Defying arithmetic

The Herald today presents us with a non-story spun as yet another in the ongoing series of despicable attacks on NHS Scotland. The sole purpose of this article is to feed cues to British nationalism’s little army of cringing propagandists so that, wittingly or otherwise, they can continue the process of undermining public confidence in our health service in the hope of scoring a few points against the hated SNP. And, not at all incidentally, as part of the process of preparing the NHS for privatisation.

It will not occur to any of these British nationalist fanatics to question the stuff being fed to them by the British media. It would never cross their hate-addled minds that the small increase in unfilled vacancies for trainee GPs and hospital specialists might just be connected to the fact that the Scottish Government has just created 100 new posts.

Point out that, while the total number of vacancies was increased by 100, the number of these left unfilled increased by only 20 and the average Britnat will only stare at you in blank-eyed, slack-jawed incomprehension before launching into a spittle-flecked tirade accusing you of trying to baffle them with facts.

Suggest to them that the figures suggest an extra 80 posts were filled, and expect to be accused of being an SNP ‘loyalist’ who thinks the party can do no wrong.

These British nationalist numpties will go away from whatever small part of this article wasn’t too much of a challenge for their attention span utterly convinced that they have ‘proof’ of a Scottish Government failure. Don’t ever imagine that they might be disabused of such inane notions by mere arithmetic.

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2 thoughts on “Defying arithmetic

  1. Jockanese Wind Talker

    All part of the “SNP putting Independence before the “day job” narrative currently being pushed by BBC/STV/Printed Press recently.

    This I believe is part of a campaign to blame Scots Gov ergo 10 Years of SNP rule for Local Government failure to deliver services in the run up to May 2017 Elections.

    Also part of the “look at the mess of your country and you still think you’d be better off out of the Union” slant that No to IndyRef 2 appear to be taking.

    See also “GP recruitment crisis” Aberdeen Uni turning down would be medical students because of cap on places to maintain free tuition”.

    Unsurprisingly Aberdeen Uni’s new Head of Communications is one Eleanor Bradford (ex BBC, SNHS & SNP Bad Correspondent).

    1. Bugger le Panda

      They are getting their retaliation in early.

      If the SNP sweep, as possibly could, the local election the Yoons know that once the stones are turned in the dark recesses of backhanders, administrative incompetence and disdain for the electorate, that their game is totally up.

      Indy2 will go straight into play with drip feeds from SNP run local authorities.

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