First Minister to visit Brussels to highlight Scottish Brexit concerns

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is to undertake engagements in Brussels that will include a meeting with the EU’s Chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier and the official opening of the expanded Scotland House.

The First Minister will continue to ensure that the EU understands the key issues of concern for Scotland as the Brexit negotiations continue.

Ahead of the meeting, the First Minister urged the UK Government to offer more clarity on their plans for the future relationship with the EU, to engage properly with devolved governments and to stay inside the Customs Union and Single Market as the best possible outcome from Brexit, short of continuing EU membership.

The First Minister will also host a round table with members of the business community in Brussels before she formally opens the expanded Scotland House – part of the Scottish Government’s network of hubs across Europe with offices now in London, Dublin, Berlin and soon to open in Paris.

She said:

“People and businesses are desperate for clarity on Brexit but with just months to go before the withdrawal agreement has to be signed the UK Government still cannot agree a position.

“This damaging uncertainty could come to an immediate end if only the UK Government would put jobs and living standards first and agree to continuing Single Market and Customs Union membership – for Scotland and the whole of the UK.

“Whatever the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, we are committed to continuing our collaboration, our friendship and our partnership with other European countries. Increasing our presence across the EU is a significant part of maintaining those relationships and the newly expanded Scotland House has a major part to play in representing Scotland across the whole of the EU.”

Adam Tomkins, the Scottish Conservatives’ constitution spokesman, accused the First Minister of trying to use Brexit to create support for independence, saying: “It’s becoming ever more obvious that Nicola Sturgeon wants to create a political crisis to justify her continued push for independence.”

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5 thoughts on “First Minister to visit Brussels to highlight Scottish Brexit concerns

  1. marydoll

    trust the ‘constitution expert’ to SNPBAD. Nicola is doing her ‘day job’ , doing whats best for Scotland . What does he do except claim 2 salaries?

    1. scrandoonyeah

      Thanks for the link….

      Gee whiz….what a contrast to the bumptious, righteous, fraudulent and incompetents of Ruth Davidson’s Tory Party and Leonards Labour Party.

    2. stewartb

      Yet again, on an international stage, our First Minister gives an assured, well-informed and ‘engaging’ interview – what a credit to our country and our polity!

      I have made the effort to find coverage (through YouTube, live-streaming etc.) of speeches and interviews over the last c. 5 years made by Alex Salmond as FM and more recently by Nicola Sturgeon in front of ‘serious’ audiences internationally – always effective and impressive, and receiving respect and plaudits. It is a disgrace that the corporate media and the BBC almost completely deny the Scottish electorate any sense of their contributions.

  2. Robert Graham

    The SNP government have been freely elected to work on behalf of the scottish people not westminster , they have had the backing at the ballot box majority over all the other unionist parties and a Majority of the electorate support them even though they lost a good number of mps in the last election they still managed a managed a majority .

    They in my opinion should stop defending their position to the other unionist branch office holders who even combined dont represent the majority ,

    Treat all these charlatans with contempt stop giving long detailed answers to their political rants dressed up as questions , it the present Presiding officer isn’t up to the job of keeping the chamber in line replace him , His recent shenanigans over the withdrawal billI that in the end Labour MSPs voted for were just a bit of Mischief we can do without ,

    I believe it would take a majority on MSPs to remove him and i realise that might cause problems with proposed legislation but he continues to allow contempt to be voiced of the First Minister and a tory rabble to do exactly as they wish with no obvious censure or even comment sometimes .

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