First Minister contrasts ‘Brexit despair’ with ‘Independence hope’

Scotland’s First Minister has confirmed her intention to announce a decision on the timing of a second independence referendum only when the situation regarding Brexit is clearer.

Nicola Sturgeon also revealed her party will “restart” the debate on independence within the next two weeks.

Speaking on the ITV programme Peston on Sunday, the SNP leader said: “Over the next couple of weeks we will I suppose restart a debate about why independence for Scotlannd is an opportunity and what those opportunities are.”

The First Minister also revealed that the long-awaited report from the Growth Commission will be published within the next few days, saying: “As you know we’ve had a growth commission looking at the economic opportunities of independence.

“Its report will be published in the coming days and I think that’s quite an important moment, because if you think about the last couple of years in the UK, it’s been very much a debate about how we cope with the damage of Brexit.

“What I think Scotland now has the opportunity to do is look at how we seize the opportunities that lie ahead, so a debate based very much on ambition and hope, not a debate that’s based on despair which is how the Brexit debate so often feels.”

Nicola Sturgeon also criticised the UK government’s stance on the so-called ‘Power Grab’ dispute, accusing Westminster of trying to ride a coach-and-horses through the the devolution settlement by seizing powers that are currently under the control of the Scottish parliament.

She said: “The current law says these powers should return to the Scottish parliament, and if we want to have UK wide frameworks – which would make sense in some areas – then we do that by agreement.

“What the UK government wants to do is centralise these powers at Westminster for up to seven years and have the ability to impose things on Scotland.”

The full interview can be seen below.

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11 thoughts on “First Minister contrasts ‘Brexit despair’ with ‘Independence hope’

  1. John

    Quite right to , we know Nicola is cautious but she has every right to be , we cannot afford to lose the next Indyref , that will be the end of independence .People willl say that Scotland does not want it , the Unionists will have a field day .We must wait until this Brexit fiasco is over then present a compelling case for Independence because there is one .

  2. Karen

    I believe the First Minister is exploring every avenue before she goes to the people of Scotland, although it’s frustrating we don’t have a date as such, I can see why she is cautious. With every avenue covered and the failure of Westminster to compromise, it will be clear to everyone which way to go. I think the key here is the power grab and the fact that the very parliament is in peril. The people of Scotland fought tooth and nail to have it restored and powers within it. Of those I have spoken to, it is the threat of losing the parliament and being brought back under direct Tory rule that concerns them the most.

  3. Jockanese Wind Talker

    The thought of Indy Ref 2 made them shite themselves so much that they lost their Parliamentary majority.

    It seems like the thought Indy Ref 2 still makes them shite themselves.

  4. Robert Graham

    Nicola Sturgeon has been the only consistent politician in the whole country , she talks sense while the others do somersaults and all sorts of contortions to suit whatever way the wind blows

  5. bringiton

    May has been able to cling to power by kicking the Brexit can down the road and thereby holding the Tory party together.
    The latest wheeze is a threat of another snap GE.
    How much of this “strategy” is down to managing the Tory party and how much to holding her precious union together,only time will tell.
    Meantime,we wait.

    1. Robert Graham

      bringiton agreed – all this turmoil because of One Party and their never ending me ,me ,me , first ideology .

      This one party command the dizzy heights of having the support of maybe 20 % of the voting public in scotland or one fifth in the old money , most of these grab artists in holyrood shouldn’t be allowed to park their arses on our seats , most of them sneaked in on the list system ,thats ok for the odd one to give balanced representation but when its almost a whole party now thats really taking the Piss .

  6. Big Jock

    If there is to be another election in September. The SNP would be wise to call their referendum now before the Tories make their move. That way the sigh of :”Oh not again” will be directed at the Tories as they already knew there was an independence referendum coming.

    1. Robert Graham

      Big Jock this continued state of having to react to what the Tories are doing is getting a bit tedious , they should be continually wondering what the SNP are going to do next rather than the other way round .

  7. Big Jock

    Agree Robert. I don’t think Nicola should wait until autumn. We need to grasp the thistle and name a date.

    I don’t think l we will be any closer to a Brexit deal by September. The window is closing now. 9 months to go. I think we have been to happy waiting on the Tories instead of just doing what Scotland wants and it isn’t Brexit.

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