Education attainment gap closing

The gap between pupils from the most and least deprived areas who go on to university, college or a job after school has closed by over a fifth in one year, new figures show.

The proportion of 2016/17 school leavers from the most deprived areas in a positive destination nine months after leaving school increased to 87.6% – reducing the gap with school leavers from the least deprived areas by 22%.

It comes as a suite of new statistics published today also show:

  • Improved attainment by children in literacy and numeracy over the last four years
  • A record proportion of young people leaving school with an Advanced Higher pass
  • A narrowing of the attainment gap between looked after children and all school leavers
  • A 3.2% increase in local authority spending on education in 2017-18 and planned to rise by 3.8% in 2018-19

The Deputy First Minister and Education Secretary John Swinney said:

“These figures are indicative of a high performing education system, which is testament to the efforts of our teachers, our school staff and our education leaders to give every child the opportunity to fulfil their full potential in life.

“Already the action of this Government is delivering real improvement in our schools, and implementation of reforms to empower schools and school leaders will accelerate this.

“I’m particularly pleased to see an increasing proportion of looked after children leaving school with at least a Higher or equivalent, but clearly the gap is still too wide.

“The findings of the independent Care Review and this Government’s £750 million investment through the Scottish Attainment Challenge will, I believe, see us make even more progress in closing the poverty-related attainment gap in years to come.”

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4 thoughts on “Education attainment gap closing

  1. Alasdair Macdonald

    I will just check the BBC website – Oh, not a dicky-bird about these data!

    However, when a drop of 0.2% was recorded in the numbers from the lowest SIMD areas going on to University, it was wall-to-wall on all BBC outlets. As well as the percentage being insignificantly small, the reports presented no context such as the very successful FE route in Scotland, nor the very praising statements regarding Scotland in the document from which the BBC plucked this single datum and decontextualised it.

    The only education story is about the lack of BAME people holding senior posts in Scottish schools. This is an important matter, but, I suspect it is being publicised because it provides an opening to attack the SG.

    1. John

      Nope , not a word , how on earth does this country get a decent broadcasting company . Long past the time for the SNP to have been on their case , don’t they care what is or is not being put out there , if they don’t start to inform the people of the good things they are getting on with they are going to pay a heavy price at the next election , never mind a referendum ! . Don’t pay the licence fee !.

      1. stewartb

        Agreed Alasdair, John.

        Blatant bias by omission by BBC Scotland. No excuse here as ‘educational attainment’ has been an issue previously addressed by the BBC’s Jamie McIvor.

        One can only hope that the SNP/SG do notice this and will finally, belatedly find a way to address it.

        Decent coverage by STV News online.

  2. Robert Graham

    Even people who support this Union must question the actions of the state broadcaster, who in their blinkered defence of the Union Chooses to report not what is news , but what suits them in their daily vendetta to undermine the Scottish government.

    Scotland the only country in the world who’s people are singled out as being unable to run their own country, very surprising for a nation who’s people overwhelmingly have contributed more than any other to the advancement of the modern world ,

    If Scots don’t vote for their independence they will be forever be regarded as the stupidest people on the planet , and rightly so a total laughingstock .

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