EU countries ‘want closer engagement with Scotland’

More than 200 engagements between Scottish Government ministers and European governments, institutions and organisations have taken place since the start of 2017.

The ‘strong desire’ to connect with Scotland and listen to our views signals that the EU continues to see Scotland as an important partner – according to External Affairs Secretary Fiona Hyslop.

In just 16 months, Scottish Government ministers have initiated or accepted more than 200 meetings and visits with European partners, which on average means a European engagement has taken place at least three times per week.

As she marked Europe Day 2017 – a day to celebrate the shared history and culture of EU members – Ms Hyslop said the Scottish Government would be stepping up its engagement with EU countries still further, and that it was more important than ever for Scotland’s voice to be heard.

Ms Hyslop said:

“The strong desire by our European partners to engage has never been greater.

People in Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU and there were majorities for remain in every local authority area. We are determined to make Scotland’s voice heard as we enter a crucial stage in the Brexit negotiations and will be stepping up our engagement plans.

“Whatever the outcome, it is essential that we continue our collaboration, friendship and partnership with EU nations.

“Our knowledge, expertise and leadership in many areas of shared interest – such as rural economic development, climate change, innovation and culture – mean the soft power influence we exert is significant.

“Leaving the EU is against the democratic will of the people of Scotland, but we also firmly believe it is the wrong course for the UK as a whole. The continued membership of the single market, which is around eight times bigger than the UK market alone, and customs union is essential for our economy, society and people.

“Yet what is also clear is that, despite the threat of Brexit, Scotland’s interconnections with EU countries can and must remain strong. Through all avenues, channels and networks available, we are taking steps to safeguard these critical relationships.”

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7 thoughts on “EU countries ‘want closer engagement with Scotland’

  1. bringiton

    The colonial governor and his Edinburgh spin machine claim that Scotland benefits more from the UK single market than from the EU.
    A single market is defined as an association of countries trading without tariffs.
    Meantime,his boss in London is spouting the “Ein Reich,Ein Volk,Ein Fuhrer” narrative where there is only Greater England.
    So,which is it?
    Scotland’s association with Europe pre-dates the union with England and will continue despite the efforts of England’s Tories to cut us off.

    1. Jockanese Wind Talker

      There is no UK single market.

      Noun: single market;

      An association of countries trading with each other without restrictions or tariffs.

      But currently,

      Scotland pays to export electricity to the national grid while electricity generated in SE England gets a rebate.

      It costs more to post things to the Highlands and Islands (if they deliver at all).

      So tariffs and restrictions already exist.

      Remember Scotland has a trade surplus, this includes fresh water, food and energy.

      The rUK cannot.

      This 4 x the trade is bollocks and a direct result of the “reverse Rotterdam Effect” due to Scottish products and produce having to leave SE English ports and airports for international export (due to underinvestment by successive BritNat Governments in Westminster and Holyrood.

      These are classed as Scottish exports to England.

      1. Alistair P.

        Hi Jockanese, your comment about Scottish ‘trade traffic’ through England being classed as exports to England is pretty revealing. It’s a fact I’d like to share and use, but I’ve been stung a few times repeating claims that turned out to be misleading or convenient interpretations. To maintain the credibility of the Independence movement we need to be able to validate and support all our claims. Can you point me to a source/link to confirm? Thanks.

      2. TC

        Absolutely spot on Jock, Westminster has been making up figures about trade with the rUK for years. There is no figures to look at, to see how much trade there is with rUK. The HMRC don’t have any figures there are so difficult to compile.

        Most Scotlands trade with Europe leaves from English ports so they are counted as trade with England and the rUK, Whisky is a perfect example. All tax generated from Whisky is counted as English tax because it leaves from English ports. This happens with most produce and export goods that leave from English ports bound for Europe. We are systematically being ripped off for Billions.

  2. TC

    Alistair this is a report that the Scottish government provides, the problem is that goods leaving Scotland go to companies in England, and they then they export them as English goods. If it leaves direct from and English port from a Scottish company then it is classed as Scottish. But unfortunately most goods going south go via export companies then onto English port and they are counted as English goods because its coming from an English export company and are counted as trade with England and rUK, but it is Scottish goods only exported by an English company. This happens to most goods leaving Scotland bound for Europe they are counted s trade with the rUK but are bound for Europe going through an English export company.

  3. Robert Graham

    Internal Market my Arse – manchester -Liverpool then on to Paisley No Customs checks or records Count that yah tossers ,Our – head – buttons – up – the – back ,so they believe .

    NO such bleedn Animal as yer internal Market because it cant ever be verified or recorded .if it ever is someone has way to much time on their hands and what a bloody useless exercise

    Oh and England won’t trade with Scotland when we finally waken up and tell them to piss off , is that what you are saying Ruth Fluffy and Co , in yer dreams .

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