I really don’t see what Tommy Sheppard is on about. He says the election changes everything. Then argues that the SNP should do precisely what it has been doing in relation to #ScotRef and #Brexit. In reality, the election changes nothing. And that is why the SNP should maintain its position. After all, that position just won it another election.

Using 2015 as a basis for comparison is just plain idiotic. We know it’s idiotic because that is what British nationalists are doing. Emulating such idiocy is probably a very bad idea. Eschewing it, we see that the SNP won nearly six times as many seats as the last sensibly comparable UK general election. Excluding the extraordinary result of 2015 – as we must do lest we be thought profoundly silly – the SNP won more than three times as many seats as its previous best performance. They won more seats than all the British parties combined.

By any rational analysis, the SNP just won a decisive victory. So why all the panic?

As for the so-called ‘Corbyn effect’, it’s all smoke and mirrors. Why respond to it as if it was real? Why not point out just what a fraud Corbyn is? Why aren’t we pointing out that most of Corbyn’s supposedly ‘radical’ platform was cribbed from the SNP? Why aren’t we explaining to people that the SNP has already implemented that ‘radical’ manifesto, or is in the process of doing so?

Corbyn is the Pied Piper of Westminster. Where Thresa May was the British establishment’s first choice for Prime Minister, Corbyn was their second choice. Instead of following him into the British state’s labyrinth of deviousness and deceit, why aren’t we yelling out a warning about being duped yet again by British Labour? Why aren’t we bawling out reminders that this is the party that stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the Tories in the first referendum campaign and has been working hand-in-hand with them ever since?

Why aren’t we pointing out as forcefully as we can that Corbyn’s position on the constitutional issue is absolutely no different from Theresa May’s? Why aren’t we ensuring that the people of Scotland are aware that Corbyn is a British nationalist who wants to deny their democratic right of self-determination and lock Scotland into a political union on terms imposed by the British state?

Why aren’t we throwing a spotlight on Corbyn’s hypocrisy – as illustrated by the following quotes.

“It’s about a political strategy that brings to worldwide recognition the plight of the people of West Papua, forces it onto a political agenda, forces it to the UN, forces an exposure of it and ultimately that allows the people of West Papua to make the choice of the kind of government they want and the kind of society in which they want to live. That is a fundamental right.” – Jeremy Corbyn – May 2016


“But just to be absolutely clear, I do not think there should be another referendum. I think that independence would be catastrophic for many people in Scotland.” – Jeremy Corbyn – March 2017

Why are so many in the Yes movement insisting we pander to Jeremy Corbyn when he is part of the forces determined to deny our aspirations for Scotland and preserve the union at any cost to our nation and people?

Nothing has changed. The Scotland is still being dragged into a Brexit that would be extremely damaging even if it was being managed competently and, more importantly, that we voted decisively against. Tommy Sheppard is definitively wrong. There is no Brexit deal that is acceptable to Scotland. We voted Remain. And Remain means Remain. Nicola Sturgeon attempted to reach a compromise with the British government only to demonstrate that this was an utterly forlorn hope.

Only independence will ensure that the democratically expressed will of Scotland’s people is respected. All of those who are aware of the urgency of the need to bring our government home have a responsibility to take that message – unadulterated, undiminished and undiluted – to the people. In the case of our elected representatives, that responsibility becomes a solemn duty.

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29 thoughts on “DON’T BACK DOWN!

  1. commonoldworkinchap

    Well said Peter, only in Scotland can the SNP,s victory be painted as a loss. It is truly
    shocking that , in this day and age, that we, up here, are having a playground fight while
    all around us is crumbling.

    Corbyn, May, Blair, Major, Thatcher, all interchangeable. All powerless. The real power
    has always been the same “The Establishment. The British State.

    Politicians know this, they are the puppets in this game, their very existence is playing this game. Sheppard and all these so called experts, should try to be a bit more uplifting,
    concerning the progress of the SNP and the YES movement, instead of the same old
    negative shite.

    But they are only playing the game. Their wages and their ego rely on them playing the

  2. Abulhaq

    We instinctively know what the project leader, the SNP, ought to be saying and doing. Without independence we are truly screwed as a nation. Individuals may find bright things in Corbyn’s or Davidson’s baggage but they are distractions, political glass beads delivered by an apparatus that is cynical, exploitative and unable to do deliver anything genuine.. By now we ought to be wised up to this Still falling for the tricks of the Westminster hucksters after 300 years? Not amusing!

  3. stewartb

    Strongly agree!!! Was Tommy Sheppard misrepresented, naive with respect to how his remarks would be reported and/or just plain wrong?

    As an aside, very pleased to see NO use in this article of the term ‘Unionist’ – let’s always call it out for what it is, ‘British Nationalism’! I suggest all Yessers only use the latter term to describe opposition to Scottish independence.

  4. TheStrach

    Jeremy Corbyn ran a good campaign and had some good policies which the SNP have already introduced in Scotland. It’s good that Labour is starting to catch up. However, they lost the General Election across the UK by a fair margin. They also support weapons of mass destruction, an unfair voting system, hard Brexit and denying Scots the right to choose their own future. Certainly not a party I could ever vote for.

    The SNP won by a landslide but we can’t be complacent. We lost seats and votes, which was inevitable but some of our majorities are very small indeed. I personally thought the campaign could have been better but it was hampered by the terrorist incidents which delayed the manifesto launch.

    We need to learn lessons from the campaign and come up with a more compelling narrative than stopping the Tories and standing up for Scotland at Westminster. We need those voters who moved to the British nationalist parties to come back to the SNP.

    I’m hopeful that a lot of voters are already regretting the way they voted but we shouldn’t be condemning them for doing so. We need to understand why they did and try to get them back.

  5. Ayrshirelass

    The unionist parties are desperate to kill off the political momentum of the Yes movement, hence the ‘snap’ election which they thought they were well prepared for in Scotland at least. They are trying to use this to delay any referendum beyond the next Holyrood election for the very same reason.
    Have people gone off the idea of independence? I dont think so but they are fed up with ‘ politics ‘ and politicians of all shades and the SNP are caught up in that.
    In my view they need to hold firm, point out that the Scottish parliament already has a mandate and start to set out the real possibilities which come from independence while pointing out the benefits of the EU and EU citizenship
    I suspect the SNP are too busy tryng to triangulate sections of voters which will give them this majical 60 percent backing before we have another vote. That was a mistake. Polls can and will be manipulated to stop support ever being reported at this level.
    The SNP must realise that 45 percent of people took the enormous step of voting to leave the UK three years ago and trust that we knew what we were doing.
    Has there been any remote sign that the UK has improved or taken notice?
    No they have’t, quite the opposite in fact and the wider Yes movement and the SNP needs to regroup and get back out there and make sure people are informed of the very real danger we find ourselves in. Both from the consequences of Brexit and a dangerously authoritarian government prepared to use rules from Henry VIII to force through changes and contrast this with the protections and rules that the constitution of an independent Scotland could provide.Time to point out the difference between being a nation state with all options open to boost the economy and the current settlelment there is now
    Time to take the facts out to people and ignore the yammering of the unionist parties in the background. Do not give them any more power while ‘ taking stock of the election results’ . The SNP won this election convincingly and should not bactrack from giving people of Scotland another choice. No politcian should ever rule that out.

  6. Big Jock

    The fact that Nicola Sturgeon is refusing to make a statement on indy-ref 2. Is really grating on the unionist led media. They are having mock outrage because they want to bounce her into their agenda.

    Well done Nicola let them fester in their own bile. Tommy has not said anything new, and has merely repeated the original belief that indy-ref 2 should take place after the final process. The press want a climb down as they see it as a victory. They aren’t getting a climb down so are presenting old news as a new stance on indy- ref 2.

    Nicola has them in her back pocket right now!

  7. Geach

    I am still staggered by the refusal of some of you to recognise what actually happened on election night, and your inability to see what the message that was sent to the SNP by the people of Scotland. Facts (and I know you guys do not like facts)…the SNP have dropped 480,000 votes and 21 seats in two years to the unionists, yet you deem this as unimportant, “nothing has changed.” Tommy Sheppard has the nous to understand that Sturgeon made a huge error by putting the triple-lock referendum mandate into the SNP manifesto, as did the other parties, hence the GE campaign in Scotland turned into a mini referendum for another referendum. And you lost. Sheppard is seeing that the support for independence is falling, albeit slightly, and he is also seeing that support for indyref2 is falling at a much more dramatic rate and if the SNP continues to bang that drum then you will lose more support, more votes. The events of June 8th was a disaster for the SNP. If you cannot see that then you are a fool.

    1. MorvenM

      The SNP won the election by a significant margin. They increased their mandate for Indyref2.

    2. Geejay

      @Geach I suggest you read Peter’s previous post in which he comprehensively refutes your “argument”. Warning: contains strong language!!

      1. Geach

        Peter always uses strong language when he is unable to provide a coherent response to a valid argument And are you saying that you agree with Peter and saying that a loss off almost 480,000 votes, -more than one third- AND two of your most able politicians in Salmond & Sturgeon is not a major setback?

    3. Peter A Bell Post author

      Only a complete fool would make a comparison with the 2015 UK GE result as if that was something other than massively extraordinary.

      The facts (and I know such complete fools don’t even understand the concept) are that the SNP won the election emphatically with more seats than all the British parties put together. They won nearly six times as many seats as in the previous sensibly comparable election. They won more than three times as many seats as their previous comparable best.

      This decisive victory provided a final affirmation of #ScotRef which, while not actually necessary, is nonetheless useful. If only so that complete fools can make complete fools of themselves claiming the opposite.

  8. Hugh Wallace

    Peter, why is it that you, I and the other commentators here (ignoring Geach who is deluded) can see this when the supposedly smart, political savvy SNP hierarchy appear not to?

    Anyone who has not yet done so should head over to Mark Frankland’s latest blog (especially if your name is Nicola Sturgeon).

  9. Phil Orchard

    Scotland has now voted for Brexit: 56% of Scots voters supported parties committed to Brexit in the general election.

      1. Phil Orchard

        Ok, if you prefer, 90%-plus of seats in the UK Parliament went to parties committed to Brexit.

        1. Peter A Bell Post author

          Scotland voted Remain by a decisive margin. Scotland elected a parliament which is massively pro-Remain. Scotland just elected more SNP pro-Remain MPs than all the others combined.

          Arithmetic is laughing at you. So am I.

          1. Phil Orchard

            The EU referendum was a UK-wide decision. Unlike the indyref, by which Scotland opted to remain in the UK, and take the decision on EU membership on a UK basis.

  10. Big Jock

    Geach voting Labour ,or even Tory doesn’t mean an automatic vote for the union. At least 20% of Labour voters support independence. Yours is the argument of a straw man. This was a GE not an independence referendum. The turnout was in the high 60’s not in the 90’s like the referendum.

    16-17 year olds don’t get to vote in GE yet they have an 80% yes vote. EU citizens don’t get to vote.

    So independence support is as it was pre-GE. The mandate was obtained in the Holyrood parliament. You can’t take away a mandate unless it was lost by the same process.

    At least 15% of SNP supporters never voted in the GE as they thought it meaningless. So get back to your day job of wishful thinking. Your agenda is clear but your argument is full of holes.

  11. Geacher

    One of the reasons that the SNP lost nearly 480,000 voters was the lack of an appetite for another referendum amongst many of its (some now ex) supporters, many of whom realise the foolishness of such a move at a time when support for indy is diminishing, not least of all because of the dire performance of the SNP in government. Sillars, MacAskill, Neil and now Tommy Sheppard are advocating caution and waiting to see what brexit brings… if it is bad, then so much the better for the indy movement, but many fools are not listening, running like lemmings towards the cliff.

  12. Simon

    Regardless of what is said. The Union of countries has failed and is now in the slow process of adjustment. Eventually, Scotland will separate from the Union as will NI. It’s unavoidable now. We are now going through the ups and downs before the break. As soon as Brexit fails, Scotland will vote and win independence. If not Brexit, the next drama will unfold and it will happen.

    There is no union , there never was, just a word used to cover a cold and ugly dictatorship. The people who disply venom towards Scottish Independance cling to illusion and fear, it’s like an outward disply of internal pain and self harm. There is only truth to be gained from an independent Scotland, all illusions fail. I

    A few weeks ago I remember a conservative voter in England was asked why he loathed Nicola Sturgeon, he said ‘She’s trying to break up my country’ what country would that be? The british illusion maybe?

  13. Big Jock

    Yep Simon. The unionists think the UK is one country ,but it never was. We are not trying to break up a country, we are trying to take our country out of a union. Breaking up a country would be Yorkshire breaking away from England.

    Most English people see Scotland as part of their country as in they own it. Most Scottish people would never claim England as their own country. The media often use the word country or nation when describing the UK. It’s just double speak for England!

    But why are the unionists so afraid of ever having another independence referendum, They are now begging the SNP to take it off the table. Yet they claim there is no support for independence. So why run away from letting the people of Scotland choose the EU or the UK. Holding a country against it’s will is dangerous and unhealthy.

  14. Ayrshirelass

    I really hope when Nicola Sturgeon sets out any referendum plans before the parliamentary recess that she does NOT set out a series of red lines or go into lots of detail.
    The Westminster parliament will only use any additional pieces of information to tie the SNP in knots or whittle down the cause for independence to a series of deals.

    I for one disagree with the continual whittling away at this for example are we expected to believe that membership of the single market for Scotland is now enough to take independence off the table just because it is extremely important
    Scotland voted to remain in the EU and keep our EU citizenship not just membership of the single market.
    But more importantly it should be people in Scotland who shoudl decide whether we want our vote for the EU over ruled by the rest of the UK.
    The No vote in the 2014 referendum was not a blank cheque for Westminster to ignore Scotlands voice.

    1. Geacher

      “The No vote in the 2014 referendum was not a blank cheque for Westminster to ignore Scotlands voice.” Oh the irony…

      1. Ayrshirelass

        The SNP are not ignoring that result or else Scotland would be independent.
        On the other hand the government at Westminster completely ignored their own promises to secure that No vote, ignrored the way people in Scotland voted in the 2015 GE and EU referendum.
        You were saying?

        1. Geach

          Care to tell me what promises were ignored? In what way were the people of Scotland after the GE of 2015? And you are aware that the EU referendum was a UK one, not a Scottish one?

  15. Big Jock

    Geach have you forgotten the Vow! Nearest thing to federalism. Federalism is FFA. We currently have income tax……..

    Personally I think the SG should just say that there needs to be a referendum at the end of the Brexit process regardless of the terms. This will get away from the subjective description of what type of Brexit it is.

    1. Geach

      Sturgeon took a step back from FFA, and it was not even mentioned in the recent manifesto. April 15th 2015 she said “…… the Barnett formula should stay in place … tax powers could take years……”
      She has stopped asking for it as she is well aware that Scotland would be £9billion per annum worse off, AND we would have to fund our own deficit.

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