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Fail and fail again – Towards Indyref2…

Fail and fail again

I had to laugh at this pathetically desperate attempt to resuscitate the weary old currency bogey-man. The Herald must have money to burn when it’s funding a ‘poll’ just to provide an excuse for that painfully contrived headline. Then again, without that ‘poll’, this would have been just a reprint of an article from 2014.

British nationalists are evidently still fighting the first independence referendum campaign with the same threadbare lies, distortions and scare-stories, but the rest of us have moved on. Scotland’s engaged and informed voters are not so easily taken in by the sly techniques of the professional manipulators. They recognise the selective quotes. They see past the spin. They now know to ask the kind of questions that the unionist media so deplorably failed to ask.

The Herald should be embarrassed to mention the British establishment’s threat to unilaterally and arbitrarily abolish the currency union as petty retaliation for a Yes vote. Together with the rest of the British media, they should be ashamed of their failure to scrutinise that threat. They asked none of the obvious questions. Such as, who devised this policy? The threat to abolish the currency union represented a massive shift in policy for the UK Government and the British parties which obediently fell into line behind George Osborne. The British media never asked how that policy shift came about.

Was it discussed in cabinet?

Did the then Prime Minister sanction the threat?

Was an impact assessment carried out?

Was the Bank of England consulted?

These questions and more were never put to the British establishment. An announcement with massive economic and constitutional implications, and no British politician was ever interrogated about it.

Instead of putting the meaningful questions to those who were issuing the threat, the British media reduced the entire issue to just two woefully inane questions that were incessantly flung at the SNP.

What currency will Scotland use?

What is the ‘plan B’?

And it looks like they’re at it again. But people are more aware now. They realise that these are the wrong questions. They recognise that these are stupid questions asked by stupid people with malicious intent.

To ask what currency Scotland will use implies that there is a right answer. It implies that there is a ‘correct’ option. It suggests that there is some currency option that will be ideal for all time and in all circumstances. There is, of course, no such option. There is no currency option that simply works. Whatever currency option is chosen, it has to be made to work. The pertinent question, therefore, is not about what currency independent Scotland might use, but whether Scotland is capable of managing its currency; just as every other independent nation does.

If unionists want to claim that Scotland is not capable of managing its currency, then it is they who must answer as to why they believe this. Just don’t expect the British media to put that question to them. Past experience indicates that they will fail.

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