FM exposes Ruth Davidson’s hypocrisy on P1 assessments and labels Scottish Tories “shameless opportunists”

Nicola Sturgeon has labelled Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Tories “shameless opportunists” as it emerged the Scottish Tory leader was planning to call for the scrapping of a policy she herself had demanded.

In a highly charged First Minister’s Questions, Davidson had sought to highlight what she claimed was a lack of transparency on curriculums and performance in schools.

However Nicola Sturgeon rounded on the Scottish Conservative leader, calling her stace on education “incoherent”.

The First Minister read out a section from the Scottish Conservative manifesto from the 2016 Holyrood election in which Davidson had demanded standardised tests for P1, P4 and P7.

Nicola Sturgeon then revealed that Davidson’s Scottish Tories planned to lodge a motion next week calling for the P1 assessments to be scrapped.

The First Minister said of Davidson and her MSPs: “They are shameless opportunists. They care only about the short-term political opportunity; they care not a jot about schoolchildren, they care not a jot about standards in our schools.

“And I think Ruth Davidson has revealed that yet again today.”

According to The Herald newspaper, a Scottish Tory spokesperson said “the manifesto could have been better worded.”

The plan for Davidson to jettison a manifesto pledge in order to attack the SNP was revealed by this site on Monday.

An article by Alan Knight revealed Davidson herself had previously boasted that it was her party that had ‘forced’ the Scottish government to introduce standardised assessment tests.

Unionist plans to attack the SNP were briefly discussed by BBC Scotland at the weekend.


However the broadcaster, which has been accused of shielding the Scottish Tory leader from criticism, has thus far refused to report Davidson’s plan to vote against a polocy she herself demanded.

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12 thoughts on “FM exposes Ruth Davidson’s hypocrisy on P1 assessments and labels Scottish Tories “shameless opportunists”

  1. John

    Absolutely correct Nicola , that sums them up , if the SNP Government had not introduced these measures Davidson would still be on her soapbox as to why not .
    The Unionists at Holyrood are a disgrace ,with their constant sniping , with no credible policies of their own , and their U-turns on just about everything . How on earth are you supposed to govern in this toxic place , political posturing is all they are interested in !

  2. Robert Graham

    Nicola Sturgeon could have handed the scarlet pimpernel her arse on a plate yesterday simply by going for the throat , by doing what Mrs Mayhem does not answering the stupid question but bringing up the Tory governments total chaos in handling Brexit .

    Every one of these Unionist party branch employees try and outdo each other with the dramatic references to anything that is going on , most often the catastrophic events that they refer to are out with the direct control of the Scottish government but are in fact due to local councils actions or even inactions but Nicola Sturgeon is personally responsible for everything under the sun .

    When Wullie stands up with a face that would usually accompany a prediction of the end of humanity as we know it , even his own side grown when this clown speaks , this used to be Kezias territory but Wullie takes it to new heights, he is in a class of his own

  3. Clydebuilt

    From Thursday’s Radio Scotland. . . . I’ve heard clips of Nicola accusing Davidson of hypocrisy . . . . . The broadcaster didn’t let listeners Hear previous calls from Davidson for standardised tests.

    Very few voters will know the facts behind the accusation of hypocrisy.
    All they were treated to was Nicola calling Ruthless a hypocrite.

  4. millie

    Good Grief.

    If you look at BBC Scotland headline now 2.30pm 14th Sept- you will see that BBC Scotland has come to Ruth’s aid to try to help her out of her no- show predicament.

    BBC Scotland is an utterly disgraceful institution,- a mouthpiece for the UK establishment.

    1. gregor

      Public sought Ruth Davidson accountability.

      State broadcaster provided public: The Ruth Davidson ‘Unionists Rule OK’ Show.

      BBC is rotten to the core…

    2. stewartb

      I noticed on Reporting Scotland this evening that BBC Scotland went to the expense of putting a ‘warm body’ in a chair opposite Ruth Davidson to give us the illusion of an interview rather than a prepared statement. The illusion failed. What a farce.

  5. John

    Another BBC platform for Davidson , she decides when she will speak , not them , she will decide what the questions will be , not them , the hypocrisy is so rife in the Tory party and the BBC you can see the BBC is in the Tories pockets .
    Davidson wants to take on Nicola Sturgeon at the next election and become FM , to say she is delusional would be the understatement of the year !

  6. alanski

    If the BBC didn’t protect Ruth Davidson from proper scrutiny she would be finished. She’s a foul, repugnant piece of mediocrity. Let’s expose her at every opportunity.

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