Dundee Screening of ‘London Calling’ November 5

There will be a screening of ‘London calling: How the BBC Stole the Referendum’ in Dundee on the 5th November from 1-4PM. Following the screening, there will be a panel discussion led by Siobhan Tolland, which will feature documentary participants Craig Murray and Mark McNaught, including extensive audience interaction.

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8 thoughts on “Dundee Screening of ‘London Calling’ November 5

  1. Andy McKirdy

    Guys, we are talking to ourselves again.
    Craig Murray, Mark McNaught, Derek Bateman, the wee ginger dug and many more are fantastic speakers, analysts and possess so much knowledge and information, but the vast majority of people have never heard of them, never mind read anything they have written or heard anything they have said.
    All the yes sites and all the wonderful contributors can out do the MSM until the cows come home but until we get out narrative into the main stream we are whistling up a close!!!!!!
    We have reached a point where we need our “main stream” the SNP and their main players, cause they at least get on the main stream media, to start mentioning the above kind of stuff, on air, more often.
    Can you imagine the vastly increased coverage of our narrative and events like the above if our main players “plugged” them on national telly or radio.
    It’s a tough battle, but we need to try every thing.
    Anyway hope the above event is a resounding success, in my favourite YES city.

    1. Sandy Watson

      Nice idea but they won’t do it. MSM already controlled by funders who are anti- independence. Will only change if their businesses are threatened…now there’s a thought…

    2. alanski

      Hi Andy, Alan Knight, director of London Calling here. Agreed, we have talked to various YES groups about distribution of the film including DVD’s(hopefully January), and putting the film online, which should happen in early December.

      The more we spread it through the grassroots the better, and hopefully others will pick up on it, but we all know it’s a struggle dealing with a decrepit mainstream media. If people have ideas on how to penetrate the closed minds then I hope they can use the film, or parts of the film, as ammunition. You’re right, we need to try everything.

  2. Cadogan Enright

    Is it possible to get a list of upcoming venues for the screening?

    I would look to promote screenings on facebook

    1. Mark McNaught Post author

      The screenings are being mostly organized on an individual basis. If you can organize one, I will put you in touch people who can provide the appropriate tech support.

  3. Sandra

    Would you not reach more people by putting it up on YouTube and getting followers to promote it on social media? A swithering No voter would be more likely to click on a link than get tickets to a screening. Just a thought.

    1. alanski

      Hi Sandra, the film will be online in early December i hope, we are just trying to sort out subtitles for those hard of hearing. DVD’s hopefully at a later stage.

      Alan Knight

  4. Richard

    Agree with previous comments. The SNP are never bold enough in getting the message across. Lots of open goals missed lots of the time. Scotlands alleged deficit is BECAUSE of the union etc etc. Makes me wonder if the SNP deliberately do not capitalise on these opportunities because maybe on the first day of Scotlands Independence we will no longer need a National party!
    Also when is this documentary going to hit the wider audience. I can’t make the 5th November so when will I be able to see it and how do I punt it onto the masses?
    Right now with the brewing constitutional crisis in the UK if independence is not the end result then I will certainly be losing all faith in the SNP – and maybe even our nation!

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