Education becomes the latest Scottish sector to be targeted by BBC Scotland

Teaching has become the latest target for the BBC in Scotland in what appears to be a campaign aimed at portraying Scottish institutions as failing.

This morning the BBC Scotland radio phone-in programme hosted by Kaye Adams featured education as the subject.  One caller, who called herself Joanna, lambasted the teaching profession and claimed to have recently left the sector.

During the call which approached an astonishing 15 minutes, Joanna described herself as a “middle manager” and said she knew nobody who was happy in the profession.  She claimed her former colleagues would end their day slumped on the sofa drinking half a bottle of wine.


However, later that afternoon the call was used as the basis for a headline news article by BBC Scotland.  An online article Former teacher tells minister ‘teaching is an undoable job’ appeared as the fourth top story.

The article began: “A teacher who left the profession because it became an “undoable” job has told Scotland’s education secretary the profession is a ‘disgrace’.

“Speaking to SNP MSP John Swinney, former teacher Joanna told the cabinet secretary she would never work in a school again.

“She told him many teachers felt under pressure, took medication and felt ill at the thought of going to work.”

The targeting of teaching follows a string of BBC Scotland headline news reports which portayed a variety of Scottish institutions and initiatives negatively.  Recent examples have included the Scottish Police Force, the Scottish NHS, ScotRail and the Scottish Fire Brigade Service.

Initiatives such as the Baby Box have also been targeted as has Scotland’s reputation as a welcoming country.  Only yesterday BBC Scotland claimed research showed Scottish drug users consumed the most cocaine in a single session than addicts anywhere else in the world.

This latest attack on a Scottish institution coincides with the advent of the exam season.  Last year BBC Scotland mounted a sustained attack on Scotland’s examination system [See video below].  A similar approach by the broadcaster is expected this year.

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4 thoughts on “Education becomes the latest Scottish sector to be targeted by BBC Scotland

  1. William Gibson

    Was’nt it a EU body -last year- that described Scotland as the most Educated country in western Europe? Scots are better served in education than most countries in the world. We should celebrate that rather than denigrating it. In 1707 Scotland had a literacy rate of 75%. The British State MSM are delusional to think such denigration will help save their imposed Union!

  2. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Assuming Red Tory BritNat Labour in Scotland will roll out the usual Trades Unionists to give it the “EssEnnPeeBaad, Leonard/Corbyn Radical alternative” shite.

    BBC still propagating a Soft Coup against our DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED Scottish Government on behalf of their BritNat paymasters.

    Does anybody actually believe them that Scotland is the only country in the world where absolutely nothing positive has happened since 2007?



  3. Robert Graham

    Oh its Education this week i just wanted to check where we are on the Spin Cycle , i guess its the Pollis next , then the trusty favourite trains , having given up trying to get rid of the Health Minister its now the Education Secretary John Swinneys turn best of luck with that one chaps .

    As far as i remember The Scottish Government dosnt actually employ Teachers it’s the Local authorities , the same local authorities who are playing Political Football with Children’s education just now (ie) withdrawing classroom assistants – School transport -Dropping subjects from the Curriculum all this to enrage Parents and then pointing out it is not us its that Scottish Government’s fault , Aye we know what you are up to yah b/rds .

    All the while the BBC in Scotland Chip – Chip – Chip an endless stream of half truths and total misinformation , not questioned by our Unionist financed media but cheered on ,

    What a bloody Parallel Universe we are presently trapped in it’s like the Matrix totally unreal .

  4. Graham D Maclean

    What only a half bottle of wine!! – no self respecting teacher I know would leave wine in a bottle.

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