Distinctly British

Another turgid offering from Torrance which tells us… what, exactly? Nothing about Scottish politics, that’s for certain. As an observer of the Scottish political scene, Torrance is more hampered than most by his Tory leanings, his British nationalist blinkers and the bottle-bottom lens of a metropolitan perspective with a horizon barely above the backs of the green benches of Westminster.

There is but one rule by which Torrance and his ilk operate. That which is not British is wrong. And if it’s a Scottish form of non-Britishness then it isn’t just wrong, it’s malign.

His ramblings may tell us nothing about Scottish politics, but they do provide a glimpse into David Torrance’s own mind. Which might conceivably be of some small interest to those with no drying paint to observe.

The first thing to note is the way Torrance is totally taken in by the very pish that he and other British establishment propagandists peddle. I have not the slightest doubt that he genuinely believes Nicola Sturgeon to have abandoned the idea of Brexit as a trigger for a second independence referendum. He actually sees the First Minister “re-framing her goal of independence” in terms of a choice between leaving Scotland’s fate in the hands of an incompetent, corrupt and dishonest British political elite increasingly driven by a grotesque right wing ideology, and simply bringing Scotland’s government home.

More astute, if less amply rewarded, commentators will be aware that Brexit was never a ‘trigger’ for a fresh independence vote. That notion is entirely an invention of the British media. It is part of the cosy consensus among British political journalists that few within that clique have the intellectual acumen or intestinal fortitude to challenge. In the real world outside that cosy, but deluded, consensus #indyref2 was always going to happen. Brexit is merely the context within which we are moving towards another vote on restoring Scotland’s rightful constitutional status.

There is no “re-framing” of the independence argument. When Nicola Sturgeon talks of the choice Scotland must make as being between, on the one hand, an anachronistic, asymmetric, dysfunctional political union which requires us to accept that the governments we’ve elected will be overruled by governments we rejected; or, on the other hand, the normalisation of Scotland’s constitutional status, she is referring only to what the independence movement has always been about.

David Torrance might be aware of this if he hadn’t put quite so much time and effort into pretending the independence movement was something else altogether.

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6 thoughts on “Distinctly British

  1. Bugger le Panda

    I seem to remember he spent a short period in the USA during Trump’s stump pre election.

    Has his biography of Trump been published yet?

  2. Robert Kerr


    Well done and lest we forget.

    The core aim of the SNP is Independence for Scotland. Always has been, always shall be.

    Brexit is a bonus for now. It and Teresa May’s intransigence shall help achieve that aim.

    Keep up the good work

  3. Dan Huil

    Torrance and his ilk are tying themselves in britnat knots. It can only be seen as a sign of desperation – and weakness.

  4. Dan Huil

    Is Torrance scared the SNP might advocate a Norway-type EU relationship thereby gathering the referendum votes of both remainers and leavers?

  5. nairnkev

    David Torrance is an obsequious British Nationalist, and a liar.
    I place him, like most tories, in political terms, just on the left of Nick Griffin and latterly Adam walker of the BNP.( I mean he talks as much shite).
    I have a Pavlovian reaction of sorts, when I see/hear his name or voice, I cry out ‘lying c@#t!’.
    I can’t figure out if he gets his way into work via fellatio, a care in the community gig or the Sunday Herald has created a new alternative fact section,(it could be another reason, answers on a postage stamp please).

    He’s just one more reason to vote for independence ,just to see if he will leave Scotland to remain in what will be Little Britain, and leave us decent multicultured scots human beings in peace to run our own affairs.

    To the Sunday Herald , they’ll be running out of indy supporting punters willing to cough up the cover price soon, I know I only see articles republished on the web for free.
    I’ve stopped buying it because of all the snp bad crap.
    For an ‘independence supporting’ title to, just for the sake of it, join with unionist msm to unduly criticise and undermine the party that has the greatest chance to realise it, ain’t independence supporting, someone have a word!

  6. David MacGille-Mhuire

    To all the above posters, a thumbs up.

    To the Brit magus self-imagined and JockBrit court jester, Torrance of Urine Plenitorrential, a question or two:

    1 In the light of POTUS Trump’s seemingly illegal acts in banning Middle Eastern “Niggahs” from Yoosa shores, are you morally comfortable with this unconstitutional and immoral action?

    2 With the last Yookay PM’s quiescent complicity in the foregoing, where will you be able to caddie and forelock tug now given you are an acknowledged Porridge Wog Uncle Tam house boy and TM and The Tangerine Dream would not piss upon your flaming, flapping corpse soon to be despite your appetite for thangs below the belt constitutional, etc?


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