Dead sheep lashing

Once we get over our amusement at the notion of Willie Rennie, the epitome of political ineffectuality, “lashing out” at anything, we might get around to being surprised that he has only now discovered that the SNP is the de facto political arm of Scotland’s independence movement. I mean, it’s not as if the party has made a secret of its aim of restoring Scotland’s rightful constitutional status. It could hardly be more explicit about wanting to bring Scotland’s government home. And yet this has apparently just dawned on Willie Rennie.

Or perhaps it’s that he simply doesn’t understand the relationship between the objective of preserving Scotland’s relationship with Europe and the other constitutional issue -independence. But this lack of comprehension is equally inexplicable. Or would be if it were not Willie Rennie under discussion. Because, almost as explicit as the SNP’s commitment to the cause of independence has been the British political establishment’s insistence that Scotland can only remain in the EU as an independent nation.

We have been told in no uncertain terms that the democratic choices of the people of Scotland count for nothing; and that, as part of the UK, we will be dragged out of the EU regardless of our wishes. It seems that Willie didn’t get that memo. Which is also surprising, what with the LibDems being part of the despicable Better Together/Project Fear cabal. But then, I guess we can all understand how easy it is to forget that the LibDems even exist.

So, who is actually guilty of “betrayal” here. Rennie joined the overwhelming majority in the Scottish Parliament which undertook to honour Scotland’s decisive Remain vote. Is he now telling us that he had his fingers crossed behind his back? Is he saying that he didn’t really mean it? Is he declaring that his word is not to be taken seriously?

Or is he merely acknowledging yet again that, as a British nationalist, he is bound by rigid ideology to give precedence to the British state? Is he confirming that he regards the democratic will of Scotland’s people to be necessarily and always subordinate to the whims of a Westminster elite?

Is he declaring once more that what he really believes in is “The Union At Any Cost!”? And isn’t that the real betrayal of Scotland and its people?

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One thought on “Dead sheep lashing

  1. Jas

    What Wee Willie and other Yoons love to remind us of, is, that being part of this wonderful Union means the country with the largest population gets to dominate, bully, ignore, overrule, exploit, undermine, disenfranchise, and generally screw the other, lesser populated countries, because that’s how Yoon democracy works. A union comprised of four nations, but where the political system is so skewed in favour of the larger that the political will of the other three can be easily ignored and brushed aside.

    Can you imagine this domineering country finding itself in a union where it can’t get its own way all the time? Can’t see that lasting.

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