First Minister announces Ireland trip

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will visit Dublin this week to further strengthen links between Scotland and Ireland.

During her two day trip, the First Minister will meet the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and will deliver the keynote speech at the Dublin Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner.

She will also visit the Ark – a dedicated cultural centre for children – where she will see a performance by the Barrowland Ballet which was funded through the Scottish Government Edinburgh Festivals EXPO fund.

Speaking ahead of the trip Nicola Sturgeon said:

“The ties between Scotland and Ireland are more important than ever and this visit is an opportunity to build on the longstanding cultural, economic, and political links that exist between our countries.

“Ireland is a valued trade partner for Scotland and our sixth biggest export market with more than 100 Irish companies currently investing in Scotland. We see unlimited potential for future development and that is why we established an investment and innovation hub in Dublin last year.

“I look forward to meeting the Taoiseach to discuss these shared values and interests and further developing business links between our two countries.”

The announcement follows a recent trip to Latvia by Europe Minister Dr Alasdair Allan where he launched a refreshed Nordic-Baltic Policy Statement.

The document identifies opportunities for strengthening connections in a diverse range of policies – such as tourism, social security, fisheries, education, energy and the environment.

Specific examples highlighted include:

  • Norwegian expertise in carbon capture and storage
  • Sweden’s bottle return scheme
  • Finnish action on the attainment gap
  • Estonia’s approach to digital transformation

Dr Allan launched the statement while participating in the Riga Conference, an annual gathering of foreign policy and diplomacy experts focused on the Baltic region, where he spoke on the impact of Brexit.

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6 thoughts on “First Minister announces Ireland trip

  1. Jim Hagart

    I trust she will have a word with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar regarding his stance on Catalonia and Spain.

  2. Vestas

    Maybe she can ask him why Catalans aren’t entitled to declare UDI while the Irish were – and they held no formal vote to do so?

    Two-faced doesn’t begin to cover it…

  3. Robert Graham

    Eh i guess BBC scotland will have technical difficulties that day , along the same lines as her previous visit , that visit was roundly criticised by the usual suspects at Holyrood , no prizes for guessing the culprits , let’s just call them the Unionist Block , Block this Block that any and every advance will be blocked , not because its in anyway bad , Just because the SNP promote it , I wonder when the Proud Scots waken up to the fact this unionist block are not doing things for Scots benefit , but for the continuation of this Block . It is that simple self preservation .

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