Doing versus talking

Or it could just be that the recently announced programme for government (PfG) is simply the continuation of what the SNP administration has been doing for the past ten years. The self-regarding left, so ably represented by Jonathon Shafi, is torn between taking credit for everything that is in the PfG and following its natural inclination to attack whoever currently exercises the effective political power to which righteous radicals are so pathologically averse.

Jonathon looks at Jamie Maxwell’s ‘analysis’ of the 2017 UK general election results in Scotland and says, it must mean something. So let’s assume it means what I want it to mean. Whereas the rational observer sees yet another in an unbroken string of SNP election wins stretching back into the mists of political irrelevance, Jonathon sees a stark warning that the SNP should follow, not the course determined by the party membership; and not the manifesto upon which the party was elected to govern, but the narrow policy agenda of whatever leftist clique is currently in fashion.

What is most striking about the utterances of Mr Shafi and his ilk is the woeful naivety of it all. Behind the revolutionary rhetoric and the student union idealism, there’s an abysmal failure to realise that democratic politics is an evolutionary process. However glorious your vision may be; however worthy the end goal, there is a path to be followed. There are no shortcuts. Each step along the way must both build on what went before and provide the foundation for what comes after.

It’s all well and good having forces urging the government on. But it’s all utterly meaningless unless we have a government that is both willing to be urged and, crucially, capable of using the effective political power granted it by the electorate to construct and follow the path upon which it is being urged.

We’ve pretty much always had people taking about a better, fairer, greener and more prosperous Scotland. Now, we have a party and a government that is actually doing something about it. It would be a tragedy if that was put in jeopardy by a bunch of kiddies playing fantasy politics.

The above was posted as a comment on Bella Caledonia. As we have come to expect, it was censored.

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7 thoughts on “Doing versus talking

  1. Ken

    Agree wholheartedly with this, Peter.

    For my entire voting life my conviction has been to elect parties or individuals on their actions, not words.

    Words are cheap, and as the “Vow” demonstrates, are now worthless.

    Cutting through the jungle of media bias was difficult at the time I reached voting age in 1973, but sites such as this are a godsend for all of us who aspire to a better country.

    “They are doing it on purpose”, moaned Lord Foulkes, when faced with an SNP programme of governance for the benefit of all in Scotland.

    An alien concept to the Westminster cabal, but one Scots are embracing in the teeth of a propaganda blizzard of wartime proportions.

    The long term planning and implementation of policies supported by a majority of Scots, whether they agree with the SNP’s core goal or not, is equally alien to Westminster.

    If the level of rhetoric is anything to go by, it is scaring the pants off them.

    Not a pretty sight.

  2. bringiton

    One of the biggest problems we have in Scotland is the division of responsibilities between London and Edinburgh.
    It is too easy for the unionist camp to blame the Scottish government for things which are actually down to decisions taken in Westminster.
    Likewise when there are success stories in Scotland the reaction from the London based establishment is either to ignore it or claim kudos for it.
    So far,devolution has benefitted the London establishment perhaps more so than Scotland but hopefully we are now seeing real benefits beginning to accrue to Scots.

  3. Col

    All the more reason to point out to folk that the unionists have opposed for the sake of it for the sole purpose of damaging the SNP. Imagine what a parliament freed from the constraints of unionism could achieve for this country. A true democracy, not the piss poor excuse we have to endure at the moment.
    I really think the SNP and wider indy movement should state that in the event of another failed indy vote that each election there in whether it be for the Scottish Parliament or the Westminster elections if they return a majority of pro indy seats that it will be the end of the union. It should be for sovereign Scots to decide when. We are so close. Let them try and stop us. They will fail.
    I think folk would just vote for indy if that plan was stated. Most folk think it will happen anyway.

  4. Robert Graham

    We all witnessed the harm done in the run up to the last Holyrood election by the oh so principled left , a left who couldnt get more than a few normal folk to vote for them , so they hitch their waggon to the SNP support ,

    This was encouraged by a few indy supporting sites i might add , and just by chance a Unionist media that were more than happy to promote the message , The SNP are going to walk it , they are so far ahead lending others their vote would do no harm .

    Well we now have the consequences of that little bit of subterfuge ,a lost majority , and a SNP government not only constrained by westminster but by the lost majority in a parliament that was intentionally set up to make sure the SNP could not take overall control even if a majority of the electorate wished them to ,

    This was the unionists little gift , three voting systems meant to obstruct and confuse .And just to make sure ,these voting systems cant be changed by holyrood but by westminster .

    The unionists are playing with marked cards , and loaded dice , overseen by a civil service who owe their allegiance to westminster and not holyrood .every move the SNP make or propose is on a westminster desk quicker than can be presented to our parliament

  5. manandboy

    Scotland is on the road to Independence, but while many rightly follow the correct signs and the writing on the road, others follow their satnav which is often unreliable and behind in its English based updates.

    To stay on the right road, just follow the SNP, and you’ll get there.

  6. grizebard

    Hmmm, so Bella Caledonia can’t deal with fair criticism. Quelle surprise. Maybe because this one is a little too close to the truth for (their) comfort…

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