the geriatric benefits scrounger Mrs Windsor or one of her spawn that cuts the ribbon to open the bridge next year. My suggestion would be the child of an asylum seeking family who have made a success of rebuilding their life in a welcoming community in Scotland.

  4. MsDidi

    Matt McCardle – I have to disagree with your view on this. It is yet another subliminal message. A lot of Scots (but certainly not all and probably not most) are aware that the new bridge was designed and built without any help from the Westminster gov. even though we have no choice but to contribute to English infrastructure and other projects. This “tweet” was intended to re-enforce the false unionist message that we are beholden to them. It has only been picked up because they were promoting the wrong bridge! Unfortunately, not only is it believed in England, too many Scots are still taken in by this sort of propaganda. You may be right in that it does little to promote independence but I feel strongly that to ignore the playground bullies and let them get away with things like this only encourages them to commit greater follies!

  5. Richard Charman

    The new bridge will I hope have the same longevity as the iconic red bridge which I have used on several occasions.
    I think it is pathetic of the English Government to make such a claim but it shows how desperate they are to show that they have done anything beneficial for Scotland of any significance in recent years….

    Perhaps they would like to list all the major projects they ( not Scotland or the EU) have actually unilaterally funded to help Scotland over the last 10 years?

    I would actually be delighted if they can show that their contribution to Scotland isn’t limited to trying to deny 62% of Scottish voters the right to have their views accepted and acted upon in relation to staying in the EU.

    Hopefully the Supreme Court will do what the Government has failed to do!

  6. Margaret Gibb

    I’m not surprised by this especially when it comes from the office of Boris,he and the rest of the Tory and Labour Party cannot gracefully admit that the Scottish government have successfully built a fantastic bridge. As for the wrong bridge being shown that shows exactly how well they know Scotland.
    I think the person who cuts the ribbon at the opening should be youngest person who has been working on the bridge.

  7. Carole Finn

    As a Londoner in her sixties, can I just say that the individual responsible probably wouldn’t recognise any of the bridges crossing the Thames in London either. Whilst I would love to blame Boris for this gaff I suspect this was an error made by an inexperienced civil servant who didn’t grow up with expression used to describe a long, hard job as ‘it’s like painting the Forth Bridge’. Times have changed. People seem more concerned with knowing about so-called celebrities than about national iconic structures.

    You will be pleased to hear that I will be driving into Edinburgh in a couple of weeks and looking out for that wonderful view of the very recognisable bridge in the distance that always makes me thrilled!

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