Dominic Raab calls Mundell’s integrity into question over resignation threat

Former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has hit out at Scottish Secretary David Mundell after the latter described him as a “carpetbagger” over Raab’s resignation from Theresa May’s cabinet.

Last week Mundell appeared on TV screens hitting out at his Tory MP colleague as resignations threatened to end Theresa May’s term in office.

Raab was one of a string of Tory ministers to resign from office after news of a special Brexit deal for Northern Ireland emerged.

Appearing on ITV, the Scottish Secretary said: “I’m not going to be bounced into resigning by carpetbaggers.”

Mundell’s attack on his former cabinet colleague was also covered by Reporting Scotland.

The attack on Raab followed pressure on Mundell who had, along with Ruth Davidson, threatened to resign if Northern Ireland was granted a special Brexit deal.  However neither Mundell or Davidson subsequently resigned.

On Sunday Raab hit back.  Calling Mundell’s integrity into question, the former Brexit Secretary said: “I like David Mundell and I respect the views of all my former cabinet colleagues.

“It’s curious because he agreed with me in cabinet on the substance of what I was saying and I’m the one who resigned on principle.”

The comments from Raab suggest Mundell agreed with Raab that the deal was a threat to the Union.  However, instead of resigning, Mundell has publicly backed May’s deal.

The Scottish Secretary has influential supporters within the Scottish media.  BBC Scotland’s political editor Brian Taylor defended Mundell’s decision not to follow through with his resign threat.  In several broadcasts Taylor insisted the Scottish Secretary had “wriggle room”.

BBC Scotland itself has yet to report the comments from Dominic Raab.  The station is believed by many to be operating an agenda aimed at minimising Brexit damage to Ruth Davidson’s party.

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8 thoughts on “Dominic Raab calls Mundell’s integrity into question over resignation threat

  1. bringiton

    Integrity and Tories are an oxymoron.
    Mundell refused to resign when he realised that meant he would be out of a job.

  2. grizebard

    Increasing fallings-out in the Tory party over Brexit but BBC Scotland still thinks that there’s nothing much to see. Democracy is being destroyed from the inside out by this lack of any kind of critical (in the best sense) media oversight. The BBC here is getting more and more like some former East European state propaganda broadcaster. A professional and social failure. Contemptible.

  3. Lochside

    Mundell projects his own self seeking opportunistic persona on to another self preserving tory chancer.However,he’s going to need a brand new carpetbag with a big Cross of St George emblazoned on it soon, when he decamps over the border.But I doubt even Brian Taylor and all of the BBC Scotland’s men can put Fluffy Humphty’s rotten career together again.

  4. BHC

    No chance that weasel would ever resign…the only skill set he’s shown is to slaver drivel to protect his precious union…only chance of employment would mean a move south…tick tock it’s coming though…

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